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					NETWORK ADDRESS TRANSLATION                                                                   
                      Example Topology                                             Address Classification
                                                                                         An actual address assigned to
                                                                         Inside Local
                                                                                         an inside host
                                                                             An inside address seen from
                                                                        Inside Global
                                                                             the outside
                                                                             An actual address assigned to
    FastEthernet0                          FastEthernet1      Outside Global
                                                                             an outside host                
     NAT Inside                             NAT Outside                                  An outside address seen from
                                                                    Outside Local
                                                                                         the inside
              NAT Boundary Configuration                                                           Perspective
interface FastEthernet0                                                                    Local                 Global
 ip address
 ip nat inside

!                                                                         Inside       Inside Local        Inside Global
interface FastEthernet1
 ip address
 ip nat outside                                                           Outside     Outside Local       Outside Global

                     Static Source Translation                                             Terminology

! One line per static translation                                         NAT Pool
ip nat inside source static                           A pool of IP addresses to be used as inside
ip nat inside source static                           global or outside local addresses in translations
ip nat outside source static                    Port Address Translation (PAT)
ip nat outside source static
                                                                          An extension to NAT that translates information
                                                                          at layer four and above, such as TCP and UDP
                    Dynamic Source Translation                            port numbers; dynamic PAT configurations
                                                                          include the overload keyword
! Create an access list to match inside local addresses
access-list 10 permit                                Extendable Translation
!                                                                         The extendable keyword must be appended
! Create NAT pool of inside global addresses                              when multiple overlapping static translations are
ip nat pool MyPool prefix-length 24                 configured
! Combine them with a translation rule                                              Special NAT Pool Types
ip nat inside source list 10 pool MyPool                                      Rotary Used for load balancing
! Dynamic translations can be combined with static entries                    Match- Preserves the host portion of
ip nat inside source static                               Host the address after translation

               Port Address Translation (PAT)                                           Troubleshooting

! Static layer four port translations                                     show ip nat translations [verbose]
ip nat inside source static tcp 8080 80
                                                                          show ip nat statistics
ip nat inside source static udp 53 53
ip nat outside source static tcp 23 23             clear ip nat translations
! Dynamic port translation with a pool                                              NAT Translations Tuning
ip nat inside source list 11 pool MyPool overload
!                                                                         ip nat translation tcp-timeout <seconds>
! Dynamic translation with interface overloading                          ip nat translation udp-timeout <seconds>
ip nat inside source list 11 interface FastEthernet1 overload             ip nat translation max-entries <number>

                                       Inside Destination Translation

! Create a rotary NAT pool
ip nat pool LoadBalServers prefix-length 24 type rotary
! Enable load balancing across inside hosts for incoming traffic
ip nat inside destination list 12 pool LoadBalServers

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