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					                                                                                                                      Mustang Club of

                                                                                                               February 2010 Volume 12 Issue 2

                                                                                                               Inside this issue:
Mustangs in the Movies!

         he year was 1968. The             Car Deco and the words         “… And a Dealy New Year!”).          Mustangs in the Movies     1
         movie, Bullitt. Perhaps           “to punish and enslave”        Batman drove a 1972 Mustang as       MCMM Donation
         one of the most famous            printed on the fender.         a substitute for the Batmobile.
         chase scenes in Ameri-
can Movie History. The 1968               Bull Durham (1988) show-                                            Note from the Editor    2
Mustang GT390 Fastback was a               cased Kevin Costner driv-      Next time you’re watching one
                                           ing a 1968 Shelby GT Con-
                                                                                                               February Meeting Agenda
major part of it.                                                         of your favorite movies or read-
                                           vertible.                      ing a comic book, be on the
                                                                                      lookout for one of       MCMM Dues                  3
This may be the most famous                                                           the most recogniz-
“Movie Mustang,” but it is only       Along with                                      able cars in
one of a database that keeps          these movies,
growing by the year. Some of the      the Mustang                                                              January Meeting Minutes    4
following movies feature Mus-         has made
                                      other unique
    Goldfinger (1964) was the        The Mustang                                                              Birthdays                  5
     first major motion picture       appearing in                                                             Upcoming Events
     to feature a Mustang (a 1965     Back to the
                                      Future II
     white convertible).
                                      (1989) show-                                                             Treasurer’s Report
    Diamonds are Forever (1971)      cased a
     featured a red 1971 Mach 1.      “2015” Mus-                                                              Member Spotlight           6
                                      tang, which
    The Thomas Crown Affair
                                      was actually a
     (1999) featured a black 1968
                                      modified 1988
     Shelby GT350 Convertible.        Mustang GT.                                                              Classifieds                7
    Transformers (2007) featured     It also ap-
     a 2008 Mustang Saleen S281       peared in comic book form in
     Extreme that featured Police     Batman #247 (Detective Comics

                                                                                                                Next Month’s Issue:

MCMM Donates $3,0000.00 to Children’s Wish                                                                          Recipe Submissions by
Fund                                                                                                                 Members

                                      children with chronic or life-                                                Member Spotlight
                                      threatening illnesses have a wish
            fter careful considera-   fulfilled. The club contribution
                                                                                                                    Useful Mustang Web
            tion following the        this year, which was $3,000.00,                                                Sites
Annual Mustang Club of Mid-           was made possible by the suc-
Michigan All Ford Show, the           cess of the club’s annual car
annual charitable donation was        show in Birch Run. This show
awarded to the Children’s Wish        has between 200 and 300 entries
Foundation of Flint. The Foun-        and includes a diverse selection
                                                                           MCMM Treasurer Gary Riley pre-
dation is a non-profit organiza-      of Mustangs as well as other         sents the Children’s Wish Fund
tion that was established to help     Ford vehicles.                       Check to Richard Warmbold, Presi-
                                                                           dent of the Hurley Foundation.
    Page 2

                          From the Editor
                          Hello everyone,                                  Mustang Alley.               ment by DaVinci’s. Hope
                                                                  From the Mustang that was             to see you all at the next
                                                                  put on a “rotisserie” to              meeting and at our events
“Ford… was                           This has been a              showcase every angle of the           throughout the summer!
definitely the one that   fairly busy month for the               car to the 5.0 exhaust pipes
                          car company that makes the              rumbling out of its display,
made the biggest
                          namesake of our club. Ford              it was the place to be for            Brett Porterfield
splash at the show,       had an excellent response               every Mustang enthusiast at
showing off its diverse   during the North American
product line… .”          Auto Show at Cobo Hall
                          in Detroit. The 2010
                          Ford Fusion Hybrd Sedan
                          won for Best Car of the
                          Year and the Ford Transit
                          Connect Van won for
                          Truck of the Year. Ford
                          Motor Company was defi-
                          nitely the one that made                the Auto Show.
                          the biggest splash at the
                          show, showing off its di-
                          verse product line and sta-             Keep in mind, this month’s
                          bility in today’s unpredict-            meeting will be pushed back
                          able automotive climate.                one week to February 22
                                                                  because of a prior engage-

