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TO:           All participants or beneficiaries who currently maintain an interest in the
Pierre Deux 401(k) Plan.

DATE:          February 9, 2012


        As a result of the cessation of all business operations of Arts Des Provinces De
France, Inc. d/b/a Pierre Deux, the bankruptcy trustee for the company has previously
retained ERISA counsel to assist in the termination of the Pierre Deux 401(k) Plan.
Counsel is currently in the process of wrapping up the administrative aspects of the Plan
for the 2011 Plan year, which included a review of the Plan document and the prior
administration of the Plan to ensure that the Plan remains tax-qualified. This compliance
review has now been completed and the Plan is being prepared for termination.

         The proposed date of the termination of the Plan has yet to be determined.
However, ERISA counsel has indicated that while the Plan is being administered in
advance of its termination date, a participant may request a distribution of his or her Plan
account balance. Such distributions are permissible as a result of the termination of the
participant’s employment with the company. Any distribution requests that were
submitted prior to the completion of the Plan compliance review have been approved and
it is intended that all subsequent distribution requests will approved as soon as practicable
following the processing of the required distribution forms. All Plan account balances
will be fully vested as of the distribution date.

       Although no participant is required to receive a distribution of his or her Plan
account balance prior to the termination of the Plan, all participants will be required to
request a distribution of their respective account balances as part of the Plan termination

       All Plan distribution requests are processed by its third party administrator, Great
West Retirement Services. Plan participants may contact a representative of Great West
Retirement Services at 1-800-338-4015 or may visit the company’s website at Please note that a distribution request form must be completed and
submitted to Great West Retirement Services prior to the approval of ERISA counsel of
any Plan distribution request.


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