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									A Hacker’s Introduction
  to the Nokia N900
Welcome to the Hacker’s Introduction to
the Nokia N900. This guide is intended to
help you begin connecting the N900’s built-
in capabilities to information and actions
in the physical world. The following
pages contain a step-by-step tutorial
for connecting an Arduino to a BlueSMiRF
Bluetooth Modem, and for configuring the
modem to communicate with your computer and
with the Nokia N900.

With this connection established, you can
receive and send serial data over Bluetooth.
You can then use languages such as Python
or Flash on the phone to respond to or
affect physical devices connected to your

This guide is primarily intended for people
with some experience with Arduino and/or
with programming in Linux environments.

                                               Push N900 SDK > Page 2 > Intro
Introduction to the Phone
The Nokia N900 is the newest generation       Because the Maemo operating system is based
of Nokia’s Internet Tablets. The N900 is      on Linux, you can use standard communication
running on the new Maemo 5.0 software, and    protocols such as Bluetooth and standard
it includes cellular telephony in addition    languages such as Python or Flash to develop
to the many features included in previous     your interfaces and applications. Maemo 5.0
generations of tablets. Sensors and input     includes a number of libraries and services,
devices include a tactile QWERTY keyboard,    such as GStreamer for managing media
resistive touch screen, 5-megapixel camera,   playback and D-Bus for sending messages
GPS,   microphone,   accelerometer,   light   between applications, and you can import
sensor, proximity sensor, and IR port.        third party applications and libraries to
Displays and output devices include a 3.5-    create exactly the results you want.
inch 800X480 screen, speakers, vibrating
motor, TV out, and FM transmitter. The N900   For more information on the     N900   visit
supports connectivity over cell phone,        http://maemo.nokia.com/n900/
wireless network, Bluetooth, and USB.
                                              For more information on developing in the
                                              Maemo environment visit

                                                                                             Push N900 SDK > Page 3 > Phone
Introduction to Arduino
Arduino is an open-source electronics         microcontroller on the board is programmed
prototyping platform based on flexible,       using the Arduino programming language
easy-to-use hardware and software. It is      (based on Wiring) and the Arduino development
intended for artists, designers, hobbyists,   environment (based on Processing). Arduino
and anyone interested in creating interactive projects can be stand-alone or they can
objects or environments.                      communicate with software running on a
                                              computer, such as Flash, Processing, or
Arduino can sense the environment by MaxMSP, to name but a few.
receiving input from a variety of sensors and
can affect its surroundings by controlling For more information visit
lights, motors, and other actuators. The http://arduino.cc/

                                                                                              Push N900 SDK > Page 4 > Arduino
Getting started with Arduino
Installing Arduino
This tutorial is aimed at people with a
basic knowledge of Arduino. If you are              Programming Environment
new to it, examples and documentation can
be found in the Learning section of the             The   current    version   of  the    Arduino
Arduino site, here http://arduino.cc/en/            software   is    0017.   You  can    download
Tutorial/HomePage.                                  it for free     from the Arduino     website.

                                                    Installing the Arduino software is quite
                                                    straightforward,   but  the   method  will
      Arduino Board                                 differ depending on your operating system.
                                                    Go to http://arduino.cc/en/Guide/HomePage
      The board pictured here is      an Arduino    for up to date installation instructions.
      Diecimila, but there are a number of boards
      available. Visit www.arduino.cc for where
      to find them in your area, or, if you’re
      feeling bold, design your own (all the
      plans are available to download online).

                                                                              Push N900 SDK > Page 6 > Starting
Connecting BlueSMIRF to Arduino
What you will need.
i. Components
Arduino Duemilanove                                                                Bluetooth Module
USB cable
BlueSMiRF Bluetooth Modem
(available in the US from
and in the UK from www.

ii. Tools
Soldering iron
                                            Solder Wire            USB Cable
iii. Equipment
Jump wires
Header pins

Arduino                     Jumper Cables                 Pin Extenders        Breadboard                    Soldering Iron

                                                                                                      Push N900 SDK > Page 5 > Tools
Connecting BlueSMiRF to Arduino
First you must upload your sketch to       void setup() {
the Arduino. The sketch opposite will      Serial.begin(115200); // Start serial
will repeatedy send a brief message        communication at 115200 bps
(“I’m alive!”) over Bluetooth to           }
any listening application. Note that       void loop() {
Bluetooth requires a Serial baud rate      Serial.print(“I’m alive!”); // Send
of 115200.                                 this message
After you upload your software, you need   delay(1000); // Wait 1 second for next
to physically connect the BlueSMiRF        reading
module to the Arduino board.               }

Steps 1-3

Snap off a row of 6 pin headers and solder
them to the BlueSMiRF.