                          February 2010 Meeting Agenda (2-22-10) NOTE DATE CHANGE
                          Call to order   7 p.m.
                          Introduction of guests
                          Introduction of new members
                          Roll call of full-time active members
                          Proxy Report
                          Receive Treasurer’s Report
                          Reading of January Meeting minutes
                                                                      COMMITTEE REPORTS
                          Property Report                                             Gary Riley
                          Membership                                                  Alan McDonald
                          Historian                                                   OPEN POSITION
                          Club Clothing and Merchandise                               Linda Kabobel
                          MCA Regional Directors Report                               Quentin Levitte
                          Bylaws / Constitution                                       D. Lebsack / T. Welsh / Mike W.
                          Social Activities Chairperson                               Lon Hetchler
                          MCMM Annual Show                                            Del Zimmerman
                                                                          OLD BUSINESS
                          MCMM Sponsorship Program                                    Tom Welsh
                          Web Site                                                    D. Lebsack / C. Reinhardt
                                                                          NEW BUSINESS
                          Bavarian Festival Show & Shine (June 12-13, 2010)           Charlie R. / Lon H.
                          Charity for 2010
                          Two Member talk about their car / experiences
                          Adjourn and 50/50 drawing
                                                                                                   Page 3

                               MCMM Dues Time!
            Its that time of year again… time for club dues. The annual dues are
            only $20 per year and are payable with the form below or at the regular
            club meetings. When making your payment, please include your MCA
            Membership number (if applicable) and any changes to your address,
            phone number, or email address. The MCA Membership number helps
            to insure that we maintain MCA Insurance coverage for the three shows
            that we do each year at no cost to our club. The list below is of mem-
            bers that HAVE paid their 2009 dues. If you have paid them and don’t
            see your name here, please let us know at the next club meeting or by
            email at
            The following members are paid up as of the January Club Meeting:

            Amo, Jeff & Lori                        Levitte, Quentin & Pat
            Bentley, Stan & Ruth                    Macdonald, Alan & Debbie
            Beuadoin, Shirley                       Mallon, Harold & Marge
            Blymer, Larry& Krystal                  Maxon, Michael & Carrie
            Coppins, Jim & Diane                    McDaniel, Jimmy
            Desilva, David & Diana                  O'Mara, Garth
            Dillenbeck, Robert & Gina               Porterfield, Brett & Midea
            Donovan, Dennis & Judy                  Reinhard,t, Charles & Lova
            Ford, Richard & Suzanne                 Riley, Gary & Linda
            Franke, Wayne & Dorothy                 Schulze, Kurt & Anna
            George, Ricky                           Selesky, Albert & Janyce
            Hoard, Bill & Ada                       Spressor, J.W. & Doris Stark
            Jansen, Chris & Mindy                   Welsh, Tom & Lynn
            Johnson Patrick & Carol Sturtz          Williams, Diane
            Kinney, Jim & Jean                      Winter, Michael & Rebecca
            Kuk, Daniel & Pamela                    Wrigglesworth, Paul & Cynthia
            Lebsack, Dick & Nyla                    Zimmerman, Del & Kriste

                      Send your 2009 Dues in now to:
                                           MCMM Treasurer
                                             P.O. Box 324
                                        Frankenmuth, MI 48734

Name: _________________________                   Spouse Name: _____________________
Address: ________________________                 City: _____________            Zip: __________
Phone: _____________________                      Email: ___________________________
Mustangs Owned:
   Year: _______        Body Style: ________       Color: ________             Engine: ______
MCA Number (if applicable, 5 digit number on your Mustang Times Label): _________
                                                                                                                                          Page 4

