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									Executive Summary Template
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY - Product Name Prepared by: Your Name Date Submitted: URL: Delete the red text in the final version Description of the product

What need(s) will it satisfy? Discuss how it meets needs not addressed by other ITaP systems. If it duplicates any existing applications, does it perform better than the existing ones? Does it offer more features? Potential User Base Discuss the expected scope of use (is this a general-purpose application that might be used by many faculty across different disciplines, or is it likely to be used by a small, specialized user base). Also discuss barriers to entry (Will it only run in certain labs? Is it highly complicated so that only power users are likely to adopt it?). Estimated Cost for Production Service Include upfront cost, upgrades, support, licensing options (discounts for multi-year commitment, perpetual vs. concurrent licensing, etc.). Discuss how cost is likely to grow with increase in users. Also include rough estimates for in-house development work (both initial cost and maintenance). Technical Issues In general terms, discuss compatibility with existing infrastructure, any testing results, and any installation issues both for the labs and for private user machines (if applicable). Human Resource Issues What is the projected load on full-time staff to support a production instance? What is the likelihood that staff will be overextended if the user base increases? Competing Products List the main competitors of this product. If possible, list a few of the institutions using the competing products. Some competing products include: Recommendation Is the product worth closer inspection or a pilot?

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