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					Universe properties                          Universe values
Name                                         eFashion
Long name                                    eFashion
Folder                                       C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\andre\Anwendun
Creation date                                7/15/2009
Creation user
Modification date                            7/15/2009
Import date                                  12/6/2009 7:55:35 PM
Version                                      125
                                             eFashion retail Data
                                             Warehouse created 14
                                             Oct 1998, updated 3
                                             April 2002. 89,000+ row
                                             fact table.

Description                                  Version 6.0
Comment                                      ####################
Count classes                                6
Count objects                                11
Count conditions                             42
Count tables                                 10
Count aliases                                0
Count joins                                  9
Count contexts                               2
Count hierarchies                            3
Limit size of result set                     90000
Limit execution time                         300
Warn if cost estimate exceeded               0
Limit size of long text object               0
Allow use of subqueries                               TRUE
Allow use of union, intersect and minus op            TRUE
Allow complex operands in Query Panel                 TRUE
Multiple SQL statements for each context              TRUE
Multiple SQL statements for each measure              TRUE
Allow selection of multiple contexts                  FALSE
Prevent Cartesian Products                            FALSE
te und Einstellungen\andre\Anwendungsdaten\Business Objects\Business Objects 12.0\Universes\@lue_at_work_02_6400
       O      ID
Class IDbject Class name      Object name                      Data Type
1      1      Time period     jahr                             Dimension
1      2      Time period     Fiscal Period                    Detail
1      3      Time period     Quarter                          Dimension
1      4      Time period     Month                            Dimension
1      5      Time period     Month Name                       Detail
1      6      Time period     Week                             Dimension
1      7      Time period     Year/week                        Detail
1      8      Time period     Holiday (y/n)                    Dimension
1      1      Time period     Last year                        Condition
1      2      Time period     This year                        Condition
1      3      Time period     Christmas period                 Condition
1      4      Time period     Holiday period                   Condition
2      1      Store           State                            Dimension
2      2      Store           City                             Dimension
2      3      Store           Store name                       Dimension
2      4      Store           Zip Code                         Detail
2      5      Store           Address                          Detail
2      1      Store           Sales floor size?                Condition
2      2      Store           Owned stores                     Condition
2      3      Store           Stores with long opening hours   Condition
3      1      Store details   Long opening hours               Dimension
3      2      Store details   Name of manager                  Dimension
3      3      Store details   Opening date                     Dimension
3      4      Store details   Owned (y/n)                      Dimension
3      5      Store details   Sales floor size group           Dimension
3      6      Store details   Sales floor size sqFt            Detail
3      7      Store details   Extended sales floor size        Measure
4      1      Product         Lines                            Dimension
4      2      Product         Category                         Dimension
4      3      Product         SKU number                       Dimension
4      4      Product         Label                            Detail
4      5      Product         SKU desc                         Dimension
4      6      Product         Color                            Dimension
4      7      Product         Color number                     Detail
4      8      Product         Unit Price MSRP                  Dimension
4      9      Product         Extended price                   Measure
4      10     Product         Sold at (unit price)             Measure
4      1      Product         Prompt for a line item?          Condition
4      2      Product         Which category?                  Condition
4      3      Product         Which product?                   Condition
5      1      Promotions      Promotion (y/n)                  Dimension
5      2      Promotions      Print                            Detail
5      3      Promotions      Radio                            Detail
5      4      Promotions      Television                       Detail
5      5      Promotions      Direct mail                      Detail
5      6      Promotions      Duration                         Dimension
5      7      Promotions      Promotion Cost USD               Measure
6      1      Measures        Sales revenue                    Measure
6      2      Measures        Quantity sold                    Measure
6      3      Measures        Margin                           Measure
6      4      Measures        Discount                         Measure
6   1   Measures   Sales present       Condition
6   2   Measures   Sales not present   Condition
Object type       Description                              SQL Select
CharacterObject   Year 1999 - 2001.                        @aggregate_aware( Agg_yr_qt_rn_st_ln_ca_sr.Yr, Agg_yr_qt_mt_m
CharacterObject   Year FY99 - FY01                         Calendar_year_lookup.Fiscal_period
CharacterObject   Quarter number: Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4.          @aggregate_aware( Agg_yr_qt_rn_st_ln_ca_sr.Qtr, Agg_yr_qt_mt_m
NumericObject     Month number in year, 1-12.              @aggregate_aware( Agg_yr_qt_mt_mn_wk_rg_cy_sn_sr_qt_ma.Mt
CharacterObject   Month name, January-December.            @aggregate_aware( Agg_yr_qt_mt_mn_wk_rg_cy_sn_sr_qt_ma.Mo
NumericObject                                               week 1 of the following year.
                  Week1-53. Week 53 may overlap with @aggregate_aware( Agg_yr_qt_mt_mn_wk_rg_cy_sn_sr_qt_ma.Wk