Minutes (January 18, 2010)
MEETING called to order by Past Presi- supply the insurance for our car shows          to serve as a back up committee for Char-
dent Dick Lebsack. A proxy was accepted free of charge. We need members to             lie with the new webmaster.
from President Charlie Reinhardt to Dick become members of MCA.
                                                                                       NEWSLETTER: Brett is looking for
We welcomed new members Carol Sturtz
                                            BY-LAWS AND CONSTITUTION:                  articles from the general membership for
and Pat Johnson from Bay City. We asked
                                            Our committee of Dick Lebsack, Tom         the newsletter that are of interest to you.
Pat to tell us about his car. He said he
                                            Welsh ll , and Mike Winter, have put in    He wishes to continue with member vehi-
was traveling and saw a sign that said
                                            many hours to simplify and condense        cle spotlights and recipes (guys too!!).
Classic Car Junk Yard. He spotted the
                                            without changing the meaning of these
Mustang and made a bid. Lucky him, they
                                            documents. The members at the meeting
accepted the bid. Pat said “that’s when
                                            expressed the need of simplifying this     Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm
the nightmare began.”
                                            document and this is in progress.
                                                                                       Respectfully submitted

THOSE PRESENT AT THE MEET-                                                             Secretary Diane Williams
                                            SOCIAL ACTIVITIES CHAIRPER-
ING were Gary Riley, Tom Welsh ll,
                                            SON: Lon presented many ideas for
Larry Blymyer, Del Zimmerman, Pat and
                                            events to the members. Some of his
Quentin Levitte, Linda Kabobel, Carol
                                            suggestions are The Gilmore Classic Car
Sturtz and Pat Johnson, Brett and Midea
                                            Museum in Kalamazoo and Auto Rama in
Porterfield, Jimmy McDaniel, Lon
                                            Detroit Feb 26th. If 20 or more want to
Hetchler, Ricky George and his grand-
                                            go, we can get a discount. Some other
mother, Chris Jensen and his daughter
                                            ideas include a Chili cook off the first
Madelyn, Alan MacDonald, Diane Wil-
                                            weekend in March or a trip to the Tawas
liams, and Dick Lebsack.                    Car Show. Lon would like some input and
                                            may be reached at (810) 793-6287 or e-
PROPERTY REPORT: Received from              mail at
Gary Riley.
                                         IMPORTANT CAR SHOW DATES:
                                         MCMM ANNUAL CAR SHOW:
                                         September 26, 2010: Birch Run Expo
from Gary Riley. Gary stated that the
                                         Center. Linda Kabobel volunteered to
2009 treasurer’s report is ready to be
                                         serve as the first committee member and
submitted to the auditor. A motion was
                                         more volunteers are needed. MCMM
made and carried to continue the CD with
                                         SHOW & SHINE: June 12-13, 2010:
Citizens Bank for 16 months.             Zehnder Park in Frankenmuth. BE
                                         COOL CAR SHOW: July 10-11, 2010:
                                         Downtown Bay City. This is not an
MEMBERSHIP: There are 37 members
                                         MCMM specific show. Charitable contri-
that have paid there dues for 2010. Dues
                                         butions from this show have been be-
are due by Feb 2010. Send your check for
                                         tween $9,000 and $10,000. In the last few
$20.00 to Alan MacDonald, 1928 East
                                         years our members have been hit very
Spinningwheel, and Bloomfield Hills, MI
                                         hard by this disease.

                                            MCMM SPONORSHIP PROGRAM:
                                            Tom passed out sponsorship sheets. A
tion involves keeping a scrapbook of club
                                            motion was made and carried to accept
events for the year.
                                            the plan with the same pricing as 2009.

MCA: Our new representative to MCA is
                                         WEB SITE: Brett Porterfield, Tom
Quentin Levitte. It is a good policy for
                                         Welsh, and Quentin Levitte have offered
our club to be involved with MCA which
is the National club for Mustangs. They

                                                                                                                         Did you know…?

