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1. Implementation of Acoustic ECHOES Cancellation 2. CDMA Communication System 3. Implementation of DTMF Detection in GOERTZEL ALGORITHM 4. QAM Communication System 5. Digital Modulation and Demodulation using Quadrature Phase Shift Keying in MATLAB 6. Adaptive Equalizer using Smart Antenna System 7. Implementation of OFDM system in MATLAB 8. Cellular IS-95 CDMA Forward Link Simulation 9. Implementation of Linear Predictive Coding of Speech Signals in MATLAB 10. Adaptive Linear Multi User Detection in CDMA Systems 11. Digital Filter Design using IIR Algorithm 12. Implementation of KALMAN Tracking Filter 13. RADAR Communication System (MTI) 14. Implementation of GMSK Modem 15. Target Tracking system using Kalman Filtering 16. CDMA Modem for a communication system 17. Adaptive equalization using Embedded MATLAB 18. Rake receiver for direst sequence spread system 19. Implementation of Alien Voices with GUI 20. Efficient Coding Algorithm for the Compression of ECG Signal Using Wavelet Transforms 21. Split Wiener filtering with application in adaptive systems.

22. Design of sub-band ADPCM communication system 23. Design and implementation of raised cosine and root raised cosine pulse shaping filters for ISI and additive noise suppression over band limited channels 24. Implementation and performance comparison of various AOA techniques for RADAR signal intelligence applications. SPEECH PROCESSING 25. Implementation of Content Based Speech Watermarking (IEEE-2007) 26. Implementation of Isolated WORD Recognition system 27. Robust Adaptive Kaman filtering based Speech enhancement (IEEE-2004) 28. SPEAKER Recognition system using MATLAB 29. Speech compression using LPC 30. Speech compression using WAVELETS 31. Implementation of Speech De-Noising using WAVELETS 32. Speech enhancement using WINER FILTER 33. Speech processing Kalman Filtering 34. Implementation of Alien Voices with GUI. 35. Robust linear predictive coding for low bit rate speech coding. 36. Development of pitch shifting algorithm for special effects in audio 37. Real time implementation of LMS algorithm for noise removal in speech 38. Design and description of CS-ACELPA toll quality 8kbps speech coder DIGITAL IMAGE/VIDEO PROCESSING (DIP) 39. Image Compression using WAVELET 40. Image & Sound de-noising using WAVELET 41. Image watermarking using Hybrid Wavelets and Directional Filter Banks 42. Implementation of Image Steganography using BPCS

43. Number plate Recognition system (with GUI) 44. Advanced signal processing JPEG compression using DCT 45. High Performance image codec for jpeg 2000(IEEE-2003) 46. Wavelets based Image compression using Human Visual system models 47. Detection of Motion Analysis using Image Processing techniques 48. Implementation of video compression using Motion estimation analysis 49. Implementation of IRIS Recognition System using Hough Transforms. 50. Implementation of Fingerprint Recognition system using RIDGE thinning Method. 51. Multiple Biometric recognition system(FACE,FINGER,IRIS) 52. A Fast & New Image codec using SPIHT(IEEE-2004) 53. Removal of segmentation boundary errors using N-ary Morphological operator 54. Data Embedding In Scrambled digital Video (IEEE-2004) 55. Block Matching algorithm motion estimation for Video Codec (IEEE-2004) 56. Content Based Image Retrieval system using PCA 57. Image Restoration using LUCY operators 58. Implementation of Hand Gesture Recognition system 59. Video Watermarking using wavelets analysis (IEEE-2207 60. The Counterlet Transform for image Processing (Image Codec and Denoising) 61. Feature based wavelet Shrinkage algorithm for image Denoising (IEEE-2005) 62. Morphological operators for color image processing 63. Multi purpose image watermarking algorithm based on multistage Vector Quantization (IEEE-2005) 64. Implementation of Image segmentation using adaptive K-means clustering 65. Image watermarking using Hybrid Wavelets and Directional Filter Banks 66. Effective model for wavelet (Gabor) applied to texture extraction of ophthalmic Images

67. Simulation of Photon Migration using Monte carlo phenomenon 68. Interactive video coding and compression using wavelets 69. Wavelets based Image compression using Human Visual system models 70. Location of IR Lamp in Space using in Image segmentation techniques 71. Detection of Motion Analysis using Image Processing techniques 72. Implementation of video compression using 3D-PCA analysis 73. Motion compensated noise reduction in videos (B/W & COLOR) 74. Multiscale Morphological segmentation of gray scale images 75. Video processing using sum of Absolute Differences 76. Motion compensation video compression using DCT 77. Implementation of SVD (single value decomposition) for image compression 78. Time lapse video processing using on contiguous acquisition 79. A biomedical system based on hidden markov model for diagnosis of heart value diseases. 80. Detecting eye blink states by tracking iris and eyelid. 81. Development of algorithm for reducing the color pepper(spots) noise 82. Implementation of face detection system for automated secured access control 83. Estimation of carrier frequency of digital modulated signal using analytic signal representation (Hilbert transform). 84. Identifying Image Tampering Using Blind Convolution Technique 85. Texture Extraction in an image using Gabor Wavelets 86. A COM image sensor with focal plane SPIHT image compression (IEEE 2008). 87. A spatial median filter for noise removal in digital image (IEEE 2008). 88. Color histogram features based image classification in content-based image retrieval system (IEEE 2008).

