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The end of business as we know it Probably not


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                                                 America’s little
                                                                      st library takin
                                                                                                                         Hudson Valley
                                                                                                                                          BUSINESS JOURNAL
                                                                                                                                                                       August 15, 2011


                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Probably not
                                                 in Clinton Corn d into book exchange
                                      BY MELINA

                                      branch of the
                                                          box’ being converte
                                                  British ‘phone
                                        Patrons planning
                                                                 to visit the newest
                                                           Clinton Corners for a brilliant.”

                              lives should be prepared to queue place will Fortunately,
                                                                                                     rowed idea to

                                                                                                      laugh at me or
                                                                                                                    the library steering going to
                                                                                                     tee, she told them
                                                                                                                          “You’re either
                                                                                                                      you’re going to

                                                                                                                                        think I’m
                                                                                                                                                     And though
                                                                                                                                                   find a book of
                                                                                                                                                   this particular
                                                                                                                                                                     patrons probablyslang in
                                                                                                                                                                   Cockney rhyming bone”
                                                                                                                                                                   spruced up “dog an initial
                                                                                                                                                                         know. After
                                                                                                                                                    booth, you never the library, the book
                                                                                                                                          didn’t shelf-stocking
                                                                                                                    the committee else. In booth will operate

                                                                                                                                                                which Cooley
                                                                                                                                                                            on a take-one

                                                                                                                                                                                    thinks is part
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          BY THERESA KEEGAN
              device saves
                                                                because the                             And neither did                        to one basis,

                                                                                                                                                                                                                             The world’s economic turmoil does not have
        New                            chance to get inside                         Kent to laugh. community has come together in its charm.                                                 going to
                 Page 16                                     room for Clark                     fact, the                                                                  know what’s
                                       have just enough                                                                    a reality, pitching         “You just don’t “With this, it’s always
                                                                                                       the little library                reduced
                                       change his clothes. September, the Book make services either gratis or at a                                              she said.
                                                              in                                                                          in mid- be there,”
                                          When it opens Corners may well be their                                         disassembled                                                              a bit
                                                                                                       The booth was                         to be a surprise.”          Aside from having“read-
                                        Booth at Clinton library. Housed inside a rate. and taken to Matt’s Auto Body
                                        America’s tiniest                             “phone July                                                                     of eco-friendly inside a
                                                          poppy-red British                                                                                                                on
                                        refurbished                                                                                                                   cycling” going                hopes
                                        box,” this literary
                                                                  desti-                                                                                              bit of Britain, Cooley gener-
                                                            have no                                                                                                                         will
                                         nation will                                                                                                                   the Book Booth spirit and
                                                                 system                                                                                                ate “community more traf-
                                         Dewey Decimal but it

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          to create chaos within your own business and in
                                                                                                                                                                                  and draw
                                         or online catalog                                                                                                              pride”
                                                                                                                                                                                            Hive Farm
                                          will sport an
                                                            abundance                                                                                                   fic into Wild which the
                                          of charm and
                                                            small-town                                                                                                  Café, outside
                                                                                                                                                                                              located on
                                                                                                                                                                         booth will be
                                          spirit.                                                                                                                                           the Beans,
                                             “We’re adding
                                                                   a little                                                                                              property by             Stewart’s
                                                                       cor-                                                                                              Hackett’s Agway,
                                           color to a country                                                                                                                                other “great
                                                      said        Claudia                                                                                                 and the many
                                           ner,”                                                                                                                                                town. She
                                           Cooley, a member of the
                                                                     of the                                                                                               businesses” in booth will
                             book                                                                                                                                         also hopes the
              Giving your                   steering committee
                                                           of      Clinton                                                                                                 once again unite Corners,
                                                                                                                                                                                                    the two

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          fact there are even opportunities for the pro-
                    away?                   Friends
                                             Community Library. was                                                                                                        sides of Clinton               split
                    Page 17                     The Book Booth born                                                                                                        which were physicallyRoad
                                             Cooley’s brainchild, after                                                                                                     when the Hollow
                                                                                                                                                                                              the Taconic
                                                                2009                                                                                                        median of
                                             in November               on the                                                                                                                  closed in the
                                              she read an article about                                                                                                     Parkway was
                                              BBC website                                                                                                                    summer of 2002. of layers
                                                                  Mendip, a                                                                                                      “There a couple
                                               Westbury-sub-                                                                                                                                         do this,”
                                               village in
                                                                  southwest                                                                                                   of reasons to
                                                                transformed                                                                                                   Cooley    said.
                                               England that                                                                                                                                              project
                                                                    (or phone                                                                                                     The Book Booth

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          active business owner.
                                               a phone booth
                                                box, for the Anglophiles                                                                                                       will cost approximately
                                                                        a small                                                                                                                    of which is
                                                among us) into                                                                                                                 $3,000, much individual
                                                                       of about                                                                                                                  by
                                                lending library                                                                                                                being funded             business
                                                 150 books.                                                                                                                     residents and
                                                                           was a
                                                    “I thought that said.                                                                                                       owners.                    has a
                                                 great idea,” Cooley iconic                                                                                                         The booth also
                                                    And though the that                                                                                                          social media Facebook
                                  to                                  boxes                                                                                                      with pages on
                   Seven steps                    red telephone
                                                                        many a                                                                                                    and Twitter.
                                                  have dotted                                                                                                                                                      is
                   assessing any                                        since the                                                                                                    The grand opening 4

                                                                                                                                                                                                                             “You need to stay abreast of the competi-
                                                   London street                                                                                                                                             for
                                                                            a rare                                                                                                currently planned
                 business situation                1920s are even these
                                                                                                                                                                                   p.m.        on        Saturday,
                        Page 18                    sight in England                                                                                                                              of the Town of
                                                   days, what with mobile,
                                                                          everyone                                                                                             3, at the end Heritage Day
                                                                                                                                                          of September                  Society’s
                                                    carrying         a                                                            painted. Dan LaCelle is Clinton Historical
                                                                           just hap-
                                                    Clinton Corners on hand.                                sand-blasted and                Management                                                              on
                                                                        one                                 Kirchhoff Construction be fitted into the
                                                                                                                                                                festivities.              can have a branchShe
                                                    pened to have                         off a contain-                the shelves to Medal-winning               “Now the library              Cooley said.
                       Contact Us:                     The   booth was purchased and Jeanie crafting                        and Caldecott                        the other    side of town,”             the idea to
                                                                         1990s by David           played back wall, book illustrator Peter added that when she explains they some-
                                   ments:            er ship in the           dancers (David
                  Story ideas/com                                                                                                                       Book                               first time,
                                                     Bean, Broadwaythe film version of “West children’s will be painting the pan- some people for the visualizing it, but

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          tion,” says Thomas Morley, regional director of
                           the role of Jet
                                                                         in                           and McCarthy
                                                                                at that time owned Tea Booth logo on three
                                                                                                                                       of the four glass
                                                                                                                                                        “tele- times
                                                                                                                                                                           have trouble           it.
                                                      Side Story”) who                                                                        The word                                they like
                                                                             Bean’s & Company                         the top of the booth. fourth panel.         when they do,                                 perfect
                        Advertising:                  operated Jeanie                            Corners. els at                       on the                        “Once you get
                                                                                                                                                                                            it, it makes
                                                                           heart of Clinton last in a phone” will remain                    to hold about 150
                             Shop in the              the booth is the
                                                                                                                                                                             she said.
                                                                                                                  The booth is expected basket of chil- sense,”Book Booth will be located
                                                                                                                                                                                                                at 2411
                                                       Known as a K8, of phone boxes that have                           including a rubber“ground floor.”           The                                      Corners.
                               submissions:            numbered series                              than a books,                         the                                      Turnpike in Clinton found on
                   Newsmaker                                                 that there are fewer                        materials on                         it Salt Point                         can be
                                                       become so rare                            A compe- dren’s will be responsible for keepingbe Additional information Booth in Clinton
                                                 the British Isles.                                                         will                               Book
                                                       dozen in use in                              of the Patrons                    hopes someone                 Facebook at The
                                           s:                                 for creative uses down tidy, but Cooley                             librarian and                       TheBookBoot
                                                                                                                                                                                                        h on Twitter.
                                                        tition looking                        scaled                               as a periodic                    Corners and
                    Datebook submission m                                    prompted the                        willing to act                  weed out any-
                                                        booths is what                    Mendip and, ulti- sift through the “stacks” to

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          the Small Business Development Corporation
                    hvbjdateboo                          library in Westbury-sub-                                        in poor condition.
                                                         mately, Clinton first broached her bor- thing
                         (845) 298-6236                     When Cooley

   World’s tiniest lending                                                                                                                                                                                                in Rockland, Putnam and Westchester counties.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          “Everybody is facing the same challenges, but
          library?                                                                                                                                                                                                        one man’s ceiling is another man’s floor.”
                                                           Page 15                                                                                                                                                           The competitive landscape can help business-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          es modify their services to remain afloat, even
                                 PLUS                                                                                                                                                                                     when challenges arise and ultimately those that
     Putting the                                                                                                                                                                                                          survive are stronger, better companies that can
   ‘Community’ in                                                                                                                                                                                                         “Politics is not the art of the possible.
‘Community Education’                                                                                                                                                                                                     It consists in choosing between the
                              Pages 10-12
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          disastrous and the unpalatable.”
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         John Kenneth Galbraith
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          adapt to customer needs.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             “It’s a time for them to be creative,” Morley
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          says of businesses that are thriving, despite the
  Weak debt deal is no                                                                                                                                                                                                    downturn. “In chaos is opportunity … how do I
       solution                                                                                                                                                                                                           re-position myself and better serve my cus-
                                                                      page 6                                                                                                                                              tomers?”                                            What a week it was – and where do we go from here?
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Many smaller companies have opted to cast
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          traditional ways aside and respond to the new       BY DEBBIE KWIATOSKI                              along for the next couple of months and that
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          economy. When payroll costs need to be                Far from being relieved to see the end of      - to make sure they followed through on the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          trimmed, they consider asking everyone to take      the nation’s “debt crisis”, last week’s          bargain they had struck to raise the debt ceil-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          a reduction in hours, rather than laying off one    announcement on a debt ceiling compro-           ing by enough to cover the country through
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          employee.                                           mise, only served to unsettle the shaky finan-   the next national election cycle in exchange
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             “This way you don’t lose your shipping           cial markets even more. From the beginning       for cutting an equal amount from the federal
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          department or your sales force,” says Maloney.      of the schoolyard-style wrangling between        deficit - a “super committee” of six
  Don’t pay for college                                                                                                                                                                                                      A key element for businesses is keeping          Republican and Democrats; between the            Republicans and six Democrats would be
       with pastic                                                                                                                                                                                                        employees informed of what’s happening to                                                                                 named to find those
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          address the economic challenges. “Employees                                                                               actual cuts and/or those
                                                           page 10
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          tend to be much more cooperative when they                                                                                illusive     tax     code
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          understand a situation.“                                                                                                  reforms, the stock mar-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             It’s also a good time to seek outside advice -                                                                         ket plunged. In fact, it
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          even if you think you know it all already. The                                                                            gave back the entirety of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          local SBDCs are a bountiful resource of free                                                                              the gains it had made in
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          support, SCORE offices have veteran business                                                                              all of 2011 to date.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          owners on hand to offer advice, your accountant                                                                           Adding insult to injury,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          should be aware of changing laws that could                                                                               Standard & Poors (the
Scott Goldstein named                                                                                                                                                                                                     impact profits and even a good friend or golf                                                                             rating agency that sort
 ‘Leader of the Year’                                                                                                                                                                                                     buddy may have insights into your industry                                                                                of “missed” the problem
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          from an outside perspective                                                                                               with all that shady paper
                                                                  page 7
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             “Work with an external professional,” says                                                                             in 2008) dropped the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Morley. “Planning advice from others is some-                                                                             United State’s credit rat-
       Since 1986, the only                                                                                                                                                                                               what discredited by small business owners.                                                                                ing by a notch, putting
        regional business                                                                                                                                                                                                 They think ‘This is my business and I’ve been                                                                             the full faith and credit
   publication produced and                                                                                                                                                                                               running it for years and seen the ups and           White House, the Senate and the Congress;        of the United States somewhat below that of
  printed in the Hudson Valley.                                                                                                                                                                                           downs.’ But in two months they’re out of busi-      between the Tea Party and the Republican         the Isle of Man in the North Sea and on par
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               continued on page 13           leadership, Wall Street and Main Street alike    with Belgium and New Zealand.
                                          INDEX                                                                                                                                                                                                                               seemed to have a bigger issue to worry about
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              besides the improbability that the United
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Why? The cry from all quarters rang
Judy Lewis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6                                                                                                                                                                                          Check Us Out!                                                                          Well, it seems that that United States is
Marotta . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6                                                                                                                                                                                                                          States would even consider defaulting on its
Education . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10-12                                                                                                                                                                                       HVBJ Business Briefing                 bills: Did the people we elected to lead us      not really the “Center of the Financial
Healthcare . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16                                                                                                                                                                                         Monday-Friday
Worklife . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .17                                                                                                                                                                                                                          have any actual ability to lead…or at least to   Universe” these days and that, while we
Real Estate . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .17                                                                                                                                                                                      6:13am, 7:13am, 8:13am                 keep us from careening off the nearest cliff?    were bickering about paying our bills,
Small Business Solutions . . . . . . .18                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        In the days following the announcement         Europe (except for Germany) was not so
Media & Markets . . . . . . . . . . . . .19                                                                                                                                                                                             AM 920, AM 1260 and
Newsmakers . . . . . . . . .7 and online                                                                                                                                                                                                      AM 1420                         that Washington legislators had agreed to get                       continued on page 13
Datebook . . . . . . . . . . .8 and online
2-   August 15, 2011 Hudson Valley Business Journal

Who’s going to regulate hydrofracking?
BY THERESA KEEGAN                               broader disclosure of the chemicals used      improvements that should be made by the       lons from a state waterway to receive a
  The latest controversy on gas drilling has    in hydrofracking to assist in regulation      natural gas industry and government           permit for the withdrawal. Currently a
recently shifted to one of regulatory control   and safer practices. Critics contend such     agencies underscores the fact that we as a    riparian rights system is in place that
as federal versus state oversight is debated.   an action is too broad and will become a      nation are not adequately prepared yet to     allows waterfront property owners to
But meanwhile in New York a bill awaits         states rights issue.                          protect the public and environment from       withdraw from the waterway.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s signature to enact a           Meanwhile Congressman Maurice              an unprecedented level of drilling across        With natural gas wells requiring
permitting process to oversee water with-       Hinchey, who has been pushing for a fed-      the country.”                                 upwards of 2 to 4 million gallons of water
drawal for major industrial projects.           eral review of hydrofracking is cautious.       It is not yet known if state leaders will   per well construction, it appears each well
  On Thursday the first report by the              “I continue to have significant concerns   delay any action on hydraulic fracturing      in the state would need the additional per-
Department of Energy was issued by the          that six of the seven members on the          until a final decision is reached as to       mit. “Passage of this monumental legisla-
Shale Gas Subcommittee of the Secretary         Natural Gas Subcommittee of the               whether the process should be regulated       tion will protect our environment by regu-
of Energy Advisory Board (SEAB). In the         Secretary of Energy Advisory Board have       nationally or at the state level.             lating the amount of water that can be
Spring the group was charged with pro-          financial ties to the natural gas industry,     Cuomo had earlier refrained from com-       extracted,” said Sen. Mark Grisanti, R-
ducing an initial report in 90 days that will   which inherently creates a conflict of        menting on incremental steps addressing       Buffalo, who sponsored the bill.
identify immediate steps “to improve the        interest,” he said in a press release         the issue, saying he wanted a complete           But critics contend it will create yet
safety and environmental performance of         responding to the report.                     package before moving forward.                another obstacle to those trying to drill in
hydraulic fracturing.”                             “Nevertheless, the fact that this same       The new permitting law would require        the state. Currently, the process is on hold
  Its executive summary suggested               subcommittee found a wide array of            anyone withdrawing at least 100,000 gal-      pending the state’s completion of an envi-
                                                                                                                                            ronmental review.
                                                                                                                                               The water permits would consider
                                                                                                                                            whether: the permit application considers
                                                                                                                                            other sources of water that could be used,
                                                                                                                                            if the requested withdrawal amount is suf-
                                                                                                                                            ficient for the use and if appropriate con-
                                                                                                                                            servation methods are in place. There
                                                                                                                                            would be limits in place to prevent
                                                                                                                                            ecosystem harm, and an annual report
                                                                                                                                            must be issued on the aggregate amount of
                                                                                                                                            water withdrawn or purchased.
                                                                                                                                               In addition, the permit would require
                                                                                                                                            the withdrawal to be ‘just and equitable’
                                                                                                                                            to affected municipalities. New York is
                                                                                                                                            one of a few states that currently does not
                                                                                                                                            require any permitting for large-scale
                                                                                                                                            water use. If signed into law, there are
                                                                                                                                            exemptions for agricultural use, which
                                                                                                                                            would require an issuance of only an
                                                                                                                                            annual permit.

