Huawei E303 USB Modem New 7 2Mbps Modem Available

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					    Huawei E303 USB Modem: New 7.2Mbps Modem Available

If you are looking for a device that can offer you reliable internet access
wherever you are in the world, then Huawei E303 USB modem will be one of
best options you are looking for, because it is compatible with most operating
systems and support most existing network bands. Huawei E303 USB modem
ensures the connectivity no matter where you are and what terminal devices
you use. So Huawei E303 USB modem can transform your laptop or desktop
into a mobile office and lead you experience the world's fastest mobile internet
speed to check E-mail, view your documents and a lot more, without having to
find a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Stay Connected Wherever You Go

Nowadays, one of the inconveniences of travelling is that it can’t be easy to get
online in some areas of the world, for this is because different countries have
different network bands and operating systems , one good solution that people
may have turned to is to simply get different types of devices. But this is neither
economical nor practical, especially for people who are on a budget. A better
solution is to get all–in–one communication device. Huawei E303 USB modem
is not only compatible with many network bands but also supporting many
systems such as Windows XP, Windows7, Mac, etc.

Specification and Feature

Huawei E303 USB stick is a new arrival in modem3g online store today and
offer 7.2Mbps DL speed and 5.6Mbps UL speed .With Huawei E303 USB stick
you can browse or download at 7.2 Mbps speeds on the HSPA+ network, and
you can enjoy reliable Internet access at anywhere This is because it supports
Quad band 3G HSPA+, HSPA and 2G EDGE. What if you need to go to a
place where GPRS and GSM are still the standards? Nothing to worry about
because Huawei E303 USB stick also offers backwards compatibility with
these systems. By supporting a wide range of frequency bands (3G: 2100MHz,
2G 850/900/1800/1900MHz), Huawei E303 USB modem with Hi-Link features
can auto connect and auto re-connect to the internet without the driver and
make browsing experience more comfortable.

This Huawei E303 USB modem also doubles as a storage device. It has a
micro SD slot which means you can always have all your important data with
you wherever you go. For sure no time will be wasted when you are using
Huawei E303 USB stick. Clearly, Option created this little wonder with busy
global business professionals and is an ideal for individuals.

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