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Vinay Kumar Gaur


To obtain a position where I can contribute my knowledge of java programming language and
experience in handling large development projects for mutually beneficial growth relationship between
the organization and myself.

   Have 2+ years of technical experience in Development, in technologies like Java/J2EE, Swing,
    SAX and DOM Parser of XML and other APIs.
   Experience of InstallAnywhere to develop installer.
   Strong Object oriented concepts and implemented Business Objects using Core Java.
   Exposure of full Software Development Life Cycle from Requirement Analysis, design,
    Implementation, testing and maintenance.

Work Experience:

Adeptia Inc. Pvt. Ltd                         1st Jul 2008 to till now (Full time Employee)

Company Profile:

Adeptia Inc. is a Product based company, which provides enterprise software to easily and quickly
automate business processes across supply chains using industry-specific standards. Adeptia's
technology has been deployed in business-critical environments by marquee customers such as
AT&T/SBC, Pepsi, General Motors, Lincoln Financial Group, Meadowbrook Insurance, Mercedes
Benz, Tower Group, and Forsythe Technology.

Technical Skills:

Languages:              Java, Servlets, JSP, Swing

Other Technologies: JDBC API, Apache POI API, Apache log4j, Quartz for Event and Triggers
Platforms:              MS Windows XP/NT, Linux (SUSE, Red Hat, ubuntu), Solaris
Databases & Tools:      Oracle 10g, HSQLDB, H2, SQL2005, MySQL 5.0, DB Visualizer, RazorSQL
Application Servers:    IBM Web Sphere, Jetty server
IDE:                    Eclipse
Other Languages:        XML, SQL, Jelly Scripting language, UML
Build Tool:             Maven, Installanywhere9.0
Source Control:         CVS, VSS
Other Tools:            SOAP UI, J-profiler, J-unit test., Pole Position benchmarking
Application development exposure:

1. Project Name: - Installer using Install Anywhere.

Project Details: Installer is the first interaction of Client with product. I developed an advance
installer that configures two databases (backend and log). And it supports window, Linux and Solaris
operating systems. We also use File Association to open a own file format in a given program (like
MS Word).

    I completely developed this installer using the following language and tool:
                                Java and Installanywhere9.0

2. Project Name: - Business Process Management (BPM) Server.

Project Details: BPM Server uses to manage, automate and optimize business processes. It allows
customers to integrate disparate information sources, software applications and business users both
within an enterprise and across customers, vendors and business partners.

Role: Developer.

Team Size: 12

Work On Project:

      Design and Develop the project as a team member.
      Developing Applet and Java Web Start.
      Use Jelly scripting language to create Swing user interface.
      Use JDBC API, JDO.
      Work with log4j, POI, J-excel, Quartz API, DOM and SAX Parser.
      Configure H2 database as embedded database with server.
      Implement FTP and FTPS using apache VFS API in product.

3. Project Name: - Migration Utility.

Project Details: This java Utility is used to migrate database records from one database type to
another and from XML records to database and vice-versa. Supported databases are HSQL, H2, SQL,
MySQL and Oracle. This utility is also used to take backup of BPM Server at client side.

Role: Developer.

Work On Project:

    Design and Develop the project as a team member.
    Support of Apply Patch and Create Backup at the time of running server.
    Support MySQL and H2 database.
4. Project Name: - Standalone Modeler

Project Details: Standalone modeler is used by Business Analyst for business processing and
documentation by using Process Flows and BPMN notations. This is also used as Simulation tool for
estimate of time and expenditures for a project.

Role: Developer.

Work On Project:

    Design and Develop the project as a team member.
    Support of full BPMN standard and icons.

Academic Profile:

      Completed Master in Computer Application (MCA 2005-2008) From Aligarh Muslim University,
Aligarh with 75%.
      Completed B.Sc.(HONS) in Electronics (2005) From Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh with
      Completed 10+2 (2002) From U.P Board, Aligarh with 74.60%.
      Completed 10th (2000) From U.P Board, Aligarh with 68.33%

    Achievement oriented with an ability to manage change with ease.
    Interpersonal, learning and organizing skills.
    Ability to manage stress, time and people effectively.


    2nd Rank in District in 10+2.
    2nd Rank in Electronics department in B.Sc.(HONS) in AMU, Aligarh.


  Father’s Name                 : Mr. D.L. Gaur
  Date of Birth                 : 27th April 1986
  Sex                           : Male.
  Nationality                   : Indian.
  Marital Status               : Single.
  Languages Known              : English, Hindi
  Contact No.                  : +91-9718246819
  Address                      : II-284/64, New Colony, Kasimpur (P.H.), Aligarh-202127.

I hereby declare that the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge.

Vinay Kr. Gaur

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