                                                                                                                                            NYS retirement fund settled
                                                                                                                                            $168 million securities suit
                                                                                                                                               The New York State Common
                                                                                                                                            Retirement Fund (Fund) has settled a
                                                                                                                                            $168 million settlement of its securities
                                                                                                                                            fraud class action lawsuit against National
                                                                                                                                            City Corporation (National City) related
                                                                                                                                            to investment losses.
                                                                                                                                               “This is a good result for the Fund and
                                                                                                                                            the more than one million Fund members
                                                                                                                                            who rely on these investments,” said State
                                                                                                                                            Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli, trustee
                                                                                                                                            of the $146.5 billion Fund, and lead plain-
                                                                                                                                            tiff in the class action. “And it sends a
                                                                                                                                            message that we will always fight to pro-
                                                                                                                                            tect the best interests of our members.”
                                                                                                                                               The Fund’s complaint alleged that
                                                                                                                                            National City misrepresented the quality of
                IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES                                                                                                   its mortgages and home equity loans and
                                                                                                                                            the severity of its losses to investors. The
                                                                                                                                            defendants made no admission of wrong-
                                     We’re here to help with experience                                                                     doing but agreed to the settlement, which is
                                                                                                                                            scheduled to go before U.S. District Judge
                                             and expert advice.                                                                             Solomon Oliver, Jr. for preliminary
                                      Your opportunities are endless.                                                                       approval in the next few weeks, after which
                                        Give us a call and go for it!                                                                       all class members will be notified.
                                                                                                                                               During the period in question, National
                                                                                                                                            City, which held more than $48 billion in
                                                                                                                                            residential real estate loans, was one of
                                                                                                                                            the largest financial holding companies in
                                                                                                                                            the United States. The complaint was filed
                                                                                                                                            in the United States District Court for the
                                                                                                                                            Northern District of Ohio in 2008.
                                                                                                                                               The law firm of Kirby McInerney LLP
                                                                                                                                            represents the fund in this lawsuit.
                                                                                                                                               The $146.5 billion New York State
                                                                                                                                            Common Retirement Fund exists to pro-
                                                                                                                                            vide benefits to more than one million
                                                                                                                                            state and local government employees,
                                                                                                                                            retirees, and beneficiaries.
                                                                                                                                               DiNapoli’s office announced the $4.25
                       Certified Public Accountants and Business Advisors                                                                   million settlement of a securities fraud
                                                                                                                                            lawsuit against Merrill Lynch & Co. in
                                                                                                                                            January and negotiated a $624 million set- 800-839-5767                                                                                                        tlement in a class-action securities fraud
                                                                                                                                            suit against Countrywide Financial
                                                                                                                                            Corporation in 2010.
                                                                                                                           Hudson Valley BUSINESS JOURNAL                August 15, 2011 -3

People need more confidence to invest now
BY THERESA KEEGAN                                 the 2008 recession.                               The fact Germany, which is strong, sol-        “You’ve taken the closest thing to a world
   The ups, downs, twists and turns of               “The people who think they know dis-        vent and largely responsible for keeping        currency and reduced confidence in it,” she
roller coaster rides at theme parks and           agree with the people who think they           the Euro solvent, does not want to continu-     said. “On a very concerted basis all banks in
those of the economic turmoil vary with           know,” she said. “But ultimately there’s no    ally bail out faltering countries changes       the world use US Treasury Bonds as
one significant word: Confidence.                 growth, and that’s really what we need.”       everything.                                     reserves … and when financial markets get
   Those on the ride know it’s expected to           And this time, it is not just the stock        “Does the euro break up?” queried            spooked they’re hard to control.”
end. The economy is a different story, and        market bearing the brunt of the situation,     Kennett. “If it does, what does the world         The interconnectedness of economies is
what that conclusion will be remains              but the international markets as well.         look like the morning after the euro breaks     evident, but there’s also a pressing need for
uncertain.                                           “The stock market seemed to have ignored    up? There are monumental international          political leadership to address the situation,
   “It’s a conundrum,” said David Kennett,        a lot of problems for a long period of time    uncertainties.”                                 she said, citing brinkmanship that defined
the Elizabeth Stillman Williams Professor         and it seems to have taken them on board all      But Davis adds that another conflicting      the debt ceiling debates.
of Economics at Vassaar College. “The             at once,” says Kennett. “Everybody has now     part of the current turmoil is that while the     “The game looked like it was going to
problem is people need confidence before          taken on board serious worries about Europe,   United States is facing a downgrade, it is      keep going forever,” she said. “But after
they spend and before they invest.”               but we‘ve known there‘s problems in Europe     still the primary investment option             seeing the seriousness of the situation, it
   But confidence is in short supply as           for months.”                                   throughout the world.                           might make people more flexible - I hope.”
political infighting has led to the unprece-
dented downgrading of the US credit rating
and the impact of the European debt crisis
resonates throughout the world.
   “The fear is real,” said Ann Davis, asso-
ciate professor of economics at the school
of management at Marist. “And it’s not just
the United States, it’s also global.”
   Many predict a day of reckoning that
will result in a double-dip recession, but
unlike the recession of 2008, this time it’s
the governments that are faltering, not pri-
vate institutions.
   “Corporations are actually very healthy
and turning in record profits,” says
Kennett. “they have money they could
spend, and they could borrow cheap.” But
governments do not have that option. In
the United States recent debate over the
debt limit was as instrumental in the
unprecedented credit downgrade as much
as the fact that the recovery has been slow-
er than expected and unemployment
remains high.
   “The American government showed the
difficulty formulating and getting an eco-
nomic policy passed,” said Kennett. “And
now it’s pretty much out of weapons,
(because) we’ve got this agreement that
we’re not going to expand the debt ceiling.”
   Davis explained there are conflicting
thoughts about how to stimulate an econo-
my - either by spending more or cutting
back expenses - but both sides agree that
growth and jobs are critical. Unfortunately,
neither has improved significantly since

What should you do
with your gas hog?
   The economy continues to struggle and
gas prices remain high. The cost to fill up
the gas tank in an average car is over $60. If
that is breaking your budget, there are two
things you can do about it. You can either
try to improve your gas mileage or replace
you car with a fuel efficient one.
   To improve your cars gas mileage, make
sure your tires are properly inflated. Under
inflated tires can cost you up to 2 mpg.
Then, replace your air filter regularly and
put in new spark plugs every 30,000 miles.
The smoother your car runs, the better its
gas mileage. Remove anything from your
car you do not really need. The more weight
in your car, the more gas it will use. Also,
remove your roof rack when you are not
using it and put a bed cover on your pickup
truck. This will reduce drag and give you 2
or 3 more mpg. Of course, the ultimate gas
saver is to slow down. The faster you drive,
the more gas your car will use.
   If you get a fuel efficient car, you have to
figure out what to do with the gas guzzler.
The dealership won’t want it because there
is no demand for them. It will be difficult to
sell privately for the same reason. You can
sell it for parts at a junk yard, or you can
donate your car to charity. Cars4Charities
will gladly take your gas guzzler. In return,
you will get a tax deduction of the amount
they sell it for or $500 whichever is more.
They have hundreds of charities that can be
helped by your car donation. For details, go
to or call
4-   August 15, 2011 Hudson Valley BUSINESS JOURNAL

Why good advertising looks bad
BY MARK RYSKI                                   my mean that retail marketers are under       the impact their advertising investments          Any serious post-campaign analysis
  If you have ever spent a nickel on retail     constant pressure to not only deliver sales   are having. But that’s starting to change.     will find a marketer looking for clues in
advertising, you’ve probably found your-        but to measure results. If the advertising    A couple of old and long forgotten retail      the till. When they don’t see a sales lift,
self on the receiving end of a grilling by      investment didn’t deliver sales you had       metrics – store traffic and conversion rate    they dive even deeper into the mountain
senior management demanding to know if          better be able to explain why. But that’s     – are finding their way back to help fill in   of transaction data assuming, “The answer
the advertising “worked.” Invariably,           the problem: it’s often very difficult to     the missing pieces of the measurability        has to be in here somewhere!”
“worked” means generated a sales lift.          measure results.                              puzzle and it’s nothing short of a game-          This impossible pursuit of connecting
At times, there is a sales lift and the post-      Ironically, “measurability” continues to   changer.                                       advertising to sales is largely a result of
campaign debrief is a joy: sales are up 7       dog marketers despite the fact that they         Why you won’t find answers in the till      the fixation on the three letters that strike
percent, clearly the campaign delivered –       have never had more data and tools at            Looking at sales results to understand      fear in the hearts of all marketers: R-O-I.
any questions? However, if the sales nee-       their disposal and the analytical chops to    the impact of advertising programs is like     Attempting to calculate the return on
dle didn’t move (or move enough), the           use them. Why is it still so difficult and    trying to measure room temperature with        investment forces the issue because, by
scramble is on – big time. What’s the           painful to answer the “did it work” ques-     a tape measure – it’s the wrong measuring      definition, it requires that advertising
ROI? What went wrong?                           tion?                                         device. That’s essentially what retail mar-    investments be tied to financial outcomes.
  Why?                                             Part of the problem is that most retail    keters do when they try to connect their       We spend X on advertising, sales
  You get the picture.                          marketers simply don’t have the basic         advertising programs to store-level sales      increased by Y, therefore our ROI is Z.
  Tight margins and a still fragile econo-      data they need to completely understand       results.                                       That’s the problem. Even the most effec-
                                                                                                                                             tive advertising or promotion doesn’t
                                                                                                                                             always deliver a commensurate sales lift.
                                                                                                                                             So, if advertising doesn’t necessarily
                                                                                                                                             deliver a sales lift, what does it deliver?
                                                                                                                                             Advertising creates in-store opportunities
                                                                                                                                             – measure it
                                                                                                                                                Before a sale ever becomes a sale, it
                                                                                                                                             starts as a potential customer entering the
                                                                                                                                             store. Sales don’t walk-in to your stores,
                                                                                                                                             prospects do. To a great extent, advertis-
                                                                                                                                             ing and promotional investments are
                                                                                                                                             made to create in-store sales opportunities
                                                                                                                                             – that is, to drive store traffic. Once in the
                                                                                                                                             store, the question of whether a prospect
                                                                                                                                             makes a purchase is an entirely different
                                                                                                                                             matter. There are literally hundreds of
                                                                                                                                             variables that can make or break the sale
                                                                                                                                             that have nothing to do with the advertis-
                                                                                                                                             ing. So while the advertising may have
                                                                                                                                             been effective, but the sale could still be
                                                                                                                                                               continued on page 13

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                                                                                                                             Hudson Valley Business Journal      August 15, 2011 -5

Robert Nowinski named to board of HVEDC
   ContraFect Corporation, the biotechnol-     assist companies with access to venture      Trust Inc., C.W. Brown Inc., IBM, M&T             Monoclonal antibodies for the treat-
ogy company that is pioneering the use of      capital.                                     Bank, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney,             ment of life threatening bacterial and viral
recombinant proteins for the treatment of         “Dr. Nowinski and his team at             National RE/Sources, New York Medical          diseases
drug resistant infections, is forming a        ContraFect are exactly the type of innova-   College, Better Homes and Gardens Real            Lysins for the treatment of drug-resist-
close relationship with Hudson Valley          tive companies that HVEDC is working to      Estate – Rand Commercial Services,             ant gram positive bacteria, such as staphy-
Economic Development Corp. and NY              attract to our region,” said Mike Oates,     Regeneron and TD Bank.                         lococcus (MRSA), streptococcus and
BioHud Valley.                                 CEO and President of the HVEDC. “We            About ContraFect:                            intestinal infections
   Dr. Robert Nowinski, founder, CEO and       are excited to have Robert join our Board      ContraFect Corporation is a biotechnol-         Transition       from      conventional
Chairman of ContraFect, which is based         of Directors. His business experience and    ogy company pioneering the use of mon-         monotherapy to a combinatorial approach
in Yonkers, has been named as a board          skill sets will be a huge asset for our      oclonal antibodies and lysins to treat life-   using multi-therapy antibody and Lysin
member of HVEDC. ContraFect has been           board. Robert will help us continue to       threatening      infectious      diseases.     treatments
named as one of NY BioHud Valley’s             grow NY BioHud Valley, which has             ContraFect’s initial products include             Address the growing challenge of drug
founding members.                              become the epicenter of the biotech indus-   agents to treat diseases such as MRSA          resistance and therapy escape mecha-
   Nowinski founded seven biotechnology        try in New York. We couldn’t be happier      (drug resistant staphylococcus bacteria),      nisms used by pathogens
companies. He subsequently brought four        to have him assist us in our mission.”       other serious bacterial infections, and           Development Corporation or to review
of these companies public through an IPO          Other founding members are: Acorda        influenza.                                     available      business      sites,    visit
financing. In each company, he has held        Therapeutics, Astellas Pharma US Inc.,         Our scientific approach is based on the or call CEO Mike Oates
the executive position(s) of CEO and/or        Aureon Biosciences Inc., BioMed Realty       following principles:                          at 845-220-2244.
the chairman of the board. In each busi-
ness he set the direction, acquired the ini-
tial technology, recruited key manage-
ment, and provided oversight for the
research programs. Three of the public
companies have been acquired by major
pharmaceutical companies: Genetic
Systems in 1987 for $310 million by
Bristol-Myers; PathoGenesis in 2000 for
$660 million by Chiron/Novartis; and Icos
in 2006 for $2.2 billion by Eli Lilly.
Collectively, these companies have devel-
oped and marketed eight diagnostic tests
and two therapeutic drugs (Cialis for
Erectile Dysfunction and TOBI the lead-
ing drug for Cystic Fibrosis) with annual
sales exceeding $3.0 billion.
   HVEDC is the leading economic devel-
opment agency for the seven-county
region that includes Westchester, Putnam,
Dutchess, Rockland, Orange, Ulster and
Sullivan counties. Founding members of
NY BioHud Valley support the unifying
efforts by the biotech industry in the
Hudson Valley. The campaign is designed
to reinforce that the Hudson Valley is the
epicenter of the biotech industry in New
   “We are happy to support HVEDC and
the NY BioHud Valley,” Nowinski said.
“We have found our new home in
Westchester County to be a great place to
expand and grow our business. We enjoy
the scientific community in the Hudson
Valley and have access to many of our
current collaborators here. So, it was a
natural fit to be a founding member of NY
BioHud Valley.”
   Hudson Valley Economic Development
Corporation recognizes the area as a
growing cluster of biotech/pharmaceutical
companies located in the lower Hudson
Valley region. The NY BioHud Valley
partners with the county, state and federal
government to provide an environment
that allows these businesses to expand
while also attracting new businesses into
the region by showcasing the existing
infrastructure. The Hudson Valley pro-
vides a highly educated workforce, prox-
imity to world-class research, ready
access to venture capital and competitive
real estate opportunities. In addition NY
BioHud Valley creates a pro-business
advocacy campaign designed to reduce
legislative burdens, foster collaboration
among our biotech/pharmaceutical com-
panies and educational institutions, and

