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									                                       Brown Leather Dye

My cat is old now. And so is the black lazy boy that he has been laying in for years. Each
afternoon, he’ll bask in the sunlight that drips in from the windows. And every night I pick him
up out of it for bed. I was going to sneak in and toss the chair out when he wasn’t looking, but
then I thought better of it. I might as well let him enjoy his chair through his old age. My sister
told me about a black leather dye that should really revive the chairs color. I am going to try it
out since it is so cheap. It can’t hurt! The color appears to be a perfect match with my chair
color. I found this brown leather dye product online. I was really happy to find a professional
grade leather dye product that is both non-toxic and pet safe! This brown leather dye product
comes in a can, ready to spray; the spray-paint method sounded much easier than painting with
a brush.

The makeover process for repainting the chair sounds easy enough. First I would need to clean
the chair. Then I would need to buy about three cans of dye.

Three cans of paint will cover the worn spot and will create a nice, even coating for the entire
chair. I would also need to purchase a can of primer so the leather dye paint will adhere nicely.
The Cote dye takes about half an hour to dry. I can then add another coat after the thin first coat
has dried. Wish me luck on this whole process I plan to undertake this project when I get some
free time from work!

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