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					                     Assistive Technology Solutions:
             For Individuals With Communication Deficits
               Presented by Shawna Dunnaway, OTR/L
    The Missouri Rehabilitation Center Assistive Technology
                             Evaluation Center
 Understanding of appropriate candidates
 Understanding of the assessment process
 Familiarity with the Technology
 Understanding Interdisciplinary roles in AT
 Therapeutic Uses of Assistive Technology

 What is Assistive Technology?
 Assistive Technology is defined as any item, device, or piece of equipment that
  is used to increase, maintain, or improve the functional abilities of persons with
Assistive Technology Examples
Hearing Aides
Augmentative Communication
Computer Access

Candidates for Assistive Technology
 Individuals with Deficits that Challenge Verbal and/or Written Communication
 Individuals with a Basic Understanding of Cause and Effect
 Individuals with Adequate Receptive Language Skills

Assessing for Augmentative and Alternative Communication Devices
                             Motor Assessment
 Gross and Fine Motor Control
Positioning and Tone
 Site of Optimal and Consistent Movement
 Motor Planning – for direct selection or to Scan with a Switch
Visual Assessment

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The Visual Hierarchy
by Mary Warren, MS, OTR
   Visual   Acuity
   Visual   Field Cuts/Neglect
   Visual   Attention
   Visual   Scanning
   Visual   Discrimination
     Size of Icons
     Size of Font
     Color Contrast
                             Cognitive Assessment
 Attention/Concentration
 Cause and Effect
 Auditory Processing
 Memory
       Expressive/Receptive Language Assessment
 Diagnosis
     Aphasia
     Apraxia
     Dysarthria
   Word Finding – Anomic Aphasia
   Word Level
   Phrase Level
   Sentence/Paragraph Level
                          Reading/Writing Assessment
 Recognition of Letters
 Reading of Text - Alexia
 Writing or Typing - Agraphia

     Therapy Goals: Determining Comprehension of Symbols
   Can Client Select Correct Picture Upon Request?
   Can Client Choose Correct Picture to Respond Appropriately?
   Can Client Find Pictures in a Timely Fashion?
   Does Client Have Greater Success with Text?

    Therapy Goals: Assessing Functionality of AAC
 Does Client Initiate?
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   Does Client Require Verbal Cues?
   Does Client Require Tactile Cues?
   Does Client have Support from Family/Caregivers?
   What Setting(s) Will Client Use AAC?
   Is Client Motivated to Use AAC?
                            Mounting Solutions
   Optimal seating
   Positioning
   Where to Mount – left/right side
   How to Mount – Type of Wheelchair
   Mounting Systems

 Medicaid
 Medicare
 Private Insurance
 Support Groups
 Foundations
 Endowments
Thank you
Contact Information
Michelle Wheeler MS, CCC-SLP
Shawna Dunnaway, OTR/L
The Missouri Rehabilitation Center’s Assistive Technology Evaluation Center
                            Phone: (573) 882-9111
                             Fax: (573) 884-5311

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