The STIGMA of Mental Illness by dfhdhdhdhjr


									The STIGMA of
 Mental Illness

• A cluster of negative attitudes and beliefs
• Motivates public to fear, reject, avoid and
• Not just a matter of using wrong words or
  actions, it is the use of negative labels to
  identify a person with a mental illness
• Fear of stigma may cause a person to not
  seek the medical attention they need
• Many people living with a mental illness
  say that the stigma is worse than the
  disease itself.
Terms related to Stigmas

• Stereotype: attitudes about a group of
  people ie. People with mental illness are
• Prejudice: agreeing with the stereotype
• Discrimination: behaviour that excludes

Click on the above URL to view a brief movie on living with stigma.
The teens in the video are residents of Laing House, and are learning to
cope with various types of mental illness.
How to reduce stigma
• Provide information based on reliable
• Advocacy programs
• Public education programs
• Contact with persons with mental illness
• Programs to help with integration
• Treatment and support to help with
What can YOU do to reduce stigma?

• Learn more about mental illness
• Listen to those who have mental illness
• Watch your language
• Speak up
• Talk openly – don’t be afraid to let others
• Volunteer with organizations that provide
  support for those with mental illness

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