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					                                      Retro Nursery Rooms

When I found out my sister was pregnant, we set about baby proofing the future nursery and
figuring out how to decorate. While my sister wanted the nursery to be cute, she was on her
fourth baby, so she wanted this decorating session• to be a little more laid back. Because of that
we looked online and found some awesome Nursery Wall Art web sites. One of the themes we
really liked was vintage artwork and posters, but maybe we’ll wait until the baby is a little older
for those designs. This got me thinking about ideas for a retro nursery room.

Antique Cars: I found artwork at an online auction site of old Model T-Fords and vintage trucks
that could be framed in clean, white frames and hung on the wall.

Disney Classics: Some of the older Disney movies, like Dumbo, have graphics that have a very
retro-like feel and can be great nursery wall art.

Vintage Airplanes: Bright, colorful drawings of vintage airplanes make great art for a nursery

Black and White Baby Pictures: This can be tricky because you want a nursery to be cheerful and
bright, so you would want to enlarge some old black and white pictures and put them in either
crisp, white frames or bright, colorful frames.

The ideas are really endless when it comes to vintage decorations for nurseries. I had a lot of fun
with this research and my sister loved the ideas. She decided to go with the Disney Classics
theme. We ordered posters and decals of the old movie stills and framed them for the walls. She
kept the crib bedding solid, primary colors which pulled the room together nicely.

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