CharacterObject                                              and week describing date. Use this
                  Week 1999/1 to 2001/53 - Unique yearCalendar_year_lookup.Year_Week to create conditions across year
CharacterObject                                            ucase(Calendar_year_lookup.Holiday_Flag)
                  Holiday flag in week. Y=US public holiday during the time period, N=No holiday. Can be mixed with any time
NullObject        Show last year results only - year 2000
NullObject        Show this year results only - year 2001
NullObject        Filter for Christmas rush period - Weeks 46 to 52 (incl. occasional week 53)
NullObject        Filter for weeks that contain holiday periods
CharacterObject   State located.                           @aggregate_aware( Agg_yr_qt_rn_st_ln_ca_sr.State, Outlet_Looku
CharacterObject   City located.                            @aggregate_aware( Agg_yr_qt_mt_mn_wk_rg_cy_sn_sr_qt_ma.Cit
CharacterObject   Name of store.                           @aggregate_aware( Agg_yr_qt_mt_mn_wk_rg_cy_sn_sr_qt_ma.Sto
NumericObject     Zip code                                 Outlet_Lookup.Zip_code
CharacterObject   Address of store                         Outlet_Lookup.Address_1
NullObject        Prompt for sales floor group - '0-99','100-199','200-299','300-399','400-499','500+
NullObject        Filter for wholly owned stores, rather than franchises
NullObject        Filter for stores with long opening hours
CharacterObject                                             hours.
                  Y=Late night opening, N=Normal storeOutlet_Lookup.Long_opening_hours_flag
CharacterObject   Manager's name.                          Outlet_Lookup.Manager
CharacterObject   Date store opened.                       Outlet_Lookup.Date_open
CharacterObject   Y=Wholly owned by e-Fashion, N=Franchise Outlet_Lookup.Owned_outright_flag
CharacterObject                                            ##############################
                  Sales floor size group: 0-999, 1000-1999, 2000-2999, 3000-3999, 4000-4999, 5000+.
NumericObject     Actual sales floor size in sqFt          Outlet_Lookup.Floor_space
NumericObject                                              mixed with geography information
                  Summed sales floor size. Can only be sum (Outlet_Lookup.Floor_space) relating to a store or group of store
CharacterObject                                            @aggregate_aware( Agg_yr_qt_rn_st_ln_ca_sr.Line, Article_lookup.
                  Product line. Each line contains a set of categories.
CharacterObject                                            @aggregate_aware( Agg_yr_qt_rn_st_ln_ca_sr.Category, Article_loo
                  Each category contains the individual SKU codes (and product descriptions).
NumericObject                                                lowest level of product description.
                  Stock Keeping Unit number (SKU).The@aggregate_aware( Article_lookup.Article_id, Article_Color_Lookup
CharacterObject                                            {fn
                  Detailed information about each product concat(Article_Lookup_Criteria.Criteria_Type_Label,{fn concat(':
CharacterObject                                            Lowest level of product description. Each product comes in several d
                  Stock Keeping Unit description (SKU). @aggregate_aware( Article_lookup.Article_label, Article_Color_Look
CharacterObject                                            Article_Color_Lookup.Color_label
                  Color of an article. Each SKU number has many color variations (there is not a unique SKU for each color).
NumericObject                                              Article_Color_Lookup.Color_code
                  Official color number. Object incompatible with Product Promotions.
NumericObject                                              @aggregate_aware( Article_lookup.Sale_price, Article_Color_Looku
                  This is the manufacturers suggested retail price per SKU and color.
NumericObject                                              @aggregate_aware( sum(Article_lookup.Sale_price), sum(Article_C
                  The extended price let's you display the sum of prices over another dimension (such as outlet). When used
NumericObject                                              IIf(@Select(Measures\Sales revenue)>0, IIf(@Select(Measures\Qua
                  This is the actual unit price per SKU obtained at sale time (i.e. Revenue/Quantity)
NullObject        Prompt for the product category
NullObject        Prompt for the product description name.
CharacterObject                                         p
                  Promotion flag (yes or no) by SKU unit. romotion_lookup.Promotion_flag
CharacterObject   Appear in print (yes or no)?          promotion_lookup.print_flag
CharacterObject   Appear in radio (yes or no)?          promotion_lookup.radio_flag
CharacterObject   Appear on television (yes or no)?     promotion_lookup.television_flag
CharacterObject   Appear in direct mail (yes or no)?    promotion_lookup.direct_mail_flag
NumericObject     Duration in weeks of promotion.       product_promotion_facts.Duration
NumericObject                                           sum(product_promotion_facts.promotion_cost)
                  Cost of promoting the SKU (in US dollars).
NumericObject                                           @aggregate_aware( sum(Agg_yr_qt_rn_st_ln_ca_sr.Sales_revenue
                  Sales revenue $ - $ revenue of SKU sold
NumericObject     Quantity sold - number of SKU sold @aggregate_aware( sum(Agg_yr_qt_mt_mn_wk_rg_cy_sn_sr_qt_m
NumericObject     Margin $ = Revenue - Cost of sales @aggregate_aware( sum(Agg_yr_qt_mt_mn_wk_rg_cy_sn_sr_qt_m
NumericObject                                           @aggregate_aware( sum(Shop_facts.Quantity_sold Article_lookup
                  Total discount of a SKU. Discount= Qty * Unit Price - Revenue. Negative sums indicate the*product was m
NullObject   Sales were present. Must be combined with a detailed object to make any sense. Example Year + 'Sales P
NullObject   Sales were not present. Must be combined with a detailed object to make any sense. Example Year + 'Sale
SQL Where                             Hidden

Calendar_year_lookup.Yr = '2002'
Calendar_year_lookup.Yr= '2003'
Calendar_year_lookup.Week_In_Year BETWEEN 46 AND 53
ucase(Calendar_year_lookup.Holiday_Flag) = 'Y'

@select(Store details\Owned (y/n)) = 'Y'
@select(Store details\Long opening hours) = 'Y'

Article_Color_Lookup.Family_name IN @Prompt ('Choose a line to analyze?','A',{'Accessories','City Skirts','City Trousers','Dres
Article_Color_Lookup.Article_label IN @Prompt('Choose the product descriptions to analyze:','A','Product\SKU desc',MULTI,CO

Shop_facts.Amount_sold IS NOT NULL
Shop_facts.Amount_sold IS NULL   x

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