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					February 18, 2005

Mr. Lewis Murray
Executive Director
Lake Arrowhead Communities
Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 219
Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352

Dear Lewis,

This letter will confirm our agreement regarding Lake Arrowhead Communities
Chamber of Commerce becoming a Sponsor of The Lake Arrowhead Village Annual
Events and Entertainment Program.

The Village will supply to you the following Advertising and Merchandising Media
Support Opportunities:

   I.     A Permanent Billboard within The Village for the period of sponsorship:

          A. On display 24–7–365.
          B. Rotating locations throughout the Billboards’ Location Matrix.
          C. Rotation period: Approximately every four weeks.

   II.    Your Logo, along with the other sponsors, will appear in all 52 of The
          Village’s full-page, full-color Mountain Newspaper ads.

   III.   A one column x 5”, one-color Mountain News ad.

          A.   To run six times each year.
          B.   Positioned run-of-paper.
          C.   Exclusively your message.
          D.   Village to supply production art at no cost.

   IV.    Your Logo will appear in The Village’s 2005 Calendar of Events and

          A. 150,000 will be printed and distributed throughout Southern California.
V.      An Outdoor Display Area will be available throughout the year.

        B. Approximately 5 feet wide, 10 feet long and 5 feet high.
        C. Each sponsor will have the space available for up to four weeks.
           1. Sign-up for specific dates will be on a first-come, first-served basis.
        D. Display design, construction, installation, removal, sales personnel and
           insurance are the responsibility of the sponsor.

VI.     A Publicity Story featuring your support of Village activities.

        A. Exclusively your feature.
        B. With Photo and Caption.
        C. Distributed to all San Bernardino and Riverside Counties Media.
           1. Print
           2. Broadcast

VII.    A full-page, one-color ad will appear in our 2005 Summer Concert Series

        A. The Village will supply production art for this ad at no cost to you.
        B. 10,000 will be printed.
        C. Distributed at Lake Arrowhead Visitor’s Office.
        D. Distributed at select Village Retailers.
        E. Distributed at Summer Concerts.

VIII.   Your Logo will appear in our 2005 Oktoberfest Program.

        A. 10,000 printed.
        B. Distributed at select Village Retailers.
        C. Distributed at Oktoberfest event

IX.     You will be included in our Lake Arrowhead Village Website.

        A. Your Logo.
        B. The Village to pay production and insertion costs.
        C. One message per year.

X.      Your Logo will be featured on the MARQUEE of the CENTER STAGE
        Performing Arts Venue.

        A. Permanent for period of sponsorship
        B. Logo only
        C. On display 24-7-365

XI.     Your name will be included as an event sponsor in Lake Arrowhead Village’s
        public address system announcements at least 1,000 times per year.
The Parties agree to the following additional terms:

    I.       The term of the agreement is one year commencing March 1, 2005. The cost
             of the sponsorship is agreed to be $10,000 cash payable upon the execution of
             the agreement.

    II.      There will not be more than 12 Village Sponsors during any one-year period.

    III.     Lake Arrowhead Communities Chamber of Commerce has a right of first
             refusal to extend this agreement for a second year at $10,000 cash.
    IV.      All advertising copy will be the responsibility of Lake Arrowhead
             Communities Chamber of Commerce.

If this is a fair summary of the 2005 Lake Arrowhead Sponsorship Program as you
understand it, please initial each page in the lower right hand corner, sign and date the
last page of this agreement. Please keep one original for your records and return the
second original to our office in the stamped self-addressed envelope.

We’re delighted to have such a prestigious Sponsor as Lake Arrowhead Communities
Chamber of Commerce joining our program.


G C Properties, Inc.

Kirk Coult

Encl: 3

Lake Arrowhead Communities Chamber of Commerce

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