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 Botox is a popular cosmetic treatment, that is widely used by celebrities hoping to reduce the
signs of aging. The way it works is through localized injections, which temporarily improve the
appearance of moderate-to-severe frown lines between the eyebrows.

But Botox treatments are far from ideal…

Firstly there is the prohibitive cost… Botox can only be performed by specialized clinics and
require 10-25 sessions costing on average $300 / £200 each!

Although the FDA has classed the treatment as safe, it requires the injection of what is essentially
poison into your skin! And to make matters worse, it essentially immobilizes the muscles of the
forehead, which can lead to reduced facial expressions. In other words, whether you are happy or
sad, your face will look the same!

Other potential side effects include drooping eyelid, double vision, uneven smile, or loss of the
ability to close eyes which usually wear off after 6 weeks.

So although Botox sounds like a less invasive treatment, it is still not quite as safe as a traditional
cream or serum.

And this is where Organic Natox comes in…

What is Organic Natox?
Organic Natox is a brand new, all natural beauty cream which claims to offer long term wrinkle
reduction, without the side effects, and invasive treatment.

Richi Brown, the makers of Organix Natox have a state of the art Lab in South Africa, and has
been working on Organic Natox for the last 6 years perfecting the formula. This is no ordinary skin
care cream, but one developed by world leading scientists, which have proceeded to test the
product thoroughly through stringent double blind, placebo controlled clinical studies.

Organic Natox will not provide instant results, but used daily has been proven to dramatically
reduce the appearance of wrinkles in as little as 3 weeks.

How Does Organic Natox Work?
Organic Natox is the result of over 6 years of lab work and years of clinical trials. And to date we
have not seen anything like it.
By using quantum physics, they have harnessed a unique manufacturing process using electro
magnetic fields and high energy discharges to create a solution which relaxes facial lines by
disrupting the synapse between the nerve endings and the facial muscles.

Combined with high quality natural ingredients, Organic Natox is completely safe, has no side
effects, and does not require any expensive clinics or syringes!

Organic Natox is a mid to long term treatment, which helps to reduce the signs of aging from the
inside so the results last much longer than Botox.

Organic Natox Ingredients
Richi Brown, the makers of Organic Natox are being secretive about their ingredients list – And
rightly so, considering how competitive the skin care industry is. But one thing is for certain, the
ingredients are all organic and 100% natural, and have not been tested on animals.

All their ingredients are ECO Cert, natural and meet stringent regulations in for the UK and EU.

Other ingredients contained in the formula include: Water, sunflower seed oil, sodium
cocylglumate, denatured alcohol, acrulates C10-30, Alkylacrylate Crosspolymer, salicylic acid, and
ascorbic acid.

For best results, Natox should be applied twice a day: In the morning and at night on cleaned skin.
If you need to apply moisturiser or makeup, apply it on top of Organic Natox.

When applying the cream, apply the product all over the face, paying attention to affected areas,
and avoiding contact with eye lids.

The Results
Organic Natox has received rave reviews, including a glowing endorsement from the beauty editor
of the Sun Newspaper – Sue Moxley who loves Natox.
According to Sue, “Natox is safe, pain free and really does work. This revolutionary anti aging /
anti wrinkle cream is my secret weapon”.

The Cost
Lets get this straight, this is not a cheap supermarket product. At £89.99 / $140 Organic Natox is a
premium anti aging serum. But you get a massive 50ml bottle which should last for a few months.
Compared to other anti aging creams, this is actually great value with other similar treatments from
La Prairie costing well over twice the price.

Compared to cosmetic surgery or Botox, this comes in at a fraction of the cost, without the
invasive treatment and potential side effects!

The Verdict
If you are tired looking for an effective anti aging treatment, then look no further. Organic Natox
might not give the instant Botox like effects, but taken for a few weeks it offers some impressive

What we like about this serum is that it is completely organic, and actually works on the long term
helping your skin reduce the visibility of wrinkles from the source. Instead of merely hiding wrinkles

Plus it comes with a unique 60 day money back guarantee – Something you rarely see in beauty

Where To Buy?
The best place to buy Organic Natox is direct at the official Richi Brown website here. They offer
the best prices and ship worldwide.

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