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AGD:FACTSHEET                                            Compiled for you by the Academy of General Dentistry


                                               What is a denture?                           How do you care for a denture?
                                               A denture is a removable replacement         • Remove and brush the denture daily
                                               for missing teeth and adjoining tissues.       with a denture cleanser or toothpaste
                                               Complete dentures replace all of the           and a brush designed specifically for
                                               teeth, while a partial denture fills in         cleaning dentures.
                                               the spaces created by missing teeth          • Avoid using boiling water to sterilize
                                               and prevents other teeth from shifting         the denture, because hot water can
                                               position. Complete dentures are either         cause the denture to lose its shape.
                                               “conventional” or “immediate.” A con-        • If you wear a partial denture, remove
                                               ventional denture is placed in the mouth       it before brushing your natural teeth.
                                               after all of the teeth have been removed
                                                                                            • When you’re not wearing the denture,
                                               and the extraction sites have healed. An
                                                                                              soak it in denture cleanser or water.
                                               immediate denture is placed as soon as
                                               the teeth are removed.                       • To avoid misplacing your denture,

                                                                                              store it in the same place after
                                               Who needs a denture?
                                               Candidates for complete dentures have
                                               lost most or all of their teeth. A partial   Should a denture be worn
                                               denture is suitable for those who have       at night?
 Do you have questions about                   some natural teeth remaining. A denture      While you may be advised to wear
 dental health?                                improves chewing ability and speech,         your denture almost continually during
                                               and provides support for facial muscles. A   the first two weeks—even while you
 At the AGD’s Web site, you can search         denture can greatly enhance a patient’s      sleep—under normal circumstances, it
 more than 300 oral health topics,             facial appearance and smile.                 is considered best to remove it at night.

 post a dental question, sign up for                                                        Research has shown that removing the
 e-newletters, find an AGD dentist,                                                          denture for at least eight hours during
 and more.                                     How do you get a denture?                    either the day or night allows the gum
 Visit us at                                   The denture process takes about one          tissue to rest, and permits for normal
                                               month. There are usually five or more         stimulation and cleansing of the mouth
                                               appointments needed to complete the          by the tongue and saliva. This promotes
                                               process. The process includes the initial    better long-term health of the gums.
                                               diagnosis; the making of an impression
                                               and wax bite to determine the dimen-
                                               sions and proper jaw position; a “try-in”    Are there any alternatives
                                               to assure proper color, shape, and fit;
                                               placement of the final denture; and
                                                                                            to dentures?
                                                                                            Dentures are no longer the only way
                                               any minor adjustments. New denture
                                                                                            to restore a mouth that has little or
                                               wearers need time to get accustomed
                                                                                            no teeth. Dental implants are artificial
                                               to their new “teeth,” because even the
                                                                                            tooth roots that are surgically anchored
                                               best-fitting dentures will feel awkward at
                                                                                            into your jaw to hold a replacement
                                               first. Your normal speaking ability usually
                                                                                            tooth or bridge in place. Implants and
                                               resumes shortly after final denture place-
                                                                                            bridges may more closely resemble the
                                               ment. In addition, in order to become
                                                                                            “feel” of real teeth, but they tend to
                                               accustomed to chewing with the new
                                                                                            be more expensive than dentures. Not
                                               denture, it is often recommended that
                                                                                            everyone is a candidate for implants and
                                               you start with soft, easy-to-chew foods.
                                                                                            bridges, however. Talk to your general
                                               To ensure proper fit, see your dentist on
                                                                                            dentist to learn more.
                                               a regular basis.

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