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                                    Rashes in Children
What are the causes of rashes in children?

There are many causes of rashes in children and these vary at different ages. They can be caused by:-
   Infections e.g. chickenpox, measles, rubella, warts
   Bacteria e.g. impetigo, meningitis
   Fungus and yeast e.g. ringworm, nappy rash
   Allergies to foods, medicines, insect bites
   A rash can be a sign of a widespread illness

What are the symptoms of a rash?

Spots of any size, raised above the skin, filled with fluid or pus
Fever may indicate an infection
Sore throat

How is a rash diagnosed?

The type and location of a rash may provide clues to its cause. Your doctor may be able to provide
some guidance about diagnosing the cause of rashes in children. If your child’s rash is accompanied by
other worrying symptoms such as fever, headache or drowsiness, call for emergency advice.

How is a rash treated?

Rashes can be treated with cool compresses and calamine lotion and antihistamine. Always read the
instructions on the packaging.

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