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					                                        Grey Leather Dye

That new car smell and fresh leather interior are enough to set any car-lovers heart a-flutter. Yet
leather seats tend to weather over a few years, and it’s not unusual for leather colors to fade.
Many car owners have found that leather dye makes for an excellent rejuvenation to bring back
some of that’s cars exciting youth. Maintaining the interior is key to car care. The constant sun
beating down on your leather seats will leave them looking old and faded in no time.

You could always pay to have the leather seats recovered when they get looking faded and old
but this is going to cost you a great deal of money. Another option is using a quality leather dye
to bring those weathered leather seats back to looking new again. Grey leather seems to be the
biggest offender when it comes to fading but with a quality grey leather dye your seats can last
a lifetime if properly cared for.

Not only will your grey leather seats last longer and look beautiful doing it the savings you will
realize are significant. Dying is much easier and cheaper than you would think and in most cases
a can of spray leather dye will cost you less than the estimate to reupholster those seats. And
you don’t have to worry about being without a car for a long period of time as the grey leather
dye usually dries within a half an hour if you use a light coat or at most a few hours with two to
three coats.

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