 Call 845-298-6236
6-   August 15, 2011 Hudson Valley BUSINESS JOURNAL

Weak debt deal is no solution
  Standard & Poor’s (S&P) downgraded
U.S. debt, and the administration and oth-
                                              from the deficit. Members of Congress
                                              only cut $900 billion and then seemed
                                                                                                  MAROTTA ON MONEY
ers pushed the idea that most of the blame    shocked when S&P followed through.                                   BY DAVID JOHN MAROTTA
was due to the intransience of the Tea        S&P even explicitly spelled out the possi-
Party. Calling this a “Tea Party down-        bility in what they called scenario 2:
grade” might be true in one sense. There         “The White House and Congress agree              In this regard, the credit rating down-      enue and spending should rise proportion-
weren’t enough members of the Tea Party       to raise the debt ceiling to avoid potential     grade was justified. Fannie Mae and             ally and the percentages of GDP should
to overcome the stubbornness of those         default but are not able to formulate what       Freddie Mac are backed by the full faith        not change.
refusing to make real spending cuts.          we consider to be a realistic and credible       and credit of the federal government, and          Although this has been true for revenue,
                                                           fiscal consolidation plan.          therefore they have now been downgrad-          it has not been true of spending. Our
                                                              “Such a partial solution         ed as well. Social Security is supported by     spending recently has exceeded 25 per-
                                                           would essentially put before        the full faith and credit of the federal gov-   cent of GDP. Because we are in a reces-
                                                           American voters in the 2012         ernment. Medicare and Medicaid are sim-         sion and revenues are closer to the 15 per-
                                                           presidential and congressional      ilarly sustained. But as a result of these      cent mark, we are going about 10 percent
                                                           election the spending vs. rev-      entitlements, the full faith and credit of      of GDP further into debt each year.
                                                           enue debate. Meanwhile, debt        the federal government is buckling under           Additionally, there is a diminishing
                                                           would continue to mount and         the strain.                                     return for government spending. Another
                                                           the results of the election            Unfortunately, the full faith and credit     dollar spent on stimulus, investment or
                                                           might not, in any event,            of the federal government is based on the       spurring economic growth is worth less
                                                           resolve the issue. Under this       ability to get that revenue increasingly        than 30 cents in reducing our deficit. We
   First the Tea Party was going to be        scenario, we might lower the U.S. sover-         from a much smaller percentage of those         simply can’t spend our way into prosperity.
blamed if a deal wasn’t made and the debt     eign rating to ‘AA+/A-1+’ with a negative        of us who actually pay income tax. The             I’ve worked with many families strug-
ceiling wasn’t raised. We were told the       outlook within three months and poten-           Democrats have tried to spin the idea this      gling with credit card debt. The change of
United States would default. We were          tially as soon as early August.”                 was a Tea Party downgrade and our real          behavior required to cut back on spending
warned the world would end. In response,         Unlike Congress, S&P follows through          problem is that taxes need to be raised,        is nearly impossible until no other choices
I explained how the federal government        on its promises.                                 especially on the wealthy.                      are available. Even then it is difficult.
could pay interest, Social Security and the      One of the positive aspects of our coun-         Since 1960 the federal government has        Most of the time people won’t reduce the
active duty military with the cash coming     try’s financial debacle has been to show         consistently collected between 15 percent       features on their cell phone, cancel their
in. I may be the only person to have made     our financial health more clearly as a           and 20 percent of the nation’s gross            gym membership or stop eating out until
the nightly news for predicting the world     house of cards. Intransience in Congress,        domestic product (GDP). Given the wild          they hit bottom and everything falls apart.
would go on.                                  we were told, imperiled everything from          change in marginal tax rates over that          Unfortunately, when Congress hits bottom
   Then a relatively weak deal was made       Social Security to defaulting on our inter-      same time period and even accounting for        we will be standing under them to soften
and the stock markets dropped anyway.         est payments. In other words, without            both the recessions and economic growth,        the fall.
When the S&P downgraded the U.S. cred-        continued deficit spending we can’t even         it has been remarkably stable. When                It is as though U.S. businesses have no
it rating, the markets dropped again.         pay our bills. It is no longer a given that      measured as a percentage of GDP, spend-         choice but to rent from space from our
   S&P said they would downgrade the          money will continue to emerge indefinite-        ing and revenue numbers should remain           country. Raising taxes is like trying to
United States unless $4 trillion was cut      ly from the ATM machine.                         relatively constant. As we get richer, rev-                       continued on page 9

Make difficult conversations easier
   Regardless of the type of business you
have, they’ll, time when you need to have
                                              “script” and give you unbiased feedback.
                                                 Every important issue deserves a time
                                                                                                             Judy Lewis
THAT conversation with an employee, a         slot of its own. Wait until you have
customer, or a supplier. It’s this kind of    “cooled down.” And make an appoint-                              Savvy Solutions and Suggestions
conversation that we instinctively put off.   ment to sit down and talk. Mornings are                               for Small Businesses
But we know that the longer you shelf.        always best for difficult conversations,
The discussion, the worse things tend to      because each of you will be fresh and            guage you choose can be strong without          other person to actively participate in the
get. Open communication is the key to         clear headed. Depending on the severity          being insulting.                                procedure; you are more likely to get the
building and keeping good relationships       of the problem, determine whether you               Involve the other person in the problem      positive results for which you are looking.
between management and employees and          are able to hold a conversation in a public      solving procedure. Ask questions like
between everyone and customers. The           location that is “neutral territory.” Such a     “What do you think?” and “Have you                Judy Lewis is the owner and web mis-
way to get by is by facing the issues and     venue tends to keep tempers at bay. If           something to add?” Present your solution        tress of
dealing with them tactfully, gracefully,      such a venue is inappropriate and you feel       and ask the person “What’s your opin-           Launched in 1996, the site’s very afford-
and thoughtfully.                             that having the conversation in your             ion?” and “Do you think this is doable?”        able rates provide an even playing field
   Depending on the nature of the issue,      office, or the other person’s office is a bet-   It’s also disarming to use words like “I”       for small and large businesses alike to
the conversation will differ. Depending on    ter choice, try not speaking from behind         rather than “you.” Explain to the person        advertise their wedding-related services
the person or people involved, the conver-    your desk, which sets an adversarial tone        how their poor behavior impacts on you,         and products. The site highlights local
sation will differ. If you think out the      of a superior over an “inferior.” In the         rather than accusing them directly of poor      businesses in the Hudson Valley in order
structure and contents of the conversation,   event that a face-to-face meeting is isn’t       performance.                                    to encourage prospective bridal couples,
you’ll be entering the “field” forearmed,     possible, a phone call may have to do.              Allow the other person ample time to         who live in the Hudson Valley, to spend
and the likelihood is that the outcome will   Under no circumstances should a conver-          respond. Listen carefully to what he or she     their money here. The site can be accessed
be more successful than a few had not         sation of this nature be done via e-mail,        says, repeat what’s been said by para-          24/7 from anywhere in the world, so cou-
thought things out in advance. How do         Instant Messenger or a Facebook wall             phrasing and ask if your review is accu-        ples who do not live in the region can
you do that?                                  post!                                            rate. Before you close the meeting, make        locate and contact regional businesses. In
   You know that “Beginnings are always          Because people are so different from          sure that the other person understands the      that way, the site drives business to the
difficult,” but how, and where do you         one another, it’s really important for you       problems you have enumerated. Simply            Valley.
begin? Prepare everything that you want       to know the other person as well as possi-       ask, “Do we agree on what you will be             The site includes a free, extensive,
to say before your meeting. Choose your       ble. Keep in mind that difficult conversa-       doing” and, where appropriate, “in what         online Wedding Guide with information
words carefully, avoiding the impulse to      tions generally evoke one several reac-          way I will be participating.” What you are      about every aspect of planning a wedding.
sound like you’re talking down, or at the     tions, silence, defensiveness, or offensive-     aiming for is to make certain that the other    There are more than 500 businesses listed
other person. Avoid “categorical words        ness. Think about not only what you will         person clearly understands the solutions        that provide wedding-related services and
such as “always,” “never,” and “have to.”     say to begin with, but how you will pro-         and that he or she takes ownership of and       products. Promotions & Specials are
Words like those immediately put the per-     ceed depending on the reaction you get. If       responsibility for those solutions.             offered to bridal couples. A Regional
son to whom you’re speaking on the            you are speaking to a customer, your tone           There is no one I know who enjoys a          Bridal Show Schedule, Wed Shop, Hot
defensive.                                    will be more soothing and if you are             confrontational conversation, but those         Links and Wed Hot Links sections provide
   Lay out the problem, or problems as        speaking to a vendor, but regardless of          are often unavoidable. If you prepare           additional information and serve as a
well as one or more solutions. Where          whether you’re speaking to an employee,          properly, choose an appropriate venue,          portal to other resources. Call 845-336-
appropriate, indicate what part you will      vendor, or a customer, it’s imperative that      use words that are not confrontational, lis-    4705, or E-mail judy@hudsonvalleywed-
play in the resolving the problem. If pos-    you maintain a level of professionalism          ten carefully to the other person’s feed-
sible, find a colleague who listen to your    and a respectful attitude and tone. The lan-     back, set out specific solutions and get the
                                                                                                                        Hudson Valley BUSINESS JOURNAL              August 15, 2011 -7

Scott Goldstein named ‘Leader of the Year’ by Leadership Rockland
  Scott Goldstein,CPA, and a founding                                                         serving as its treasurer for over ten years.     In addition to his support of Leadership
partner with Goldstein, Karlewicz &                                                             “Scott, my Leadership Rockland class-        Rockland, Goldstein’s involvement in the
Goldstein, LLP (GKG), was named                                                               mate, board mate, and friend, has played       local community includes serving as a
Leader of the Year by Leadership                                                              the key role of Treasurer for more than 10     past president of the Board of Advisors
Rockland at its annual dinner held June                                                       years, while also serving on the Executive     for the Rockland County Unit of the
16th. Leadership Rockland is a nonprofit                                                      Board. His contributions of time and           American Cancer Society, a past board
organization that identifies, informs and                                                     expertise have benefitted the organization     member of Junior Achievement of the
inspires leaders to better serve the com-                                                     and it has remained solvent through some       Hudson Valley and a past member of
munity by increasing their awareness of                                                       challenging times,” said Dorothy               Rockland County’s United Way
the many facets of Rockland County.                                                           Filoramo, President of the Executive           Allocation Committee.
  A 1995 graduate of the Leadership                                                           Board, Leadership Rockland, and Vice             “My passion for inspiring tomorrow’s
Rockland program, Goldstein has                                                               President of Institutional Advancement,        leaders and for the Rockland Community
remained active with Leadership                                                               Dominican College. “Scott has served on        are direct results of my personal experi-
Rockland by serving as a member and                                                           almost every committee and gained the          ence as a student of the Leadership
then president on the Alumni Executive          Pictured is Scott Goldstein with Dorothy      respect of fellow board members for his        Rockland program,” said Goldstein, a
Board, and subsequently joined the              Filoramo, President of the Executive Board,   insights and guidance on issues that affect    West Nyack resident. “I am honored to be
Leadership Rockland Executive Board,            Leadership Rockland.                          Leadership Rockland’s strength and             recognized as Leader of the Year and look
                                                                                              recognition as the premier Leadership          forward to my continued involvement
                                                                                              organization in our county.”                   with this great organization.”
Dorothy A. Coleman named Excellus BlueCross
BlueShield CFO                                                                                Avraham Merav, MD, FACS appointed cancer liaison
   Dorothy A. Coleman has been hired to         operating officer and interim president for   physician at Phelps Memorial Hospital Center
be the executive vice president and chief       the organization’s $5 billion public sector
financial officer for Excellus BlueCross        national line of business. She also served      Merav, MD, FACS, has been appointed          Sinai Medical Center, followed by a resi-
BlueShield and its parent corporation, The      in executive leadership roles, including      Cancer Liaison Physician at Phelps             dency in general surgery and a fellowship
Lifetime Healthcare Companies, officials        CEO for the group’s Southwest Ohio,           Memorial Hospital Center by the                in cardiothoracic surgery, both at
announced today.                                Northern Kentucky and Indiana health          American College of Surgeons’                  Montefiore Hospital and Medical Center,
   Currently serving in the same capacity       plans.                                        Commission on Cancer. Dr. Merav is             where he was later chief of thoracic sur-
for Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode             Before leading several initiatives at       charged with spearheading cancer-related       gery. He also served as chief of thoracic
Island, Coleman will be replacing Zeke          UnitedHealthcare,        Coleman       was    activities at Phelps and is also responsible   surgery at Englewood Hospital in New
Duda upon his retirement                                         CFO/COO of Cigna             for providing leadership for Phelps’ can-      Jersey for 12 years.
after 39 years of service                                        Healthcare       Medical     cer program. Having a Cancer Liaison              In his remarks to staff at Phelps regard-
for the company that                                             Group      Practice     of   Physician is a requirement for cancer pro-     ing the accreditation, Dr. Merav explained
serves about 1.8 million                                         Arizona and CFO/associ-      grams to be accredited by the                  that establishing an accredited cancer pro-
upstate New York mem-                                            ate administrator at FHP     Commission on Cancer.                          gram “will ensure that our cancer patients
bers.                                                            Inc. Hospital. She has an      Dr. Merav is board certified in thoracic     and their families have access to the full
   Coleman will report                                           extensive understanding      surgery and general surgery. He earned his     scope of services required to diagnose,
directly to Christopher                                          of diverse health care       medical degree at the University of Basel      treat, rehabilitate, and support them
Booth, president and                                             delivery systems, physi-     Medical School in Switzerland. Dr. Merav       through the entire process of cancer treat-
chief operating officer of                                       cian practices, govern-      completed a rotating internship at Mount       ment.”
Excellus         BlueCross                                       ment programs and
BlueShield and chief                                             insurance.                   Andrea Baer promoted at Ulster Savings Bank
operating officer of the                                           A Certified Public           Andrea Baer has been promoted by             Vassar Road Baptist Church and Big
parent corporation.                                              Accountant licensed in       Ulster Savings Bank to the                                Brothers / Big Sisters of
   “Dorothy brings both a                                        Arizona, Coleman stud-       post of Business Development                              Poughkeepsie. She has also
great depth of financial and operational        ied Finance at Arizona State University       Specialist at the Bank’s                                  recently become a Board
experience in the health care sector and a      and holds a Bachelor of Science in            Kingston headquarters. Baer,                              Member of the Mid-Hudson
strong sense of community that make her         Accounting from the University of             of Wappingers Falls, previous-                            Children’s     Museum    in
a perfect fit for our mission-driven organ-     Phoenix.                                      ly served as Supervisor at the                            Poughkeepsie. Her profes-
ization,” Booth said.                             An active community volunteer,              Bank’s Wappingers Falls                                   sional involvement includes
   As CFO of Blue Cross & Blue Shield of        Coleman has served on the Cincinnati          branch location. In her new                               membership in the Southern
Rhode Island, Coleman is responsible for        Museum Board of Trustees, Chamber of          position, she will be responsi-                           Dutchess      Chamber    of
all aspects of the company’s financial          Commerce boards and United Way board          ble for the training and devel-                           Commerce and prior leader-
operations as well as several other busi-       and was instrumental in establishing the      opment of the Bank’s staff and                            ship     positions   within
ness functions. She oversees finance oper-      Women’s Initiative in both Ohio and           management to effectively contribute to        Business Network International’s Mid-
ations, sales, strategic sourcing, contract-    Rhode Island. She was also the co-            established business development goals.        Hudson Valley Chapter.
ing services, and statistical, actuarial, and   founder of a teen center in Liberty             She is also very involved in the commu-        Baer joined Ulster Savings Bank in
underwriting services.                          Township, Ohio.                               nity, including volunteer efforts with the     2006.
   A 27-year veteran of the health care           She is married to her husband Steve and
industry, Coleman spent eight years with        they have two college-age children.
UnitedHealthcare, most recently as chief                                                      William J. Dunkel promoted at Mahopac National Bank
                                                                                                 William J. Dunkel has been promopted        the bank.
Bardavon members elect three new board members                                                to vice president at Mahopac National            He received his bachelor’s of science
  At the 2011 Annual Membership                 Assistant Secretary.                          Bank. He is a commercial banking rela-         degree in economics and management
Meeting held at the theater on Tuesday,            Bardavon 1869 Opera House, Inc. is a       tionship manager for the bank’s western        from SUNY Cortland in 1997.
June 28, the membership elected three           New York State nonprofit corporation that     Putnam region and is respon-                                An active member of the
new Board members to their first three          owns and operates two historic theaters       sible for developing new and                             community, Dunkel is a mem-
year term: Jacob Frydman; Hans                  and the region’s premiere orchestra. The      existing commercial relation-                            ber of the Mahopac Chamber
Hardisty; Veronica A. McMillian;                944-seat Bardavon Opera House in              ships.                                                   of Commerce, and enjoys
  Six current Board members were elect-         Poughkeepsie is the oldest continuously          With more than 13 years of                            attending Chamber events. He
ed to a second three year term: Debra           operating theater in the state, one of the    experience in banking and                                also spends several weekends
Domber; Ellen O’Leary and Michael J.            oldest in the country, and is listed on the   finance, and more than ten                               working on job sites with the
Quinn; Barry Rothfeld; David Silver and         National Register of Historic Places. The     years of commercial credit                               Habitat for Humanity, building
Edward S. Silverman                             1500-seat Ulster Performing Arts Center       and lending experience,                                  homes for those in need.
  At a special Board meeting immediate-         (UPAC) is a National Register property        Dunkel started at Mahopac                                   “Bill has shown significant
ly following the Annual Membership              built in Kingston in 1927. UPAC was           National Bank as a manage-                               growth within the organization
Meeting, Bardavon trustees unanimously          merged into the Bardavon’s corporate          ment trainee in 1998 and has advanced to       and plays an imperative role in the suc-
approved the 2011/12 slate of officers.         structure in 2007. In 1999, the acquisition   multiple positions during his tenure; he       cess of the bank’s commercial banking
They are: Joseph C. Steiniger, President;       of Hudson Valley Philharmonic added the       was promoted to vice president in June         sector,” said Mahopac’s Regional Vice
Karen S. Smythe, Vice President; Nan            dimension of symphonic music to the           2011. His new responsibilities include         President Tim Every. “I am excited to
Greenwood, Treasurer; Robert A.                 Bardavon’s operation.                         continuing to grow the commercial loan         continue to recognize the value he brings
Kallman, Secretary; and Marianne Grace,                                                       portfolio for the western Putnam region of     to the company.”
8- August 15, 2011 Hudson Valley BUSINESS JOURNAL

