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					Turnaround Schools: The Austin Way
  Council of Great City Schools, October 21, 2010
      Meria Joel Carstarphen, Ed.D., Superintendent
         Paul Cruz, Ph.D., Chief Schools Officer
            Austin Independent School District
              Context of AISD
• 86,103 students

• 124 schools (including special campuses)

• 6,067 teachers

           Austin ISD CGCS 2010, (512) 414-1700   2
         Our Theory of Action
By setting clear goals and consistent policies for
            school improvement and identifying
proven programs and partners to address these
                    needs, Austin ISD will rapidly
                accelerate student achievement,
               particularly for the District’s most
           chronically underperforming schools.

           Austin ISD CGCS 2010, (512) 414-1700   3
Accountability & School Design
 Framework: Education Plus
              All Schools
                 2.                      Most
           PERFORMANCE-                Schools
               BASED                 (over time)
           EMPOWERMENT                  3. VERTICAL
           AND AUTONOMY
                                                             Some Schools
                                                              (over time)                  Very Few
           (Required and                                                                   Schools
           optional educational            FOCUS              4. INNOVATIVE
                                                                                        (and declining)
           program components
           determined by school      (Ex IB Pathway of                                    5. AU CLUSTER
                                     vertical team
           performance.)                                     (Ex. Ann Richards            (separate org. cluster)
                                     schools )
           Action Steps:                                                                    6. MULTI-YEAR AU
                                     Action Steps:           Action Steps:
           1.16, 1.3, 3.9                                                                 (Turnaround partners)
                                     1.12, 1.16, 1.2, 1.8,   1.16, 1.7, 1.14,         Action Steps: 1.3, 1.5, 1.8,
                                     1.22                    1.24                     1.16, 1.22, 1.24

1.   Education Approach and Theory of Action for Teaching and Learning
     Rigorous and Coherent College/Life/Work-ready Curriculum for All
     Action Steps: 1.1, 1.2, 1.5, 1.7, 1.8., 1.10, 1.12, 1.16, 1.24, 1.22, 3.7, 3.9

                              Austin ISD CGCS 2010, (512) 414-1700                                 4
Campus Interventions Policy
    • Policy establishes the general
      framework to identify schools for
      potential intervention

    • Policy is part of comprehensive
      approach that supports success of
      each school in alignment with
      Strategic Plan

       Austin ISD CGCS 2010, (512) 414-1700   5
Campus Interventions Policy:
   Possible Interventions
         • School Redesign
           - Whole School
           - Program Enhancement
         • Consolidation
         • School Closure/Re-Open
         • School Closure
       Austin ISD CGCS 2010, (512) 414-1700   6
Campus Interventions Policy:
   Process Requirements
• Public Involvement
    - Public Meeting at School
    - Public Hearing at Central Office
    - Online Public Engagement Options

• Recommendation Presented to Board
  One Semester Prior to Implementation

• Transition to New Model Conducted in
  Accordance with Other Adopted Policies
           Austin ISD CGCS 2010, (512) 414-1700   7
        School Turnaround RFP
• Proposals solicited for whole school redesign
 and program enhancement
• Priority given to proposals that assist
 campuses designated Academically
 Unacceptable and that advance development
 of signature vertical team programs
• Thirty-five proposals received. Six whole-
             school & 29 program enhancement.

            Austin ISD CGCS 2010, (512) 414-1700   8
         School Turnaround RFP
• Four programs received funding for whole-school turnaround
       -Two high schools implementing early college high school
       -Two middles school participating in early college prep
• Two programs funded for signature program expansion – one
  for AVID, one for fine arts
• One proposal funded to provide targeted assistance to 8th
  grade & 9th grade students for three East Austin high schools
  and six feeder middle schools.

              Austin ISD CGCS 2010, (512) 414-1700   9
        East Austin Schools Plan
• Strategic Plan Directive to Develop a Plan to
  Effectively Serve East Austin Schools
• Plan Covers Three Vertical Teams
      35 schools
      18,000 students
• Six of eight schools rated as
  “academically unacceptable” in
  2009-10 are part of targeted
  vertical teams
             Austin ISD CGCS 2010, (512) 414-1700   10
        East Austin Schools Plan
Community dialogue led to development of plan that
includes the following elements:
College & Career Readiness
      Early Childhood Education
      Quality PK-12 Programs
Access to College/Career Opportunities
& Technological Infrastructure
      Technology Access
      College & Career Access
            Austin ISD CGCS 2010, (512) 414-1700   11
   Implications for Other Districts,
     the Public & Policymakers
• Align policies & goals

• Address PK-12 needs by vertical teams and align
  supports across vertical team

• Identify innovative school models & programs
  that address identified needs

• Establish community partnerships to address
  Issues not entirely under the District’s
             Austin ISD CGCS 2010, (512) 414-1700   12
           AISD CGCS Presentations
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Turnaround Schools: The Austin Way
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Accountability for Austin ISD’s Strategic Direction
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