89. Fusion of MR and CT images using the Curvelet Transform (IEEE-2008). 90. Fuzzy image fusion application in detecting coronary layers in IVUS pictures (IEEE-2008). 91. Pedestrian detection and tracking using a mixture of view-based shape-texture models (IEEE-2008). 92. The still image compression using JPEG2000 on the mobile telecommunication (IEEE2008). 93. Steganography in SMS by Sudoku puzzle (IEEE-2008). 94. Adaptive bilateral filter for sharpness enhancement and noise removal (IEEE-2008). 95. A synopsis of recent work in edge detection using the DWT(IEEE-2008). 96. Local features for enhancement and minutiae extraction in finger prints (IEEE-2008). 97. A new image fusion scheme based on wavelet transform (IEEE-2008). 98. Design and implementation of embedded multimedia surveillance system (IEEE-2008). 99. A real-time image denoising chip (IEEE-2008). 100. A second generation wavelet transform digital watermarking encryption algorithm (IEEE-2008). 101. Adaptive enhancement of gray level and true color images with quantitative measurement using entropy and relative entropy(IEEE-2008) 102. Adaptive wavelet domain audio steganography with high capacity and low error rate(IEEE-2008). 103. Cover selection steganography method based on similarity of image blocks(IEEE-2008). 104. Development of a novel voice verification system using wavelets(IEEE-2008) 105. Video denoising using a spatiotemporal statistical model of wavelet coefficients(IEEE2008) 106. Lossy image coding with wavelets and counterlets(IEEE-2008) 107. Functional transforms in MRI image segmentation(IEEE-2008) 108. Hybrid digital embedding using invisible watermarking(IEEE-2008) 109. Image retrieval using invisible watermarking(IEEE-2008)

110. Image retrieval using maximum frequency of local histogram based color correlogram (IEEE-2008) 111. Mammography images enhancement and denoising for breast cancer detection using dyadic wavelet processing( IEEE-2008) 112. Medical image retrieval based on semantic of neighborhood color moment histogram( IEEE-2008 ) 113. Multi-focus image fusion with the double-density dual-tree DWT (IEEE-2008) 114. Palm print identification using sequential modified haar wavelet energy( IEEE-2008) 115. Robust image transmission through wireless communication channels using unequal error protection based on adaptive image segmentation( IEEE-2008) 116. Salt and pepper noise detection and removal by tolerance based selective arithmetic mean filtering technique for image restoration (IEEE-2008) 117. Secure steganography in compressed video bit streams (IEEE-2008 118. Color enhancement in image fusion( IEEE-2008 119. Low complexity motion detection with background modeling (IEEE-2008 120. Automated video surveillance and alarm system based matlab on advanced encryption standard IP validation(IEEE-2008) 121. Fuzzy edge detection based on wavelets transform(IEEE-2008) 122. Automatic 3D segmentation of MRI brain images based on impulse noise(IEEE-2008) 123. Adaptive fuzzy median filter for images corrupted by impulse noise(IEEE-2008) 124. An interactive video content based retrieval system(IEEE-2008) 125. Face indexing and retrieval by spatial similarity(IEEE-2008) 126. Adaptive lifting integer wavelet transform for lossless image compression(IEEE-2008) 127. Biometric inspired digital image steganography (IEEE-2008) 128. Robust global motion estimation oriented to video object segmentation(IEEE-2008) 129. Transform methods for remote sensing environmental monitoring(IEEE-2008) 130. Mammographic images enhancement and denoising for breast cancer detection using dyadic wavelet processing(IEEE-2008)