Hudson Valley RibFest is here!                                                                Dancing Ground of the Sun:
August 20, 21                                                                                 August 6 - August 27
  On August 20 and August 21, the            Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS)                The Storefront Gallery is pleased to          opposed to the short ones of the city and
Hudson Valley RibFest, organized by the      competition.                                     present Lynne Friedman’s colorful land-         the fashionable whims of manufactured
Highland Rotary Club, is the place to be       The Hudson Valley RibFest is part of           scape paintings inspired by several             fads.
for lovers of finger-licking good food in    the Empire State BBQ Championship                sojourns in New Mexico.                            Friedman also shows at the Prince
the Northeast. The two-day Hudson            challenge. Twelve barbeque events in               A Hudson Valley Fauve inspired                Street Gallery in New York’s Chelsea. She
Valley RibFest is actually two events in     New York State are working together to           painter, Friedman is lured by the light and     has had solo shows at the Booth Western
one – a food festival and a sanctioned       promote great barbeque in New York. For          beauty of the New Mexico with its vast          Art Museum in Georgia and the James
Barbeque       Contest                                           additional details see       expanses of land and sky. This October          McNeil Whistler Art Museum in Mass.
where winners can                                                visit             www.       will be her fifth Fall in New Mexico paint-     Prior to joining Prince Street Gallery she
advance to the nation-                                           empirestatebbqchampi-        ing the light of its canyons, arroyos, cot-     had 7 shows over 14 years at Noho
al finals in Kansas                                                      tonwoods and expansive sky. Friedman’s          Gallery. Her work is in the collections of
City.                                                               There’s not too much      paintings capture the rich color and end-       Pfizer, McGraw Hill and the Ritz Carleton
  Barbeque is grow-                                              time left for contest        less space of the southwest with rich           Hotel among others. She has received 7
ing in New York. The                                             teams to join the 2011       painterly interpretations.                      residency grants painting in France,
proof is in the num-                                             Hudson Valley Ribfest.         New Mexico continues to lure artists as       Spain, Ireland, Costa Rica and US loca-
bers. More teams are                                             Go to our website            it did a century ago when Georgia               tions. A graduate of Queens College and
competing, and festi-                                            w w w. h u d s o n v a l -   O’Keefe, Mabel Dodge Luhan, Arthur              the New York Studio School, Friedman
val attendance grows                                          and     Dove, John Marin and DH Lawrence were           currently teaches drawing for the Lifetime
every year. Last year                                            download information         drawn there. After the busy rhythm of           Learning Institute at SUNY New Paltz.
70 barbeque teams fired up their cookers.    and an application form. If you need fur-        New York where skyscrapers block the            Her website:
The Ribfest goal this year is for 75 teams   ther help, call our info line: 845.306.4381.     setting sun, the uninterrupted desert vista,       Gallery hours are Saturday 1-6pm and
to pit their barbeque skills against some      The cooking demonstration area fea-            with its warm daytime sun and cool              24/7 through the storefront windows. Also
sharp competition for bragging rights and    tures outstanding local and some not so          nights, forces a steadier and slower pace.      by       appointment.        Or       visit
a portion of the $11,000 in prize money.     local chefs during the festival on Saturday      The land and its people seem to belong to
Seventy-five teams will mean more points     and Sunday.                                      the long cycles of human history as
for our big winners and more excitement        Admission is $5 for adults with children
for our contest teams.                       12 and under free. Advance tickets are           Annual “9/11 First Responders
  The New England Barbecue Society           available at all area Hannaford
grilling contest will be held on Saturday,   Supermarkets for $4. Parking is free. For        Appreciation” Dinner
August 20 that will include an “Apple        more information, visit www.hudsonval-
Dessert” entry. The Hudson Valley’s pre-                                  September 9
mier agricultural product is apples, and       The Hudson Valley RibFest is presented            DoubleTree by Hilton-Tarrytown will          ism that day. The dinner will also salute
our teams will have a chance to show         by the Highland Rotary Club. Hannaford           honor hundreds of brave firefighters,           hundreds of other first responders from
what they can do with apples. Hudson         Supermarkets is the main sponsor for the         police officers, and EMS workers during         Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow and will
Valley apples must be part of the dessert    event. If you are interested in being a sup-     its annual “9/11 First Responders               recognize the life-saving role that fire-
entry, not merely a garnish. Then, on        porting sponsor for this event, visit            Appreciation” Dinner. It will be held from      fighters, police officers, EMS workers
Sunday, August 21, there will be the                     5 to 9 PM on Friday, September 9.               and volunteers serve in their communities
                                                                                                 Rich Friedman, General Manager, said:        every day.”
The Horizon Line – New Paintings                                                              “This year, the appreciation dinner is
                                                                                              especially significant, as it marks the 10th
                                                                                                                                                 He added: “This dinner offers a chance
                                                                                                                                              for our communities to come together and
August 13 – September 5                                                                       anniversary of the 9/11 attacks . The first     acknowledge the great deeds of the men
                                                                                              responders who lost their lives will be         and women who serve to protect us.”
  RiverWinds Gallery at 172 Main Street      an artist. After a random emotional trig-        honored and remembered for their hero-
in Beacon, New York presents “The            ger, I put a lot of paint on a canvas and
Horizon Line – New Paintings” – Ellen        started moving the medium around. I truly
Lewis. Her vibrant use of color creates      enjoyed the journey of this discovery. I         Art happens at the Beacon Open Studios
                                                   get excited to ‘make a mess’ (that is      September 24-25
                                                   what I call creating art without lim-
                                                   its). says Lewis. “Painting is an             Beacon Open Studios is now in its third parked together in a Truck City (whose
                                                   expression of solitude and joy”. This      year—and growing. This free, city-wide location will be announced in the next few
                                                   emotion is reflected in the bright         art event invites the public into local weeks) for visitors to wander through at
                                                   colors and fiery nature of some of         artists’ studios, allowing visitors to chat their leisure during Open Studios hours.
                                                   her landscapes.                            with artists, view past and current works-           Visitors to Beacon on Open Studios
                                                      Born in Queens, Lewis now               in-progress, and get an up-close look at weekend should begin their self-guided
                                                   resides in Sandy Springs, GA and           the spaces in which they create. This tour at Hudson Beach Glass located at
                                                   spends approximately four months a         year’s Beacon Open Studios is scheduled 162 Main St. Their upstairs gallery is host
                                                   year in her hometown Floral Park,          for the weekend                                                         to the Kickoff
                                                   and in a rustic family cabin in            of September 24-                 CALENDAR OF EVENTS                     Exhibition featur-
                                                   Harriman State Park. In 2001, she          25. Participating                                                       ing a single work
                                                                                                                              Saturday, September 10 Kickoff
                                                   founded her freelance business as a        artists           include                                               from each of the
                                                   commercial and residential color           nationally             and Show open at Hudson Beach Glass p a r t i c i p a t i n g
                                                   consultant, muralist, and faux finish      i n t e r n a t i o n a l l y 162 Main St.                              artists. There, visi-
                                                   specialist. In addition to RiverWinds      exhibited names                 Friday, September 23 Kickoff Party tors can pick up a
                                                   Gallery, she is also in a well-known       as well as those 7-10pm at Hudson Beach Glass 162 Beacon                              Open
                                                   and respected Georgia gallery. She         who will be show- Main St.                                              Studios catalog
                                                   is also being sold worldwide to cor-       ing their work for              Saturday & Sunday, September 24- which includes a
                                                   porate and private establishments by       the first time.               25 studios are open all over town from map to the studios
                                                   a renowned fine art publishing com-           One of the noon-6pm                                                  all over town.
                                                   pany. Lewis’s works are in private         things that makes                                                       Hudson       Beach
textured landscapes with smooth wood         and commercial collections nationally and        Beacon Open Studios unique is that we Glass is also the location of the Kickoff
tones, and organic textures capturing a      including private commissions.                   make an effort to help artists who have Party on Friday September 23 from 7-
sense of the unknown and provoking              Gallery hours are Wednesday - Monday          their work spaces in their homes or other 10pm. The Kickoff Party is open to the
imagination. An artists’ reception will be   12-6pm and 9pm on Second Saturday.               private spaces not suitable for public public. It will be sponsored in part by
held at RiverWinds Gallery on Beacon’s          Directions: Route 84 exit 11, take Route      access find a more public site to show Chatham Brewing Co. The Kickoff Show
Second Saturday, August 13, 4-7pm and        9D South, turn left at Main Street. The          their recent works. In response to this will be open to the public for 4 weeks
the show will run through September 5.       Gallery is on the left, a block and half East    dilemma, we are very excited to announce beginning September 10.
  Since Lewis’ first gallery show seven      on Main Street. For further information:         the creation of Truck City 2011 as a pop-            Beacon Open Studios is made possible
years ago her paintings have evolved with    RiverWinds Gallery, 172 Main St,                 up open studio site to fulfill this need. with the support of the Beacon Arts
her vibrant use of color and composition.    Beacon, NY 12582 845-838-2880                    Participating artists will be renting mov- Community Association and by a grant
  “This style on display is extremely dif-               ing trucks and creating their own galleries from the Dutchess County Arts Council.
ferent then I have ever done in my life as                                                    or installations on wheels. Trucks will be
                                                                                                                          Hudson Valley BUSINESS JOURNAL             August 15, 2011 -9

DiNapoli proposes bonding to hold natural gas drillers accountable for accidents
   New York State Comptroller Thomas P.         element of the natural gas production              · Require oil and natural gas companies     damage covered by the fund include:
DiNapoli has proposed a program to reme-        process and provide for efficient resolution    to post surety bonds to cover any shortfall      · Contamination of private or public
diate contamination and establish an indus-     to related damage claims and recovery of        between Fund resources and remediation         wells due to flaws in well casings;
try-supported fund to recover damages           costs from liable parties. It would also cre-   costs.                                           · Spills of fracking fluids or produced
caused by accidents related to natural gas      ate for the first time an online registry of       Like the Oil Spill Fund, the New York       water in traffic accidents;
production. The proposed legislation            all gas drilling related incidents in New       Natural Gas Production Contamination             · Well blow-outs;
would apply to current drilling operations      York State.                                     Damage Recovery and Remediation Fund             · Spills of fluids through failure of
as well as to proposed high-volume                 The proposed program would:                  (Natural Gas Damage Compensation               impoundments or pipelines.
hydraulic fracturing.                              · Impose strict liability on owners or       Fund) would be administered by the Office        The Natural Gas Damage Compensation
   “New York has begun to debate the many       operators of drilling sites that cause con-     of the State Comptroller and would estab-      Fund would pay for any remediation of
serious issues related to the production of     tamination;                                     lish absolute liability for damages caused     contamination undertaken by DEC where a
natural gas from the Marcellus shale,”             · Empower the DEC to order immediate         by natural gas production. In the event of a   responsible party could not be identified,
DiNapoli said. “The only current remedy         clean-up by owner or operator or take over      report or evidence of contamination or         responsible parties refused or responsible
for private citizens who suffer damages to      sites for immediate clean-up or;                damages caused by natural gas production,      parties were unable to pay for needed
their property from natural gas production         · Impose a surcharge on drilling permits     the DEC would investigate, identify            remediation.
is to enter into litigation, which has the      to create the Natural Gas Damage                responsible parties and determine an             The Office of the Attorney General
potential to be costly, difficult and slow.     Compensation Fund similar in structure to       appropriate       course      of    action.    would determine who is legally responsi-
   “Preventing accidents and contamina-         the existing Oil Spill Fund;                    Examples of the types of contamination or                      continued on page 17
tion should always be our first priority. But
it’s impossible to eliminate all risk. If an
accident does occur, the State needs to be
ready with a rapid response and a reliable
mechanism to hold polluters responsible.
New Yorkers should not have to bear the
burden from contaminations that damage
their air, water and property. Whatever
final decisions are made regarding high-
volume hydraulic fracturing, this program
and new fund will provide the necessary
resources to respond to any accidents.”
   DiNapoli’s program is modeled after the
New York State Environmental Protection
and Spill Compensation Fund (Oil Spill
Fund), which draws on the expertise and
collaborative efforts of the Department of
Environmental Conservation (DEC), the
Office of the Attorney General and the
Office of the State Comptroller. The new
program would ensure the timely clean up
of dangerous contamination caused by any

continued on page 6
help America become more competitive
by increasing rent and forcing businesses
to raise their prices. We can’t become
more competitive by raising prices. In a
global economy, the best contribution that
our government can make is to give us
low rent and more efficient management.
Government needs to spend less.
   While we continue to invest in this
country, six countries enjoy more eco-
nomic freedom and a lower debt and
deficit: Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia,
New Zealand, Switzerland and Canada.
And all still have AAA ratings.
   These are the countries that may contin-
ue to have what used to be called the
American style of GDP growth: 6.5 per-
cent. With our increased government
spending and reduced economic freedom,
we will be stuck with the European
malaise level of 2 to 3 percent GDP
growth. And obviously anything growing
at 6.5 percent will overtake something
growing only at a 3 percent rate of
growth. Overweight your investment in
   If this was a Tea Party downgrade, it is
only because the Tea Party wasn’t strong
enough to overcome congressional poli-
tics as usual. We need government work-
ers who will vote for smaller government.
Less government means more freedom.
And more freedom means faster GDP
   David John Marotta is President of
Marotta Wealth Management, Inc. of
Charlottesville providing fee-only finan-
cial planning and wealth management at Questions to be
answered in the column should be sent to
questions at emarotta dot com or Marotta
Wealth Management, Inc., One Village
Green Circle, Suite 100, Charlottesville,
VA 22903-4619.
10-   August 15, 2011 Hudson Valley BUSINESS JOURNAL