                                                          Breadboard                Breadboard

                                                                                                 Push N900 SDK > Page 7 > Soldering
Connecting BlueSMiRF to Arduino

                                           Step 5

                                           CST–1 — RTS–0
                                           VCC — 5v
                                           GND — GND
Step 4                                     TX — RX (digital pin 0)
                                                                                   Step 6
                                           RX — TX (digital pin 1)
Press the BlueSMiRF into the breadboard,                                           This is your basic hardware setup for
with each pin in a separate row. Then      Bear in mind that while RX and TX are   communicating  via  Bluetooth. You  can
connect the following wires to your        connected to the Bluetooth module you   communicate directly from your computer
Arduino using the jump wires.              cannot upload a new sketch.             once you are paired with the device.

                                                                                                 Push N900 SDK > Page 8 > Breadboard
Connecting the Bluetooth to your Computer
                                                                                  Select “Any device”,
                                                                                  click continue. A list          Step.5
                                                                                  of Bluetooth devices in         This should refresh after
Step.1                                                                            range will be populated.        a time to “FireFly-XXXX”,
a) Open Bluetooth                                                                 Search for your devices         where XXXX is the last last
Preferences from          Step.2                                                  serial number, which            four digits of the serial
System Preferences or     Click “+” to add a         Step.3                       should be on a sticker on       number. Select and click
the Menu Bar.             new device.                Click continue.              your device.                    continue.

                           You’ll be prompted for
                           your device passkey.
                           The (new) blue-antenna
Step.6                     version’s passkey is      Step.8
Once information has       “1234” and the (old)      Follow the prompts and
been gathered about the    white-antenna version’s   your device should now be
device click continue.     passkey is “default”.     paired with your computer.

                                                                                                              Push N900 SDK > Page 9 > Mac
Connecting the Bluetooth to Your Computer
Open Bluetooth Pref-
erences from System     Step.2                                                                              Step.4
Preferences or the                                                      Step.3
                        Click “+” to add a                                                                  Select “Any device”,
Menu Bar.               new device.                                     Click continue.                     click continue.

A list of Bluetooth devices will be populated.                                   Step.7
Search for your device’s serial number, which    Step.6
                                                                                 You’ll be prompted for your device
should be on a sticker on your device. This      Once information has            passkey. The (new) blue-antenna ver-
should refresh after a time to “FireFly-XXXX”,   been gathered about             sion’s passkey is “1234” and the
where XXXX is the last last four digits of the   the device click                (old) white-antenna version’s passkey
serial number. Select and click continue.        continue.                       is “default”.

                                                                                                            Push N900 SDK > Page 10 > Windows
Connecting the Bluetooth to Your Phone
Step.1                                                                                If you have never used Bluetooth
                                                              Step.3                  before on the phone, you will
From the the desktop,     Step.2
                                                                                      need to click ‘Bluetooth on’ and
click the ‘Menu’ tab in   In the menu click on                Scroll down and click   ‘Visible’, then click ‘Devices’
the top left corner.      ‘Settings’.                         on ‘Bluetooth’.         to begin pairing.

                          Wait for a moment while the N900                            Step.8
                          searches for Bluetooth devices                              You should receive a confirmation
                          and update device names. Yours                              and your device will be listed.
Step.6                    should be FireFly-XXXX, where
There should be a blank   XXXX is the last 4 digits of your   Step.7                  You should now be able to receive
list, click the ‘New’     Bluetooth devices address. Select   Enter the Passcode      incoming Serial data in a properly
button next to it.        your device, then continue.         1234 and press pair.    configured application.

                                                                                        Push N900 SDK > Page 11 > Phone

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