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									         University of Colorado at Boulder | University Libraries | Office of the Dean of Libraries

                            TOP DRAWER SOCIETY
                     Honoring the Past -:- Building the Future
The foundation has been laid for a 21st century intellectual commons on the CU-
Boulder campus — richly diverse collections, state-of-the-art access, and a pre-
eminent professional staff. The next step, building upon our strong foundation,
cannot be achieved with traditional budgets alone. With your added support, we can
build a top-drawer library of the future.

The University Libraries are proud to sponsor the Top Drawer Society, whose gifts
support and sustain the resources, facilities, programs, and services of the
Libraries. To join the Society, participants make a tax-deductible contribution of
$10,000 or more to the Top Drawer Society Fund. Donors are honored with a
permanent, engraved name plate on one of the card catalog drawers, honorary
panels, or slate tiles on the Top Drawer Society’s signature sculpture located in the
east lobby of Norlin Library. Engraved plaques may be used in a variety of ways,
such as honoring a student, remembering a family member, or commemorating an
event. Participants are invited to suggest the inscription (see dimensions on
reverse). An image of the Top Drawer Society sculpture will also be used to
designate named spaces throughout the library system.

Payment of all contributions may be made in full, or over a maximum of four years.
Installation of the plaque takes place upon (1) receipt of the first payment, and (2)
signing a binding pledge agreement (if paid by installments). The Libraries will
encourage participants to endow all or part of their contribution to the Society. In
addition to those funds that are not endowed, the Society’s endowed gifts will
provide funds in perpetuity for the Libraries and become the foundation upon which
the Libraries maintain their excellence.

The Society also encourages gifts-in-kind, e.g., collections, corporate donations of
software and equipment, etc., at an appraised value of $10,000 or more.

Benefits of membership in the Top Drawer Society include corresponding
membership in the Chancellor’s Society or the President’s Club (pending giving
level), invitations to exclusive events of the Dean and the Friends of the Libraries, a
complimentary subscription to the campus literary magazine (divide), specified
library privileges, and a variety of memorabilia from the Libraries.

To join or request more information about The Top Drawer Society, contact us at, the phone number below, or FAX or mail this
enrollment form to:

   Office of the Dean of Libraries                          Phone: 303-492-7511
   184 UCB                                                  Fax: 303-492-3340
   University of Colorado at Boulder
   Boulder, CO 80309-0184
         University of Colorado at Boulder | University Libraries | Office of the Dean of Libraries

                            TOP DRAWER SOCIETY
                                         Enrollment Form
__ I would like to join the University Libraries Top Drawer Society
   and contribute ___ payments of $_____________.
   Please contact me about a pledge agreement.

__ Please enroll me in the Top Drawer Society
   for a tax-deductible contribution of
   $_____________; __$100,000; __ $50,000;                     __$25,000;        __$10,000.

__ My check for $_____________ is enclosed.
   Checks should be made payable to:
   University of Colorado Foundation/Libraries
   (memo line should indicate Top Drawer Society).

__ Please charge $_____________ to my Visa/Mastercard

   Card Number                    Expiration Date

   Cardholder Name (please print)




   City                      State           Zip

   Phone                     Fax

   E-mail Address

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