Paying for college with plastic?
HESC suggests alternatives to paying for tuition with credit cards
  With college bills looming, some stu-           Convenient as it may be to charge thou-       the balance quickly grows because of the         an additional fee; it may be worth a call to
dents and families may be considering          sands of dollars in tuition and fees – no        higher interest rate.                            your college student accounts office to
paying with a credit card. According to a      financial aid or loan forms to complete            Carrying a high credit card balance for        find out if they add a surcharge for credit
Sallie Mae/Gallup poll, cash-strapped par-     and easy on-line payment options — the           direct college costs may also leave you          card payments.
ents charged an average of $5,822 to help      simple transaction may become more               close to your credit limit, allowing little         Exploring other payment options
pay for their child’s higher education,        expensive in the long run. Consider these        room for emergencies. Additionally, high            Due dates are coming fast, but take time
while students charged an average of           facts before you say ‘charge it’:                credit card balances may adversely affect        to explore other payment options before
$2,542. The New York State Higher                 The national average for credit card          your credit rating.                              using your credit card.
Education Services Corporation (HESC),         interest is hovering close to 15 percent,          At tax time, federal loan borrowers may           For a small fee, many colleges offer an
the State agency that helps people pay for     more than double the current rate for fed-       be eligible to deduct the interest on stu-       installment plan to help spread the college
college, advises students and families         eral unsubsidized Stafford Loans for             dent loans, a savings not usually available      bill over several months. There are no
deciding how to pay their college bills to     which nearly every student qualifies.            to credit card users.                            interest charges, no credit checks and in
consider the long term impact of credit           Credit cards offer no deferment options         To cover increasing credit card process-       some cases, payments may be made elec-
card debt.                                     for repayment, so monthly payments               ing fees and to discourage students and          tronically. As with any financial commit-
  The hidden costs of paying with              begin immediately. If making only mini-          families from using credit cards to pay          ment, be sure to understand the terms of
plastic                                        mum monthly payments, the interest on            tuition bills, a few colleges are charging                        continued on page 12

Ulster BOCES School of Practical Nursing graduates 74 students
   During a recent candlelight “pinning”       qualifies them to take the National                For Allison Bombard of Wallkill, com-          company with her husband. She especial-
ceremony held at SUNY Ulster, 74 adult         Council Licensure Exam for Practical             pleting the PN program fulfilled a life-         ly appreciated the option of taking
students from Ulster County and sur-           Nursing (NCLEX-PN). Practical nurses             long dream. “I’ve always been interested         evening classes. “I was able to continue
rounding areas graduated from the Ulster                                                                                                         working and to go to school at night,” she
BOCES School of Practical Nursing                                                                                                                explains.
(PN). During the moving, tradition-filled                                                                                                           Many of the graduates have already
event, the future nurses pledged to devote                                                                                                       secured employment in the nursing field.
their lives “to service and to the high                                                                                                          Jennifer Webb of Port Ewen, whose prior
ideals of the nursing profession.”                                                                                                               work experience included stints as a certi-
   Among those graduates who eagerly                                                                                                             fied nursing assistant (CNA) and a para-
recited the Pledge of the Practical Nurse                                                                                                        medic, is currently employed at the
was Christina Rider of Olivebridge, who                                                                                                          Woodland Pond continuing care retire-
became interested in nursing after her                                                                                                           ment community in New Paltz. She plans
grandfather fell ill. “I was taking care of                                                                                                      to continue her education by pursuing a
him and decided that this was something I                                                                                                        Registered Nurse (RN) degree.
wanted to do as a career,” she recalls.                                                                                                             Howard Korn, director of Career &
Rider, who worked as a teaching assistant                                                                                                        Technical Education and Adult Services,
and coach in the Rondout Central School                                                                                                          shared these words of wisdom with the
District before becoming a stay-at-home                                                                                                          new graduates, “Nursing is not a job; it is
mom, was pleased with the training she                                                                                                           a career, in which you can make a real dif-
received at Ulster BOCES. “I learned a lot                                                                                                       ference in people’s lives.”
through the PN program,” she comments,                                                                                                              Marita Kitchell, supervisor of Health
“and would definitely recommend it.”                                                                                                             Occupations, bid a fond farewell to her
   The graduating students, who received                                                                                                         former students, urging them, “Never lose
1,200 hours of clinical and classroom                                                                                                            sight of the real reason you entered nurs-
training, are well prepared to enter their     Shakeira Faison (left) of Kingston and Melissa Casucci of Clinton Corners, recent gradu-          ing—to provide the best and safest care
chosen field. The School of Practical          ates of the Ulster BOCES School of Practical Nursing, listen intently during their recent         possible.”
Nursing places emphasis on nursing skills      “pinning” ceremony.                     Photo by Valerie Havas/Ulster BOCES Community Relations      For more information on the Ulster
and scientific principles that are essential                                                                                                     BOCES School of Practical Nursing, con-
to the care of patients in hospitals and       function as an integral part of the health-      in nursing,” she says, though she deferred       tact Dianne Sleight, healthcare coordina-
long-term care settings. The students’ suc-    care team, working in a variety of client        that dream for a number of years while           tor, at 845-331-0902 or visit the Ulster
cessful completion of the PN program           care settings.                                   raising children and running an auto glass       BOCES website at
                                                                                                                            Hudson Valley BUSINESS JOURNAL             August 15, 2011 -11

Build That House!
Volunteers needed for SUNY Orange ‘Extreme Make-Over: Home Edition’ event
  An army of construction volunteers will    Thursday, August 25th a deserving local
soon be descending upon the SUNY             family will hear host Ty Pennington shout
Orange campus to begin building a new        those famous words, “Move That Bus!”
                                                Between now and then, hundreds of
                                             volunteers are needed for a wide range of
                                             positions, from skilled construction work-
                                             ers to laborers, as well as to help with traf-
                                             fic, catering, administrative functions, and
                                             more. Each volunteer will be issued one
                                             of the famous Extreme Makeover: Home
                                             Edition blue shirts and may even appear
                                             on camera.
                                                Construction is ongoing 24 hours per
                                             day from start to finish, so volunteers 18
                                             and over are needed for all shifts. To join
                                             this unprecedented community effort, and
                                             be a part of this once in a lifetime oppor-
                                             tunity to change the lives of a deserving
                                             family, please visit www.hearthstonecon-
                                                Everyone is also invited to attend the
                                             Build That House Pep Rally, on Thursday,
                                             August 11th at 6pm at the SUNY Orange
                                             Physical Education Building, 115 South
                                             Street, Middletown, N.Y. Doors open at
Extreme Make-Over: Home Edition host         5:30pm. Please also bring a non-perish-
and designer, Tye Pennington                 able food item for the “Stuff That Bus”
                                             food drive to benefit the Food Bank of the
home for a deserving local family…in just    Hudson Valley.
one week. To make that dream a reality,         Milan Vasic, Senior Producer of ABC’s
hundreds of local volunteers are needed to   Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, will
join the effort to Build That House!         tell the background story behind the
  Construction will begin on Thursday,       Emmy Award-winning program, and
August 18th and one week later, on                            continued on page 12

                                                                              Earn Your Degree at NYACK
                                                                                              •   Accelerated Degree Completion Program (B.S. in 16 months)
                                                                                              •   Bachelors Degrees (35 majors)
                                                                                              •   Alliance Theological Seminary: Master of Divinity, Master of Arts,
                                                                                                  Master of Professional Studies
                                                                                              •   MA in Mental Health Counseling or Marriage & Family Therapy
                                                                                              •   MS in Organizational Leadership (finish in as little as 12 months)
                                                                                              •   MBA (finish in as little as 18 months)
                                                                                              •   MS in Childhood Education, Childhood Special Education, and Inclusive Education

                                                                                                             Now offering an online degree
                                                                                                            in Organizational Management.


                                                                                                                   Nyack, NY • New York, NY •
12-   August 15, 2011 Hudson Valley BUSINESS JOURNAL

Extreme Make-Over                                                                                                                                        continued from page 11

Andy Stahl, President of Hearthstone           Squad                                        to a Family Fun Fitness Night, from 6pm       excellent construction services in the
Contracting, who is leading the effort and       · Dancers from Strictly Ballroom           – 8pm on Friday, August 19 at the             Hudson Valley since 2001. Our mission is
assembling the necessary skilled trades          · Air National Guard Color Guard           Boathouse at Thomas Bull Memorial Park        to build to our customers’ expectations
people and supplies, will explain what his       · USO Liberty Bells                        at 211 State Route 416, Montgomery, NY        and to create quality work efficiently and
team needs to make this ambitious effort a       · Rascal from the Hudson Valley            12549. The event will feature fun and         professionally. Our commitment to excel-
success.                                       Renegades                                    healthy activities designed to get the        lence in construction and dedication to
  The evening will also feature:                 · Blues Music Award Nominated Best         whole family moving, even Fido.               the smallest detail is evident in all the jobs
  · A special performance of the National      Debut Artist – The Chris O’Leary Band           Stay tuned to www.hearthstonecon-          we have undertaken. Our customers, from
Anthem                                           · And more…                       for updates and information.     the large commercial warehouse owners
  · Port Jervis Red Raiders Cheerleading         Additionally, the community is invited                                                   to the homeowners, know that they can
                                                                                              ABOUT      HEARTHSTONE        CON-          rely on Hearthstone to deliver a flawless
                                                                                            TRACTING                                      product.
Paying for college                                           continued from page 10           Hearthstone Contracting has provided
the agreement, along with the due dates        student financial aid agency, helping peo-
and any penalties for non payment.             ple pay for college and is a national
   Get all the free money available to you     leader in providing need-based grant and     Community Foundation establishes
in the form of grants and scholarships. If     scholarship award money to college-
you need additional financing, the federal     going students. At HESC’s core are pro-      Justin T. Dimino scholarship fund
government offers low-interest fixed-rate      grams like the Tuition Assistance
education loans.                               Program (TAP), numerous state scholar-         The Justin T. Dimino Memorial               ed from Monroe-Woodbury High School.
   Alternative, private loans should be the    ships, the New York Higher Education         Scholarship Fund has been established as      The scholarship will be awarded to a grad-
last resort. A careful comparison of the       Loan Program (NYHELPs), federal col-         a component charitable fund of the            uating member of the varsity football
many student loans that are commercially       lege access grants and a highly successful   Community Foundation of Orange and            team at Monroe-Woodbury High School
available will help you see how factors        College Savings program. HESC puts col-      Sullivan. This fund was created by            who has achieved a B average or better.
such as fixed or variable interest rates and   lege within the reach of hundreds of thou-   Justin’s family to honor and memorialize        The Justin T. Dimino Scholarship Fund
fee amounts affect how much your loan          sands of New Yorkers each year through       Justin who passed                                                is facilitated through
will actually cost. Also review the loan       programs like these and through the guid-    away suddenly on                                                 the        Community
terms, whether payments may be                 ance it provides to students, families and   January 9, 2011 at the                                           Foundation of Orange
deferred, and any payment options.             counselors. In 2009-10, HESC helped          age of 16. “Justin will                                          and      Sullivan,    a
   Take the stress out of paying college       more than 605,000 students achieve their     forever hold a special                                           501(c)(3) public char-
bills by taking time to review your options    college dreams by providing $4.4 billion     place in all our hearts,”                                        ity that was created to
and becoming a smart borrower.                 in grants, scholarships and loan guaran-     said Justin’s mother,                                            help       individuals, provides information regarding        tees, including $901 million awarded         Stephanie Stack.                                                 organizations,     and
private loans, detailed information about      through the Tuition Assistance Program         Justin Dimino was                                              businesses establish
the various types of student loans, interest   (TAP).                                       in his junior year at                                            charitable endowment
capitalization, and how to determine the         Permalink:                                 M o n r o e - Wo o d b u r y                                     funds to benefit their
true cost of borrowing.                        High School at the                                               community. To make
   About HESC: HESC is New York State’s        for-College-with-Plastic/2915552             time of his passing.                                             a gift to this Fund,
                                                                                            According to Justin’s                                            please make check
                                                                                            family, he was a boy                                             payable to CFOS-
                                                      Continuing and                        who lit up the room                                              Justin T. Dimino
                                                                                            with his smile and per-                                          Scholarship Fund, and
                                                      Professional                          sonality. Justin was the starting defensive   mail to the Community Foundation at 30
                                                                                            back for the Championship Crusader            Scott’s Corners Drive, Suite 202,
                                                      Education                             Football Team at Monroe-Woodbury High         Montgomery, NY 12549. Secure on-line
                                                             School. Football was the love of his life,    donations may be made to the Justin T.
                                                      845.339.2025                          as was his family and friends.                Dimino Scholarship Fund at
                                                                                              Through the Justin T. Dimino                For more information, please contact the
                                                                                            Scholarship Fund, a scholarship will be       Community Foundation at (845) 769-
                                                                                            awarded annually, beginning in June           9393.
                                                                    Open                    2012, the year Justin would have graduat-
                                                                   House                    SUNY Ulster names Scholar-Athlete Award Recipients
                                                                   August                     Ulster County Community College has         Professor Albert DiBernardo, SUNY
                                                                    16th                    named the 2010-2011 recipients of the Al
                                                                                            DiBernardo Scholar-Athlete Award.
                                                                                                                                          Ulster’s first physical education instruc-
                                                                                                                                          tor, first coach, and first athletic director.
                                                                                            Kayla Magee of Kingston, New York and         Coach DiBernardo retired in 1994 after
                                                                                            James Riordon of Epping, New                  serving more than 30 years at the College.
                                                                                            Hampshire will each receive a $500               The college’s physical education and
                                                                                            scholarship and will have                                              recreation leader-
                                                                                            their names added to the                                               ship instructors
                                                                                            Al DiBernardo Scholar-                                                 and coaches, in
                                                                                            Athlete Award plaque that                                              conjunction with
                                                                                            is displayed in the col-                                               the         College
                                                                                            lege’s Senate Gymnasium                                                Athletic Director
                                                                                            lobby.                                                                 and             John
                                                                                              Magee graduated in                                                   Frampton, SUNY
                                                                                            May with a degree in                                                   Ulster Associate
      Learn More. Earn More. Grow More.                                                     Business Administration                                                Dean of Student
                                                                                            and was on the college                                                 Services, choose a
   Photovoltaics (PV) • Solar Manufacturing • Small Wind                                    softball team. She will                                                female and a male
    Solar Thermal Design and Installation • Geothermal                                      continue her studies in                                                student-athlete
                                                                                            accounting at the State                                                who have demon-
    BPI • Green Building for LEED Professionals • EKG                                       University of New York at                                              strated an above
     Pharmacy Technician • CASAC • Home Inspection                                          New Paltz in the fall.                                                 average level of
   Personal Trainer • Helicopter School • Medical Coding                                    Riordon graduated in May                                               academic achieve-
                                                                                            with a degree in Individual Studies-          ment while competing in one or more
     AutoCad • Web Development • Computer Training                                          Business and played baseball. He plans to     intercollegiate sports. The academic rigor
                                                                                            continue his studies in Business              of classes, as well as the number of cred-
      Visit us at our Open House August 16th from 4 -6 pm                                   Management in the fall.                       its completed, is taken into consideration.
                                                                                              The Al DiBernardo Scholar-Athlete           For more information, call John Frampton
          BRC, One Development Ct, Kingston, NY 12401                                       Awards are given annually in honor of         at 845: 687-5288.
                                                                                                                          Hudson Valley BUSINESS JOURNAL              August 15, 2011 -13