131. Advertisement video completion using hierarchical model retinal images fusion based on lifting wavelet transform(IEEE-2008) 132. A comparative study of various micro calcification cluster detection methods in digitized mammograms(IEEE-2007) 133. Automatic detection of accretion of glaucoma in eye(IEEE-2007) 134. Automatic liver segmentation from abdominal CT scans (IEEE-2007) 135. Road sign detection and recognition based on support vector machines(IEEE-2007) 136. Development of medical image compression techniques(IEEE-2007)) 137. Neuro-wavelet based approach for image compression(IEEE-2007) 138. Image compression using 2D dual-tree discrete wavelet transform(IEEE-2007) 139. Embedded low complexity JPEG2000 video coding system(IEEE-2007) 140. Real-time human motion detection and tracking(IEEE-2007) 141. Improved image coding algorithm based on embedded Zero tree(IEEE-2007) 142. A novel wavelet medical image fusion method(IEEE-2007) 143. An improved method of content based image watermarking(IEEE-2007) 144. Hybrid architectures for efficient and secure for authentication in embedded systems(IEEE-2007) 145. Automatic road sign recognition using neural networks(IEEE-2007) 146. Detecting micro calcification clusters in digital mammograms using combination of wavelet and neural network(IEEE-2005) 147. Quadratic weighted median filters for edge enhancement of noisy images(IEEE-2006) 148. Self-adaptive RBF neural network-based segmentation of medical images(IEEE-2005) 149. Segmentation –based image retrieval(IEEE-2007) 150. A new crypto-watermarking method for medical images safe transfer(IEEE-2007) 151. Vehicle detection using normalized color and edge map(IEEE-2007) 152. Image compression using 2d dual tree discrete wavelet transform(IEEE-2007)

153. Cache-efficient implementation of FIR filters using the blacking microcomputer(IEEE2007) 154. Video compression from concepts to the H.264/AVC standard(IEEE-2005) 155. Adaptive and energy efficient wavelet image compression for mobile multimedia data services(IEEE-2002) 156. Image compression with different types of wavelets(IEEE-2006) 157. data embedding in scrambled digital video motion compensated highly scalable video compression using an adaptive 3d wavelet transform based on lifting(IEEE-2007) 158. A new algorithm to get the initial centroids (IEEE-2004) 159. Medical images edge detection based on mathematical morphology(IEEE-2007) 160. Segmentation of 3D brain MR using an adaptive K-means clustering algorithm(IEEE1995) 161. Joint de mosaicing and de-noising(IEEE-2006) 162. An integrated content and metadata based retrieval system for art(IEEE-2004) 163. An automatic face recognition system based on wavelet transforms(IEEE-2005) 164. Region based wavelet coding methods for digital mammography(IEEE-2003) 165. Application of BPCS steganography to wavelet compressed video(IEEE-2004) 166. A secure DES implementation for real time embedded applications(IEEE-2007) 167. Research on compression method based on integer wavelet transform and SPIHT for historical data in process industry(IEEE-2006) 168. Perceptual cryptography on SPIHT compressed images or videos(IEEE-2004) 169. Silhouette analysis based gait recognition for human identification(IEEE-2003) 170. Audio watermarking for internet(IEEE-2002) 171. Image compression using2d dual-tree discrete wavelet transform(IEEE-2006) 172. A web enabled distributed control application platform for industrial automation 173. Improvements to SPIHT for lossless image coding(IEEE-2006)

174. A hybrid algorithm with artifact detection mechanism for region filling after object removal from a digital photograph(IEEE-2007) 175. A Map approach for joint motion estimation segmentation and super resolution(IEEE2007) 176. Adaptive directional lifting-based wavelet transform for image coding(IEEE-2007) 177. Expansion embedding techniques for reversible watermarking(IEEE-2007) 178. Lossless video sequence compression using adaptive prediction(IEEE-2007) 179. Under sampled boundary pre-/post filters for low bit rate DCT based block coders(IEEE2007) 180. Face verification across age progression(IEEE-2006) 181. Improved content based image watermarking(IEEE-2007) 182. Lossy compression of head and shoulder images using zero trees of wavelet coefficients(IEEE-2007) 183. Compression of biomedical signals with mother wavelet optimization and best basis wavelet packet selection(IEEE-2007) 184. Combined DCT-DWT digital image watermarking(IEEE-2007) 185. Region of interest coding techniques for medical image compression(IEEE-2007) 186. Partial discharge image recognition influenced by fractal image compression(IEEE-2008) 187. Offline signature verification and recognition 188. Sub band stereo echo cancellation using DSP processor (TMS320c6713) 189. Reconstructing fingerprints from minutiae points(IEEE-2007) 190. Steganalysis using image quality metrics(IEEE-2003) 191. Neural networks for 3D motion detection from a sequence of image frames(IEEE-2006) 192. Low bit rate scalable video coding with 3D set partioning in hierarchal trees(IEEE-2000) 193. Effective and fast soccer ball detection and tracking method 194. Medical image retrieval framework(IEEE-2005) 195. A scalable video compression technique based on wavelet transform and MPEG coding

196. Segmentation of functional MRI by K means clustering 197. A 2D ECG compression based on wavelet transform and modified SPIHT(IEEE-2005) 198. A new iris segmentation method for recognition 199. Novel face recognition based on individual eigen subspaces 200. Barcode recognition using image sensor 201. An efficient lossless data hiding technique for Palette based images with capacity Optimization(IEEE-2007) 202. An image secret sharing scheme with the capability of previewing the secret image(IEEE- 2007) 203. Image recovery from broken image streams(IEEE-2007) 204. The research and application of content based satellite cloud image retrieval (IEEE2007)

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