                                                                                                                         The one-millionth Mustang was
                                                                                                                         produced on February 23, 1966.
                                                                                                           Page 5

                             Sausage and Peppers Rustica
                            Submitted by Midea Porterfield                                February 22 MCMM Monthly Meet-
4 sausages                                                                                ing (@ Da Vinci’s) Note Date
1 green pepper, sliced into strips
1 small red onion, sliced into strips                                                     February 26 Autorama

1 tsp minced garlic                                                                       March 15 MCMM Monthly Meeting
1 Tbsp. oil                                                                               (@ DaVinci’s)

1 jar marinara sauce                                                                      March 27 MOCSEM annual Swap
1 pkg. frozen cheese ravioli, cooked, drained                                             Meet at Village Ford in Detroit

3/4 cup shredded Mozzarella cheese
2 Tbsp. Italian seasoning

Cook sausages whole until half way cooked. Remove from pan.                                February 2 Brett Porterfield
Put oil in pan. Sautee the peppers, onion, and garlic then add sausage.                    February 9 Bill Hoard
After sausage is cooked add marinara. Toss in ravioli. Top with cheese.                    February 12 Gary Riley
                                                                                           February 19 Jimmy McDaniel
Got a recipe submission that you want to share with the club? Send us an email!            February 23 Linda Riley
                                                                                           February 26 James Moore
Treasurer’s Report                                                                         February 28 James Kinney

Balance as of January 1, 2010                                                      $9,023.89
Income Deposits:
January 11, 2010             Dues (Kuk, Dillenbeck, Schulze, Barnum, Donovan)         100.00
January 19, 2010             Dues (Hoard, Beaudoin, Wrigglesworth, Ford)               80.00
January 19, 2010             New Member Dues (Garth O’Mara)                            20.00
January 19, 2010             Dues (Zimmerman, Jansen, Lebsack, McDaniel, George)      100.00
January 19, 2010             Meeting 50/50 Drawing                                     10.50
Total Deposits:                                                                       330.50
January 14, 2010      State Farm Check #1322 (Trailer Insurance)                       11.00
Total Expenses:                                                                        11.00
Balance as of January 28, 2010                                                     $9,343.39

CD Balance as of January 15, 2010                                                  $5,933.93

Submitted by: Gary Riley, Treasurer
                                                                                                                               Page 6

Member Spotlight: Brett & Midea Porterfield

     t started as a normal, sunny,   some nice white letter tire up-     the 2009 GT provides us with
     Thursday afternoon in Au-       grades!)… but the story doesn’t     speed, comfort, and some mod-
     gust. Midea called me from      end there.                          ern amenities, there is still noth-
     traveling on the road just                                          ing like driving through the
north of Standish and said she                                           country on the back roads with
found a Mustang. I told her to       Car number two… 41 years            all four of the windows rolled
buy it, thinking it was a Hot        newer! A white 2009 Mustang         down in the ’68. We haven’t
Wheels car. She replied, “No,        GT 45th Anniversary Edition.        owned either of these cars long,
you don’t understand… it’s a 1:1     The only way I can describe this    but they will provide enjoyment
scale!” (referring to my Hot         car is spur of the moment and       for us for many years to come.
Wheels collection, a 1:1 scale car   without regret. A little more
is a driver!) I proceeded in my      modern than its older sibling,
car up to take a look at this “too   this car came with a standard
good to be true” car, Midea calls    4.6L 300hp V-8 engine as well as
me again and says she already has    a glass roof that extends the
obtained financing for it, if it     whole length of the roof. The
passes my                                              only modifica-
“inspection.” The                                      tions that have
car in question was                                    been done are
a red 1968 Mustang                                     rear window
Coupe, inline six                                      louvers and
200 c.i.d. engine. I                                   hood pins.
test drove it and
that was all I
needed… we were
hooked! The next
                                     Both of these cars are definite
day, we got the keys and took it     head turners in our neighbor-
home! It has served us well for      hood as well as the Friday Night
the past year and a half with no
                                     Car Shows in the Green Acres
major work needed (except for
                                     parking lot in Saginaw. While

             Got a car you want to put in the Member Spotlight, or just
             want to share your unique story with the rest of the club?
                                                                                                               Did you know…?
             E-mail us and let us know!!
                                                                                                               The original name to Ford Racing
                                                                                                               Performance Parts was Ford
                                                                                                               Motorsport SVO?
                                                                                         Page 7

If you have something that you want to sell or there is something you are looking for,
               please e-mail me or let me know at the next meeting!
Brett & Midea Porterfield
    2317 Adams Blvd.
   Saginaw, MI 48602

      P.O. Box 324
 Frankenmuth, MI 48734

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