Understanding the art of collecting
  On Friday August 19 at 7pm, in                as well as foundations and museums. James Cox, owner of the James Cox Woodstock Fine Art Auction. Joining Cox
advance of the 9th Annual Woodstock             Jensen’s presentation will be especially Gallery, who is also the auctioneer for the will be Howard Greenburg, one of a small
Fine Art Auction which will take place          relevant to those who                                                                    group of gallerists, curators and histori-
Sunday, September 4 at 1pm, the                 plan to attend WAAM’s                                                                    ans responsible for the creation and
Woodstock Artists Association &                 Labor Day weekend
                                                                                  Friday, August 19th, 7 pm FREE                         development of the modern market for
                                                                             Woodstock Artists Association & Museum
Museum is hosting a presentation by             auction and who may be                                                                   photography. Rounding out the panel
                                                                             28 Tinker Street, Woodstock, NY 12498
Diane McManus Jensen, author of The             just beginning to build                                                                  will be Carl Van Brunt, gallery director
Art of Collecting: An Intimate Tour Inside      their collections. The       “The Art of Collecting”
                                                                                                                                         of the WAAM and one of the pioneers of
Private Collections, with Advice on             talk will contain new        A presentation by Diane McManus Jensen, author of The Art   the gallery scene in Beacon, NY and
Starting Your Own. Director of Jensen           insights for the seasoned of Collecting:                                                 Sylvia Leonard Wolf, long time Board
Fine Arts, the author has more than thirty      collector as well.           An Intimate Tour Inside Private Collections, with Advice on Member of WAAM, an active fine art
years of professional experience as a              Following Jensen’s Starting Your Own followed by a panel discussion by Howard appraiser who founded Sylvia Leonard
gallery owner in New York and on                talk, there will be a Greenberg, Carl Van Brunt and Sylvia Leonard Wolf                  Wolf Inc.over 30 years ago and former
Martha’s Vineyard and has been an advi-         panel discussion about       Moderated by James Cox, dealer and auctioneer.              president of the Appraisers Association
sor to individual and corporate collectors      collecting moderated by                                                                  of America.

Advertising                                                                                                                                                     continued from page 4
lost.                                           ing the month, and last year’s comparative       actions by the store traffic counts. If 500     however, a measurable increase in conver-
   If your advertising is effective, there      sales, results were embarrassingly under-        people visited your store in a day and you      sion rates could indeed indicate that the
should be a measurable impact on store          whelming. Sales results for the day of the       completed 250 sales transactions, your          campaign motivated more qualified
traffic levels. To be clear: store traffic is   event were down 5 percent from the prior         conversion rate would be 50 percent (i.e.       prospects to visit the store.
not the same as “transaction count.” Many       week and flat compared to the prior year.        250/500).                                          The point is this: store traffic and con-
retailers are confused about this.              An analysis of the sales data showed that           Now back to our Saturday promotion.          version rates, combined with transaction
Transaction count only represents the           transaction count was down 5 percent and         Sales were down 5 percent, average ticket       data, provide retail marketers with the
number of people who bought; store traf-        average ticket was flat. Based on these          was flat and store traffic was up 20 per-       context they need to truly understand
fic includes both buyers and non-buyers.        results, the big promotion was an                cent. Since sales are a function of traffic     what impact their investments are having.
If you want to understand what impact           unequivocal bust. Tragically, this is often      count multiplied by conversion rate multi-      Using sales and other transactional data as
your advertising is having, you need to         where the story ends.                            plied by average ticket, plugging the           the primary measure of advertising and
measure store traffic as transactions sim-         However, if this retailer had store traffic   results into this basic formula would           promotional effectiveness is inconclusive
ply won’t cut it. Here’s an example to          data, instead of relying on sales and trans-     reveal that in-store conversion rates           at best and potentially misleading.
illustrate why.                                 action data only, they might discover that,      tanked and that’s why sales are down. The          What it’s worth to answer the “did it
   The marketing team rolled up their           despite sales being down, store traffic was      good news: the advertising worked. The          work” question?
sleeves, carefully assessed the media           actually up –a whopping 20 percent com-          bad news: stores didn’t take advantage of          Outfitting your stores with electronic
options, scrutinized and tested the cre-        pared to the prior week. Based on store          the traffic.                                    traffic counters so that you can actually
ative, and then brilliantly executed a          traffic counts, this campaign clearly deliv-        Now how do you feel about the effec-         measure store traffic may at first appear to
chain-wide, one-day promotional cam-            ered, but what happened to sales? That’s         tiveness of the promotion?                      be too high a price. However, when you
paign that ran on the third Saturday of the     where conversion rate comes in.                     Conversion rate can also tell us some-       consider how much you spend annually
month.                                             What conversion rate tells about our          thing about how effectively we are target-      on advertising and promotions without a
   The campaign launched and the market-        advertising                                      ing and reaching qualified prospects. For       clear understanding of the impact it’s hav-
ing team held its collective breath. The           Conversion rate is the percentage of          example, a highly targeted advertising          ing, the investment in traffic counters is
sales results came in and they weren’t          buyers compared to store visitors and is         campaign might not result in a significant      more than justified.
good. Compared to other Saturdays dur-          simply calculated by dividing sales trans-       increase in overall store traffic volume,                        continued on page 19

What a week                                                                                                                                                     continued from page 1
quietly falling apart.                             “Market corrections are not unusual           there are several factors that could be         as will be the leveraged wealth that will
   “What happens in Europe is the key to        events. From the market lows of July 2010        cited, (I) believe debt problems domesti-       come from our country finally investing
when the stock market (and the glaobal          to the highs of April 2011, the S&P 500 was      cally and abroad are in the forefront,” said    in rebuilding our national infrastructure
economy in general) will recover,” former       up over 26 percent without experiencing a        Mahoney.                                        for a 21st century world.
Federal Reserve chief Alan Greenspan            correction. To put that 26 percent run-up in        So, where are we headed from here?              In the meantime, much financial
declared on the Sunday chat shows last          perspective, the best 20-year time period for       All the experts agree that long-term, our    experts we talked to also agree that that
weekend.                                        the stock market was 1948-1968, and the          prospects for a successful recovery and         keeping your eye on your long term finan-
   Italy is now leading the way in debt         market only returned an average of 8.4 per-      renewed economic vitality are great. The        cial goals – and remembering that the
problems,         Greenspan          added.     cent annually during that period,” Mahoney       push for new technologies, and sustain-         United States has been here “before” (and
Economically speaking, it is followed           explained. “This illustrates that we were        able energy alternatives are probably           worse) – should be what colors any short
closely by Spain…..and then there’s             overdue for a correction. During recovery        going to be key drivers this time around,       term uncertainty.
Greece, Ireland, Portugal….Each of these        periods, stocks are prone to sudden declines
European Union countries is in the midst        in value. Unexpected drops in the market
of their own debt crises of nearly epic pro-    can be painful, but they are part of the heal-   End of business as we know it?                                   continued from page 1
portions and Germany cannot bail them           ing process.”                                    ness, while those who plan are still around.”   such as SBDC, already have the informa-
all out. The economic news coming our              The bigger fish in the financial world           And while those facing cash crunches         tion compiled for niche areas.
way from across the pond continued push-        seemed to concur with their assessment.          tend to cut marketing and advertising              “You have to look to see what you have
ing investor sentiment downward all             Speaking from an undisclosed location –          costs, Morley says that is often a detrimen-    to do before it happens,” said Morley.
week, causing financial markets all over        which seemed suspiciously like Martha’s          tal approach.                                   “Think and be proactive.“ It’s often too
the world to see-saw wildly, not just from      Vineyard – Jaime Dimon, CEO of JP                   “There is no bottom line if there’s not a    late for those who wait until things are
day to day, but from hour to hour.              Morgan Chase suggested that the worst of         top line,” he says. “You can go into sur-       really tight to fix a problem.
   Even word that the European Central          the crises was probably over and that he         vival mode, but if you’re not bringing peo-        “If you’re drowning it’s easier to get
Bank had agreed to buy Italy and Greece’s       was looking for the global economy to            ple to your door it won’t work.”                help when you’re 10 percent down, rather
bonds gave little stabilizing relief to the     come “roaring back” in the next few                 He suggests delaying purchases that          than 90 percent,” he says.
markets. What we had was, basically, a          years, The United States included.               would make incremental technological               Also, many companies don’t want to let
perfect scenario for a stock market “cor-          “We saw a much needed shake-out,”             improvements, such as a new copy                others know they’re struggling, but that
rection” (sounds better than a “plunge,”        said Dimon.                                      machine, and instead invest in marketing        stoic approach often backfires.
eh?) A correction is defined as a 10 per-          But, fears over how those elected to the      plans that will meet concrete goals, such as       “As soon as there’s an inkling there’s an
cent drop from the most recent high and         Federal government will continue to act          bringing in two new customers a day.            issue, they should reach out,” said Morley.
that’s what we got last week, in spades.        and react to the federal deficit and to             Doughnut shops could offer recession-        “The worst thing to do is stick your head in
   So, what is the smart money doing            efforts to bring spending down and rev-          buster breakfasts or start delivery services.   the sand.”
about it?                                       enues up and memories of the plunges in          Large manufactures could reduce the cost           Reward loyal customers who pay early
   “I would advise folks to hang in there       401k values over the least three years con-      of equipment but make up that shortfall by      with a discounted interest rate and ask sup-
and stay put,” Bruce Tuchman, a financial       tinue to dominate the national psyche. The       selling more or even longer service con-        pliers for new credit options and if you’ve
advisor with Wells Fargo Securities noted       stubbornly high unemployment rate and            tracts or sign three-year leases on             fallen behind in payments work out a pay-
in an email sent out Monday morning.            stagnant wages in the face of rising prices      machines rather than annual leases.             ment plan option, because they don’t want
   Ken Mahoney, of Mahoney Asset                for food and fuel do little to help the             Discovering price elasticity, which cal-     to lose the business.
Management (and one of the regular              sticky situation.                                culates the defining point where reduced           “Accept the fear, and face it,” says
financial columnists for the Hudson                “…fear is still dominating investor sen-      price results in improved gains, is not dif-    Morley. “And plan an intelligence
Valley Business Journal) agreed.                timent. What are people afraid of? While         ficult and many business support agencies,      response to it.”
14-   August 15, 2011 Hudson Valley BUSINESS JOURNAL

                                        We believe in our community.
                                        And we’re proud to let
                                        community members speak.
                                        The Hudson Valley Business Journal knows the expertise
                                        we have in the Valley, and we know the value in letting
                                        readers share their insights and experiences. Since our
                                        first issue, in 1986, we’ve been a resource for Hudson
                                        Valley businesses. We have built solid relationships
                                        over the years, enabling us to provide our readers with
                                        the knowledge of professionals in many different industries.
                                        This shared knowledge has made our business community
                                        strong. The Hudson Valley Business Journal is proud to help
                                        our local businesses succeed.

                                                                                                                 It’s more than just business to us.
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                                       Orange   •   Rockland   •   Ulster   •   Dutchess   •   Putnam   •   Greene   •   Sullivan   •   Columbia   •   Westchester
                                                                                                    Hudson Valley BUSINESS JOURNAL              August 15, 2011 -15

                           America’s littlest library taking shape
                           in Clinton Corners
                           British ‘phone box’ being converted into book exchange
                           BY MELINA MAKRIS                               rowed idea to the library steering commit-          And though patrons probably won’t
                              Patrons planning to visit the newest        tee, she told them “You’re either going to       find a book of Cockney rhyming slang in
New device saves lives     branch of the Clinton Corners library          laugh at me or you’re going to think I’m         this particular spruced up “dog and bone”
                           should be prepared to queue up for a           brilliant.”                                      booth, you never know. After an initial
        Page 16            chance to get inside because the place will      Fortunately, the committee didn’t              shelf-stocking by the library, the book
                           have just enough room for Clark Kent to        laugh. And neither did anyone else. In           booth will operate on a take-one leave-
                           change his clothes.                            fact, the community has come together to         one basis, which Cooley thinks is part of
                              When it opens in September, the Book        make the little library a reality, pitching in   its charm.
                           Booth at Clinton Corners may well be           their services either gratis or at a reduced        “You just don’t know what’s going to
                           America’s tiniest library. Housed inside a     rate. The booth was disassembled in mid-         be there,” she said. “With this, it’s always
                           refurbished poppy-red British “phone           July and taken to Matt’s Auto Body to be         a surprise.”
                           box,” this literary desti-                                                                                         Aside from having a bit
                           nation will have no                                                                                             of eco-friendly “read-
                           Dewey Decimal system                                                                                            cycling” going on inside a
                           or online catalog but it                                                                                        bit of Britain, Cooley hopes
                           will sport an abundance                                                                                         the Book Booth will gener-
                           of charm and small-town                                                                                         ate “community spirit and
                           spirit.                                                                                                         pride” and draw more traf-
                              “We’re adding a little                                                                                       fic into Wild Hive Farm
                           color to a country cor-                                                                                         Café, outside of which the
                           ner,”     said      Claudia                                                                                     booth will be located on
  Giving your book         Cooley, a member of the                                                                                         property by the Beans,
       away?               steering committee of the                                                                                       Hackett’s Agway, Stewart’s
                           Friends      of     Clinton                                                                                     and the many other “great
        Page 17            Community Library.                                                                                              businesses” in town. She
                              The Book Booth was                                                                                           also hopes the booth will
                           Cooley’s brainchild, born                                                                                       once again unite the two
                           in November 2009 after                                                                                          sides of Clinton Corners,
                           she read an article on the                                                                                      which were physically split
                           BBC website about                                                                                               when the Hollow Road
                           Westbury-sub-Mendip, a                                                                                          median of the Taconic
                           village in southwest                                                                                            Parkway was closed in the
                           England that transformed                                                                                        summer of 2002.
                           a phone booth (or phone                                                                                            “There a couple of layers
                           box, for the Anglophiles                                                                                        of reasons to do this,”
                           among us) into a small                                                                                          Cooley said.
                           lending library of about                                                                                           The Book Booth project
                           150 books.                                                                                                      will cost approximately
                              “I thought that was a                                                                                        $3,000, much of which is
                           great idea,” Cooley said.                                                                                       being funded by individual
   Seven steps to             And though the iconic                                                                                        residents and business
                           red telephone boxes that                                                                                        owners.
    assessing any          have dotted many a                                                                                                 The booth also has a
  business situation       London street since the                                                                                         social media personality
                           1920s are even a rare                                                                                           with pages on Facebook
        Page 18            sight in England these                                                                                          and Twitter.
                           days, what with everyone                                                                                           The grand opening is
                           carrying      a     mobile,                                                                                     currently planned for 4
                           Clinton Corners just hap-                                                                                       p.m.       on      Saturday,
       Contact Us:         pened to have one on hand.                     sand-blasted and painted. Dan LaCelle of         September 3, at the end of the Town of
                              The booth was purchased off a contain-      Kirchhoff Construction Management is             Clinton Historical Society’s Heritage Day
 Story ideas/comments:     er ship in the 1990s by David and Jeanie       crafting the shelves to be fitted into the       festivities.        Bean, Broadway dancers (David played           back wall, and Caldecott Medal-winning              “Now the library can have a branch on
                           the role of Jet in the film version of “West   children’s book illustrator Peter                the other side of town,” Cooley said. She
      Advertising:         Side Story”) who at that time owned and        McCarthy will be painting the Book               added that when she explains the idea to        operated Jeanie Bean’s & Company Tea           Booth logo on three of the four glass pan-       some people for the first time, they some-
                           Shop in the heart of Clinton Corners.          els at the top of the booth. The word “tele-     times have trouble visualizing it, but
 Newsmaker submissions:    Known as a K8, the booth is the last in a      phone” will remain on the fourth panel.          when they do, they like it.
                           numbered series of phone boxes that have          The booth is expected to hold about 150          “Once you get it, it makes perfect       become so rare that there are fewer than a     books, including a rubber basket of chil-        sense,” she said.
                           dozen in use in the British Isles. A compe-    dren’s materials on the “ground floor.”             The Book Booth will be located at 2411
  Datebook submissions:    tition looking for creative uses of the        Patrons will be responsible for keeping it       Salt Point Turnpike in Clinton Corners.   booths is what prompted the scaled down        tidy, but Cooley hopes someone will be           Additional information can be found on
                           library in Westbury-sub-Mendip and, ulti-      willing to act as a periodic librarian and       Facebook at The Book Booth in Clinton
     (845) 298-6236        mately, Clinton Corners.                       sift through the “stacks” to weed out any-       Corners and TheBookBooth on Twitter.
                              When Cooley first broached her bor-         thing in poor condition.
16-   August 15, 2011 Hudson Valley BUSINESS JOURNAL

