New hire check list form - detailed by jianglifang


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                                                  New Hire Checklist
Employee Name: _______________________________________                        Date:______________

Welcome to our Company! Listed below and in the attached documents you will find information related
to your employment with our Company. Please review it carefully and be sure to ask the human
resources manager or your supervisor if you have any questions or concerns.

Pre-hire forms
     Employment Hiring Request Form
     Employment Application with resume completed and signed
     Job title and description explained to and signed by employee
     Reference form signed by applicant
       Reference check form

At-time of hire forms
     Employment Application Disclaimer (“At will”) signed
     Employee contract or letter of hire signed by employee and employer
     Form I-9 completed, proof of citizenship status with original documentation
     Tax forms
            o W-4 Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate (Federal)
            o Applicable State income tax withholding forms
     Background check release form signed by employee
     Payroll Service Employee Information sheet
     Direct Deposit Form with voided check attached, if direct deposit is desired
     Employee Data Sheet (emergency contact information)
     Proof of auto insurance, required for employees driving on the job (current proof must be on file)

Required policy communications
    Mission statement
    Employee handbook with receipt acknowledgement
    Staff list with position titles, personnel directory information
    Procedures manual

    Eligibility: regular, temporary, or intermittent; full-time, part-time
          o Eligible for all benefits
          o Eligible for prorated benefits
          o Not eligible for benefits
    Benefit enrollment/declination form
    Paid time off
          o Annual leave
          o Sick leave
          o Family leave
          o Other leave
          o Leave Form
       Employer subsidized health insurance coverage
           o Health insurance coverage benefit summary statement
                    Eligibility date
                    Cost: employee “pretax”/employer contribution
           o Insurance company benefit package: health, dental, and vision
                    Health insurance coverage application form
                    Mental health services pamphlet

       403(b) or 401(k) retirement plan:
            o Retirement plan summary statement
                     Eligibility date
                     Employee “pretax”/employer contribution
            o Retirement company benefit brochures defining custodian and custodial account
                         investment options
            o Retirement plan application form (beneficiary names and social security numbers)
       Flexible benefits summary plan description
       Supplemental insurance information
            o Group life insurance information
            o Disability insurance (short and long term)
            o Cancer insurance

Additional items

       Employee assistance program
       Parking and parking access cards
       Building keys and access codes
       Sign-out sheet at front desk
       Telephone System
            o Local and long distance telephone codes
            o Staff extensions
            o Phone card for authorized managers and program consultants
            o Fax machine with speed dial information
       Computer access
            o Computer account: user name and pass codes
            o Email account

       Training
            o Sexual Harassment Training on Video or Computer Based
            o Ethics
            o Other as appropriate for position

On behalf of the Company, I have discussed these items with, provided materials to, and received all
required documents from the new Company employee.

___________________________________________________ ____________________________
Authorized employer signature                             Date

I certify that I have received the documents, forms, and information listed above

___________________________________________________ ____________________________
New employee signature                                    Date

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