Hospitals agree the Medicare RAC program reduces fraud and errors
   73 percent of the hospitals taking part in   process is too subjective and they need          that enables Medicare auditors, including        veyed have put tracking software in place,
a recent study by IVANS, Inc. agree that        education on how to reduce future audits.        RACs, MACs, CERTs and PERMs, to                  21 percent have hired additional staff or
the Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC)                “IVANS survey demonstrates the need           accept electronic attachments from               external resources to respond to RAC
program they tested helps to reduce fraud       to ensure that these programs, which are         providers. Healthcare providers generally        audits, and 38 percent have modified
and errors in the industry. However, more       valuable in their end results, are not too       fax or send paper to substantiate Medicare       claims admission criteria to reduce future
than 60 percent do not think the audit          burdensome for providers,” said Clare            audits today. Under the esMD Program,            denials.
process itself is fair. According to IVANS      DeNicola, IVANS president and CEO.               providers can work with a CMS-approved              DeNicola said, “Many of our customers
2011 RAC Audit Survey, respondents              “Using automation to streamline the              Health Information Handler (HIH), such           are concerned with the time and financial
cited that the extra time and money it          workflow can help reduce the administra-         as IVANS, which has developed a CON-             impact required to meet the tight dead-
takes to substantiate a RAC claim is            tive challenges providers are facing with        NECT-compatible gateway that conforms            lines required by Medicare auditors for
impacting budgets and resources that are        these audits.”                                   to Nationwide Health Information                 submitting medical documentation to sup-
already stretched too thin, and that the fre-      Recognizing the need to provide a more        Network (NHIN) standards and leverages           port an audited claim. As Phase 1 of
quency (every 45 days) with which they          efficient way to deliver medical records to      a web-based health information exchange          esMD gets underway, I am confident that
can be audited is burdensome to their           the requesting contractor, CMS imple-            (HIE) portal.                                    providers will not only see benefits from a
administrative workflow. The study also         mented the electronic submission of                 Beginning with Phase 1 of the esMD            faster method for responding to payment
revealed that hospitals believe the review      Medical Documentation (esMD) Program             Program, providers can use IVANS                 audits, but the healthcare industry will
                                                                                                 LIME™ AuditDocs, to send documents in            embrace electronic submission of medical
HealthAlliance offers new vascular                                                               real-time instead of printing, packaging
                                                                                                 and shipping thousands of pages of med-
                                                                                                                                                  documentation as an important step
                                                                                                                                                  toward advancing the adoption of interop-
treatment option for dialysis patients                                                           ical documentation. This new solution
                                                                                                 provides detailed tracking so providers
                                                                                                                                                  erable health IT systems and health infor-
                                                                                                                                                  mation exchanges across the country.”
   HealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley is       access to end stage renal disease patients’      can monitor which documents have been               The survey was conducted electronical-
pleased to announce its adoption of a           blood, for replacement kidney function           sent and when they are received by the           ly from June 7th –22nd ,and the results
novel device for hemodialysis patients          and blood filtering. It provides efficient       auditor. IVANS AuditDocs also includes           represent responses from 128 hospital
whose central venous systems cannot sup-        dialysis, has significantly lower risk for       document archiving to ensure documenta-          providers across the United States.
port a traditional fistula or graft. The        infection, and since it is under the skin,       tion is readily available throughout the
HERO® Vascular Access Device, pro-              patients can perform daily activities with-      RAC appeals process. This feature can be            About IVANS
duced since 2008 by Hemosphere, Inc.,           out risking exposure to bacteria. Unlike a       especially useful since, according to               IVANS, Inc. provides a national admin-
has been used suc-                                                   catheter, the device        CMS, Medicare providers won 64 percent           istrative health information exchange for
cessfully on patients                                                provides continuous         of the claims appealed during a three year       the healthcare industry, which includes
at HealthAlliance’s                                                  blood flow around           RAC demonstration.                               hospitals, home health, skilled nursing,
Center for Vascular                                                  blockages outside of           In addition to using technology to send       durable medical equipment suppliers,
Excellence, located                                                  dialysis treatments.        medical documentation electronically,            hospices         and        practitioners.
on its Benedictine                                                      The Center for           providers are investing in automation and        Headquartered in Stamford, Conn. and a
Hospital campus.                                                     Vascular Excellence         resources to help detect and eliminate           CMS approved vendor, IVANS has been
   Jeffrey Hnath, MD,                                                provides state of the       improper payments before the arrival of a        serving over 1,000 insurance and health-
said the device is a                                                 art diagnostic and          review audit contractor letter. The IVANS        care payers, and 135,000 healthcare
new alternative to                                                   therapeutic treatments      study found 32 percent of hospitals sur-         providers since 1983.
catheters for dialysis                                               for vascular diseases
patients with dam-
aged central venous
                                                                     and is staffed by
                                                                     board-certified vascu-
                                                                                                 Good Samaritan Hospital recognized for
   “Catheters can dan-
                                                                     lar surgeons, special-
                                                                     ty-trained nurses and
                                                                                                 implementing quality stroke care
gle out of the skin and                                              technologists.     For         Good Samaritan Hospital has been rec-         Association/American                  Stroke
cause recurrent infections,” Dr. Hnath          more information about the Center for            ognized for achievement in using evi-            Association’s advertisement recognizes
said. “The HERO® device gives us a new          Vascular Excellence, visit          dence-based guidelines to provide the best       Good Samaritan Hospital’s commitment
option to bypass blockages in our               or call (845) 334-3130.                          possible care to patients through the            and success in performance achievement.
patients’ veins and can decrease the num-         The HealthAlliance of the Hudson               American Heart Association/ American                “We are pleased to recognize the top
ber of catheter-based infections.”              Valley Dialysis Center provides a full           Stroke Association’s Get With The                Get With The Guidelines participants,”
   Catheters have high rates of life-threat-    range of nephrology care to adults and           Guidelines® program.                             said. Lee Schwamm, M.D., national chair-
ening infection, provide inadequate dialy-      elderly individuals with a diagnosis of             Good Samaritan Hospital and 789 other         man of the Get With The Guidelines steer-
sis compared to fistulas and grafts, and        acute and chronic renal failure. The 30          hospitals are featured in a special adver-       ing committee, associate professor of neu-
can cause more damage to the central            station outpatient dialysis unit is the          tisement in the “America’s Best                  rology at Harvard Medical School and
veins over time.                                largest and only outpatient Dialysis             Hospitals” issue of US News & World              Vice Chairman of Neurology at
   The HERO® device is surgically               Center in Ulster County. For more infor-         Report (August issue) to commemorate             Massachusetts        General        Hospital.
implanted under the skin and provides           mation, call (845) 334-2821.                     their receipt of the Get With The                “Healthcare providers who use Get With
                                                                                                 Guidelines Performance Achievement               The Guidelines are armed with the latest
                                                                                                 Award.                                           evidence-based guidelines and immediate
Northern Dutchess Hospital introduces                                                               A total of 931 awards were given for          access to clinical decision support, using a
                                                                                                 achievement in heart attack, stroke and          set of tools that have been shown to
Center for Healthy Aging                                                                         heart failure treatment.                         improve delivery of evidence-based care.
  Jodi Friedman, M.D. has become the            Jefferson University in Philadelphia. She           Hospitals recognized in each category         The goal of this initiative is to improve the
Medical Director for the new Center for         is a member of the American Board of             achieve at least 85 percent compliance to        quality of life and help reduce deaths and
Healthy Aging, developed at Northern            Family Physicians with added qualifica-          Get With The Guidelines measures. Those          disability among patients with heart dis-
Dutchess Hospital. As the                                           tions in Geriatrics. Dr.     achieving 85 percent compliance for 24           ease and stroke.”
senior population increas-                                          Friedman has most            consecutive months receive the Gold                 Published scientific studies are provid-
es in the communities it                                            recently practiced with      Performance Achievement Award, with              ing us with more and more evidence that
serves, Northern Dutchess                                           Institute for Family         the Silver Performance Achievement               Get With The Guidelines works. Patients
Hospital wanted to find                                             Health in New Paltz..        Award going to those with 85 percent             are getting the right care they need when
new ways to serve these                                                The     Center      for   compliance for 12 consecutive months.            they need it. That’s resulting in improved
seniors and their families,                                         Healthy Aging is a           Special recognition is also given for those      survival.”
said the hospital. Dr.                                              resource for patients        hospitals achieving 85 percent compli-              “We are proud that the American Heart
Friedman      earned      a                                         ages 65 years and older      ance in two or all three categories and/or       Association/American Stroke Association
Bachelor of Arts in                                                 and their families.          for being in 75 percent compliance with          has chosen the ‘America’s Best Hospitals’
Psychology from Emory                                               Inpatient, outpatient and    heart failure and/or stroke measures.            issue of US News & World Report to rec-
University in Atlanta,                                              transitional care and           Get With The Guidelines is a hospital-        ognize Good Samaritan Hospital for our
completed her pre-med-                                              assessments are avail-       based quality-improvement program                achievements in their Get With The
ical requirements at the                                            able for aging adults.       designed to ensure that hospitals consis-        Guidelines program,” said Philip
University of New Mexico, and her               After a full geriatric assessment, staff col-    tently care for heart and stroke patients uti-   Patterson, CEO, Bon Secours Charity
Medical Degree from the University of           laborates with patients, caregivers and pri-     lizing the most up-to-date guidelines and        Health System.
Pittsburgh Medical School. She complet-         mary care providers to help the older adult      recommendations. Currently more than                “Get With The Guidelines gives our
ed her Residency in Family Medicine and         live the fullest life, and to help caregivers    1,400 hospitals participate in the program.      professionals the tools and reports they
Fellowship in Geriatrics at Thomas              provide the best assistance.                        The            American             Heart     need to effectively treat our patients.”
                                                                                                                         Hudson Valley BUSINESS JOURNAL               August 15, 2011 -17

If your book is ‘Number 1’ on the NYT Bestseller list, why give it away?
   When Renewable Energy - Facts and            entities every day - there is definitely           Craig Shields is the founder of              try on Earth, after healthcare and technol-
Fantasies (Clean Energy Press) was pub-         room for concern. In fact, it would be dif-      2GreenEnergy – a company that is               ogy, and a lot of folks are going to want to
lished, it skyrocketed to the top of            ficult to find anyone who thinks that our        focused on providing breakthroughs in          be a part of this multi-trillion dollar rev-’s charts in both the energy          addiction to oil and coal is a good thing.       renewable energy science and technology        enue stream. For more information, please
and engineering categories – a clear hit as     But, looking at the problem in practical,        – and he recognizes that renewable energy      visit:
a #1 best-seller. Now, just a few months        realistic terms - how can we “get there          will soon become the third largest indus-
later, author Craig Shields is offering an      from here?”
electronic copy of the book at                                  We live in a civilization with
no charge to anyone who                                      an ever-increasing hunger for       Job gap grows between women and men
wants it because, “(Writing the                              energy and its fixation on fos-       Little noted among the employment fig-       gains. In fact, men are regaining jobs at
book) was a great project. I                                 sil fuels to provide that energy    ures released last week by the Bureau of       nearly three times the speed of women
had fun doing it, readers loved                              is in the process of imploding      Labor Statistics is a growing gap between      while women’s employment has been vir-
it, and a whole bunch of people                              on itself as our population         women’s and men’s employment as the            tually flat for more than 12 months.
bought it within the first week                              grows and its demographics          recovery proceeds. Men gained 136,000             As a result of the recession, women’s and
or so,” he said. “Now it’s time                              change. Yet we live in a world      payroll jobs in July, at the same time women   men’s payroll employment reached parity
to move along – but before I do                              of tough realities – where an       lost 19,000. A fact sheet released by the      in October 2009 as men lost many more
that, why not put it in as many people’s        elegant solution simply does not exist. We       Institute for Women’s Policy Research          jobs than did women. But in the recovery,
hands as possible?”                             are constantly told that renewable energy        shows that throughout the recovery men         the employment gap between women and
   Shields’ book is based on interviews         is too expensive but, all things considered,     have been gaining a disproportionate share     men has not only reappeared but continues
with 25 of the world’s top researchers,         it is actually cheaper than traditional ener-    of the jobs, even taking into account that     to grow. The jobs gap between women and
authors, analysts and energy experts in a       gy sources!                                      men lost many more jobs than women in          men is now 1.5 million jobs.
wide range of disciplines – yet it’s an easy       Craig acknowledges that there are peo-        what was dubbed the “mancession.”                 The Institute for Women’s Policy
read that is set in a question and answer       ple who don’t believe in global warming.           IWPR research shows that men have            Research (IWPR) conducts rigorous
type format with the author posing the          But are there people who doubt that gas          gained 27.8 percent (1.7 million) of the       research and disseminates its findings to
questions.                                      and diesel emissions cause cancer? That          jobs they lost since November 2007 (6.1        address the needs of women and their fam-
   There is no doubt that the migration to      enriching certain governments in the             million) while women have regained only        ilies, promote public dialogue, and
clean energy is among the most pressing         Middle East endangers every one of us?           10.8 percent (281,000) of the total jobs       strengthen communities and societies.
issues of our time. Whether our worries         That the scarcity brought about by a             they lost due to the recession (2.6 million    IWPR is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organiza-
are global warming, peak oil, national          declining supply of oil causes wars? That        from November 2007 to September 2010,          tion that also works in affiliation with the
security, America’s competitiveness in          the damage to fragile ocean ecosystems,          the low-point for women’s employment).         women’s studies and public policy pro-
world markets, or our siphoning off             which are becoming more acidified each           While the jobs recovery is slow for both       grams at The George Washington
another $1 billion in our wealth to foreign     year, is devastating the larger biosphere?       men and women, men are at least showing        University.

                                                                          Real Estate
Milton Harvest fully occupied on opening day
   Milton Harvest apartments officially         that will now allow for further expansion        before we opened the doors,” said Walsh        the one bedroom apartments if their total
opened last week when the first new resi-       of the hamlet. “I am really honored to be        pointing to the need for affordable hous-      household income at or below 60% of
dents moved in to the brand new afford-         part of this type of effort,” said Gerentine     ing. “Rich did a great job here too, so I      area median income.
able housing complex. Developer Richard         who lauded his partner Joel Mounty and           know everyone will be very comfortable.”          Though all apartments at Milton
Gerentine and managing agent Rural              Mounty’s          company          Mountco       Walsh said Milton Harvest, the first non-      Harvest are occupied, more information
Ulster Preservation Company (RUPCO)             Construction and Development which did           smoking property she or Gerentine have         and applications for the waiting list are
were on hand to give keys to the senior         the actual construction at Milton Harvest        opened, features individual heating and        available by contacting Walsh at 845-331-
citizens who were getting their first           and owns approximately 2000 units                air conditioning as well as a special in-      2140 x 261 or
glimpses of the apartments they’ll now          throughout the State.                            apartment storage unit in every apartment.     RUPCO is celebrating it 30th anniversary
call home.                                        “Move-in day is always exciting,” said         The spacious community room features           of providing affordable housing solutions
   “It’s a great day,” said Gerentine, who      Theresa Walsh, Director of Property              six computer work stations and the entire      for Ulster County and beyond.
also built the Jenny’s Garden communi-          Management at RUPCO. “Some people                property has wireless internet built in.       Information on all of RUPCO’s programs
ties in Marlboro and Golden View in             have waited years to get apartments like         People 55 and older are eligible to live in    is available at
Highland. “This is good not just for the        this and move-in day is a very emotional
seniors who will live here, but for the
community at large too,” noted Gerentine.
                                                experience for all of us.” Walsh, who has
                                                spent a decade managing hundreds of
                                                                                                 USDA releases farmland values for 2011
Situated just off Rt. 9W in Milton, most        homes for seniors and families, said noth-          Farmland and cash rent values in New        cultivation stood unchanged over 2010 at
hamlet services are readily available to        ing matches the thrill of watching families      York State rose by 6.8 percent for 2011,       $2,400 per acre.
those who will occupy the 47 new apart-         move in and praised Gerentine for making         according to the annual survey done by           Nationally, the cash rents on farmland
ments. Gerentine also underwrote the con-       such opportunities available.                    the United States Department of                for cropland rose $9.00 per acre in 2011,
struction of new sewer and water lines            “Every single apartment was leased             Agriculture. According to their survey, the    while pasture land increased about .50 per
                                                                                                 average price per acre for farmland,           acre. In New York State, cash rents for
Prior to construction digging, call 8-1-1                                                        including buildings, came in at $2,350 per
                                                                                                 acre. Undeveloped (formerly farm) real
                                                                                                                                                cropland rose from $43.50 per acre in
                                                                                                                                                2010 to $45.50 per acre in 2011, not even
   The digging up of underground utilities      ice are our primary concerns across New          estate came in at around $2,450 per acre       close to the $9.00 per acre national aver-
is a significant and avoidable cause of gas     York State,” said Ken Daly, National Grid        this year, according to the USDA, up 2.1       age – but up, at least year over year. Cash
and electric outages that can result in seri-   president for New York. “An educated             percent over 2010. Pasture acreage stood       rents for pastureland was unchanged from
ous injuries and disrupt power delivery to      public is our best partner in ensuring that      at around $1,200 per acre, up 9.1 percent      2010, standing at around $22.00 per acre.
neighborhoods. A statewide a safety and         service is not impacted by damage caused         from last year and cropland land under
awareness campaign encourages do-it-            by unmarked dig ups. We encourage
yourselfers and construction contractors        everyone to work safe and to call 8-1-1
to call 8-1-1 to request the marking of         before digging.”
                                                                                                 DiNapoli                                                       continued from page 9
underground facilities prior to digging.          According to the CGA more than                 ble for the contamination and, if necessary,   resolving damage claims for losses related
   In upstate New York, National Grid has       170,000 utility lines annually are dam-          commence civil damage-recovery litiga-         to accidents.
joined 200 organizations including utility      aged by digging. In the pipeline industry        tion against responsible parties. Any recov-      DiNapoli’s legislative initiative calls for
companies, municipal governments and            alone, statistics for the past 20 years show     ered funds would be returned to the            funding for the Natural Gas Damage
contractors in signing “The 811 Promise,”       more than $1.7 billion worth of property         Natural Gas Damage Recovery Fund to            Recovery Fund to come from a surcharge
a written pledge that commits to safety         damage, 1,906 injuries and 421 deaths            cover cleanup of future contaminations.        on assessed permit fees on gas production
procedures with Dig Safely New York,            have been attributed to unsafe excavation           The Oil Spill Fund has proven to be an      facilities, cost recoveries and penalties
Inc., a regional effort to raise awareness      work according to the Pipeline and               effective model for assuring that dangerous    paid by responsible parties, with additional
for safety around digging projects..            Hazardous           Materials         Safety     petroleum contamination is remediated          remediation cost protection for taxpayers
   “The safety of our customers and             Administration (PHMSA.)                          quickly and that New York residents do not     provided by surety bonds to be posted by
employees, and reliable delivery of serv-                                                        have to face costly and prolonged delays in    gas well developers.
18-   August 15, 2011 Hudson Valley BUSINESS JOURNAL

                                              Small Business Solutions
Seven steps to assessing any business situation
BY ROB PRINZO                                 After the documentation has been              are briefed on the findings prior to a meet-    in the process, document the assessment
   Something has gone wrong. It may be        reviewed, the next step is to cross-refer-    ing of all stakeholders. By having an           by summarizing the process for the
an increase in employee turnover, a stalled   ence the documentation to ensure that         informal discussion with the key partici-       assessment, the findings and recommen-
IT project or decreased customer satisfac-    there is consistency between the docu-        pants prior to the formal meeting, you can      dations into a final report. This document
tion.                                         ments. Depending on the situation, there      gauge each person’s reaction to the find-       marks the completion of the assessment.
   Whatever the specific situation may be,    are often multiple documents - some of        ings as well as preliminarily discuss solu-
your organization has a problem and your      which are developed by different team         tions. This also provides the key partici-         Rob Prinzo is founder and CEO of The
manager has asked you to step in to           members or departments. Because there         pants with time to research findings that       Prinzo Group, an innovative knowledge
resolve the issue.                            are multiple parties involved, it is always   they may not have been aware of or brain-       firm that provides performance manage-
   But where do you begin?                    a good idea to go back and cross-refer-       storm solutions prior to the formal meet-       ment expertise through project assurance
   Obviously, this situation did not happen   ence documents to make sure that there        ing.                                            solutions for enterprise transformation
overnight and the resolution may be com-      are no gaps.                                     The second time the findings are             and technology projects, as well as per-
plicated. Jump in too quickly and you risk       4. Interview stakeholders and partici-     reviewed with key stakeholders and par-         formance measurement research, publica-
missing key information or alienating the     pants: After conducting a thorough review     ticipants everyone should be informed           tions, workshops and training. He holds a
people you may need to resolve the prob-      and cross-referencing of documents, it is a   and aware of all of the issues and be pre-      Master’s Degree in industrial manage-
lem. Wait too long, and the train may         good idea to interview the people             pared to discuss solutions. By being pre-       ment and a Bachelor’s Degree in market-
come off the tracks completely.               involved in the situation. By interviewing    pared in the first discussion, the partici-     ing, both from Clemson University.
   What you need is a process to set          key participants, you can determine if the    pants have already bought into the recom-       Prinzo makes his home in Georgia. His
expectations, quickly get up to speed on      requirements have been successfully           mendations and solutions. If they dis-          new book, No Wishing Required: The
the issues and assess the organizational /    translated execution. In addition, inter-     agree, you can be prepared to defend the        Business Case for Project Assurance, is
political environment. Based on my years      viewing key participants helps identify       concerns and recommendations.                   available at and
of experience consulting with large, com-     potential roadblocks, political concerns or      7. Develop a final report: As a final step
plex organizations, the following is a sim-   other constraints that would not be appar-
ple, seven step process that I developed      ent by just reading the documentation.        Lead paint remediation training scheduled
for assessing business problems and           Information gained in these interviews is
building consensus for implementing                                                            Since April of last year, workers per-       Refresher course including passing an
                                              critical to understanding the complexities
solutions.                                                                                  forming renovation, repair, and painting        exam at the end of the class, participants
                                              of the relationships among the parties
                                                                                            projects that disturb lead-based paint in       are RRP certified by the EPA for 5 Years.
   1. Set expectations: Every assessment      involved. Interviews are also a great tool
                                                                                            home, child care facilities, and schools           Failure to comply with EPA’s RRP
should begin with setting expectations.       you can use to uncover people’s fears and     built before 1978 must follow specific          Program requirements could result in penal-
This is best accomplished in a meeting        concerns and gain an understanding of         work practices to prevent lead contamina-       ties of up to $37,500 per day per violation.
with key stakeholders. At this meeting,       what the real issues are.                     tion and must be certified. This new feder-        Trainings to become certified are being
the expectations for the assessment are          5. Determine areas of concern and rec-     al EPA Renovation, Repair, and Painting         offered by Cornell Cooperative Extension
discussed and agreed upon with all parties    ommendations: After all documentation         (RRP) rule applies to contactors, painters,     Ulster County located at 10 Westbrook
present. In addition, you should discuss      has been reviewed and cross-referenced        plumbers, carpenters, electricians, window      Lane in Kingston on the following dates
the time line for the assessment, docu-       and all key participants interviewed, you     replacers, roofers, property owners, and        and times:
ments that are to be reviewed, the people     should now have the information you           landlords.                                         Ulster County Lead Training dates /
that are to be interviewed and the final      need to determine areas of concern. After        The Lead Safe Work Practices (LSWP)          August 2011-September 2011
review process. Set the tone for the          the issues have been identified, use the      trainings are based on EPA’s and HUD’s             Aug.18-LSWP
assessment by obtaining agreement on all      information from the assessment and your      previous model courses in lead-safe work           Aug. 31-RRP Refresher – AM or PM
of these points.                              experience to recommended solutions.          practices. This course satisfies HUD               Sept. 8-LSWP
   2. Review documentation: After the            6. Review findings with key partici-       requirements for interim controls in feder-        Sept. 14-RRP Refresher – AM or PM
expectations meeting has been conducted,      pants: After you have developed a list of     ally assisted housing. Individuals must            Sept. 20-LSWP
your next step is to collect the relevant     concerns or recommendations, it is time to    have a certificate from a prior EPA or HUD         Sept. 27-LSWP
documentation related to the problem.         review the findings with the key project      lead trainings (e.g. Lead Safe Work                Sept. 28-RRP Refresher – AM or PM
Based on the situation, the documentation     participants. This process is actually done   Practices or certified lead abatement work-        ALL LSWP (full-day) trainings are:
may vary. However, your purpose in            twice. First, the findings should be          er) to attend a RRP Refresher course. The       8:15am registration/breakfast 8:30-4:30pm
reviewing the documentation is to gain an     reviewed during informal discussions          RRP trainings are taught by an EPA certi-       training
understanding of the situation before talk-   held individually with the key participants   fied training provider.                            All RRP Refresher (half-day) trainings
ing with key participant. By being pre-       to ensure that nothing has been misinter-        Upon successful completion of the RRP
pared, you will gain credibility.             preted in the assessment and to make sure                                                                     continued on page 19
   3. Cross-reference documentation:          that the key stakeholders and participants

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                                                                                                                   Hudson Valley BUSINESS JOURNAL          August 15, 2011 -19

                                                            Media & Markets
Tompkins Financial wins advertising award
   An advertising campaign for Tompkins        stories to tell. These commercials gave      agency that created the campaign. “The      banks – Tompkins Trust Company, The
Financial Corporation, parent company to       them the perfect way to do that.”            community bank feeling customers get        Bank of Castile, and Mahopac National
Mahopac National Bank and Tompkins               The FCS awards show attracts entries       from dealing with Mahopac National          Bank, insurance through Tompkins
Financial Advisors, took home a Bronze         from the nation’s top financial companies.   Bank is the reason they have such inspir-   Insurance Agencies, and wealth manage-
Award at the Financial Communications          This year, award winners included Bank       ing customer stories.”                      ment through Tompkins Financial
Society Awards Show on May 12th in             of America, Merrill Lynch, Thomson             About Tompkins Financial Corporation      Advisors.
Manhattan.                                     Reuters, U.S. Trust, Fidelity, American        Tompkins Financial is a New York
   This was the second year in a row that      Express, Citi, MetLife, Prudential and       State-based financial services holding        About Nagel & Summers
Tompkins won an award in the Business-         Goldman Sachs, among others.                 company headquartered in Ithaca, NY,          Nagel & Summers is an advertising
to-Business TV campaign category. The            “It’s gratifying to see a community        with $3.3 billion in assets. It trades on   agency based in Rochester, NY. The
FCS Award show is considered one of the        bank win when they’re up against global      NYSE-Amex under the “TMP” symbol.           agency has provided advertising, market-
most prestigious in the financial industry.    companies,” said Linda Summers,              Tompkins Financial provides banking         ing and design services for a wide range
   The “Power of Partnership” ad cam-          President of Nagel & Summers, the ad         services through its three community        of companies throughout New York State.
paign showcased businesses that are
clients of Tompkins Financial’s banks,
including Mahopac National Bank.
   “Making this campaign about our cus-
tomers was a natural for our bank,” said
Kathy Rooney, Executive VP, Marketing
for Tompkins Financial and Mahopac
National Bank. “Our clients have great

continued from page 13
   Beyond enabling you to confidently
answer the “did it work” question, traffic
and conversion data will help you better
target your ad spends to the markets and
stores where it’s most needed. What if you
could spend 10 percent less and still gen-
erate more store traffic than you are
today? What if you could confidently
eliminate programs that were having little
or no impact and test new programs with
reliable measures to understand out-
comes? Marketing nirvana.
   “Promote and Hope” – not a viable
   It seems retail marketers have willingly
accepted Wannamaker’s argument that
advertising cannot truly be measured and
have self-condemned themselves to a
marketing purgatory of “promote and
hope.” It doesn’t have to be this way.
   Store traffic and conversion rate data
won’t magically transform ineffective
advertising programs into effective ones,
but it will help you understand the reac-
tion to your marketing actions. You will
make better, more thoughtful decisions
and you will be able to answer the “did it
work” question.
   Mark Ryski is the founder and CEO of
HeadCount, a leading analytics firm spe-
cializing in store traffic and conversion
serving retailers across North America.
He is also the author of Conversion: The
Last Great Retail Metric. For more infor-
mation, visit

continued from page 18
are: 7:45am registration/breakfast 8:00am
- noon training
   or 12:45pm registration/refreshments 1-
5pm training.
   - Continental breakfast and lunch will be
provided for full day programs
   - Refreshments and course materials will
be provided for all trainings
   - Participants must pre-register by call-
ing Fern Suess at 845-340-3990 x 328 or
   For more information about this and
other CCEUC community programs and
events call 845-340-3990 or visit us online
at or follow on
                                 Empire BlueCross BlueShield.
                                 Plans with 100% preventive care
                                 for your employees.

                                 Offering your employees a plan with 100% preventive care coverage means
                                 they can give 100% too. From annual checkups to flu shots and other preventive
                                 care services like well-child visits and immunizations. All at no extra cost to your
                                 employees. So they stay healthy. And your business does too.

Learn more about what Empire BlueCross BlueShield
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