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					                                                     Rules of
                         Department of Agriculture
                                 Division 30—Animal Health
                                 Chapter 4—Garbage Feedlots

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2 CSR 30-4.010            Garbage Cooking and Feeding...............................................................3

    Rebecca McDowell Cook      (6/30/99)            CODE OF STATE REGULATIONS                                           1
    Secretary of State
Chapter 4—Garbage Feedlots                                                                                               2 CSR 30-4

      Title 2—DEPARTMENT OF                          (B) Recording thermometer charts shall          for the purpose of inspection and investigat-
            AGRICULTURE                           have been maintained and stored properly,          ing conditions relating to the feeding of
       Division 30—Animal Health                  and available at all times to a representative     garbage. An authorized representative of the
       Chapter 4—Garbage Feedlots                 of the Missouri Department of Agriculture or       Missouri Department of Agriculture or of the
                                                  the United States Department of Agriculture.       United States Department of Agriculture may
2 CSR 30-4.010 Garbage Cooking and                                                                   examine any records or memoranda pertain-
Feeding                                           (5) The location, arrangement and relation-        ing to the feeding or cooking of garbage fed
                                                  ship of garbage cooking, dumping and feed-         to swine. Records shall be maintained of all
PURPOSE: This rule prohibits feeding of           ing facilities shall be such as to eliminate any   purchases and sales of swine and the names
raw garbage to swine. The rule also defines       possibility of contamination with raw garbage      and addresses of owners of trucks hauling
the procedures for cooking of raw garbage         of any pen, lot or other enclosure in which        swine into and from the garbage premises
and the conditions under which cooked             swine are or may be kept. The final decision       shall be available at all times.
garbage may be fed to swine. Also defined         to be made by an inspector representing the
are the requirements to license a garbage         Missouri Department of Agriculture.                (8) No garbage-fed swine shall be moved
feedlot, the fee to be paid and quarantine           (A) Garbage shall be fed to swine on feed-      from any feedlot in the state except on permit
restrictions on garbage fed hogs.                 ing platforms and troughs constructed of con-      issued by a representative of the Missouri
                                                  crete or other impervious materials. Premis-       Department of Agriculture or of the United
(1) It shall be unlawful for any person, firm,    es must be free of accumulations of unused         States Department of Agriculture. This per-
partnership or corporation, except an individ-    garbage, waste materials or manure.                mit need not be presented to anyone except a
ual who feeds to his/her own swine only the       Approved rat and fly control measures must         representative of the Missouri Department of
garbage obtained from his/her household, to       be practiced at all times as a further means of    Agriculture, the United States Department of
feed garbage including all waste material, by-    preventing the spread of disease.                  Agriculture, a member of the Missouri
products of a kitchen, restaurant or slaughter       (B) All feeding platforms and troughs,          Highway Patrol or the county sheriff.
house, every refuse accumulation of animal,       trucks and equipment shall be maintained in           (A) Swine which have been fed raw
fruit or vegetable matter, liquid or otherwise,   a sanitary condition at all times. Adequate        garbage shall be quarantined promptly to the
to swine unless that garbage has been heated      water supply shall be available for mainte-        premises until moved to slaughter on permit
to a temperature of two hundred twelve            nance of equipment in a sanitary condition.        issued by a representative of the Missouri
degrees Fahrenheit (212° F) for thirty (30)                                                          Department of Agriculture or a representative
minutes.                                          (6) Trucks, railroad cars or other vehicles        of the United States Department of
                                                  transporting swine from garbage feedlots           Agriculture.
(2) Before any person shall engage in the         within a quarantined area shall be cleaned            (B) Swine described in subsection (8)(A)
feeding of garbage, other than garbage            thoroughly and disinfected immediately after       of this rule shall not qualify for a slaughter
obtained from his/her own household, to           discharging swine and before using the truck,      permit for at least thirty (30) days from the
swine located in Missouri, an annual permit       railroad car or other vehicle for any other        date of last feeding of raw and/or inadequate-
must be obtained from the Missouri Depart-        purpose and a certificate of inspection issued     ly cooked garbage and then only when a com-
ment of Agriculture.                              by the deputy state veterinarian representative    petent veterinarian, representing the Missouri
   (A) Application blanks for permits may be      of the Missouri Department of Agriculture or       Department of Agriculture or the United
obtained upon request from the Missouri           the United States Department of Agriculture;       States Department of Agriculture, has
Department of Agriculture. An annual fee of       and the certificate of inspection shall accom-     inspected the swine and certifies that the
twenty-five dollars ($25) shall be charged for    pany the truck, railroad car or other vehicle      swine are apparently free of any evidence of
each permit and is valid July 1 through June      at all times. Cleaning and disinfection under      vesicular exanthema.
30 of each year.                                  supervision shall be required of all trucks,          (C) Swine, described in subsection (8)(A)
   (B) Upon receipt of the application and        railroad cars and vehicles when deemed nec-        of this rule, which have been fed raw garbage
license fee, a member of the Department of        essary by the Missouri Department of Agri-         or inadequately cooked garbage, may not
Agriculture promptly shall make an inspec-        culture or the United States Department of         enter a stockyards market which is under fed-
tion of the equipment and premises and if         Agriculture. All trucks, vehicles and contain-     eral inspection or directly into slaughtering
found in compliance with the law and this         ers used for the transportation of raw garbage     establishments which are under federal
rule, a permit shall be issued for a period of    to cooking plants shall be constructed of, or      inspection nor may move interstate as
one (1) year.                                     lined with, impervious material which does         required by regulations of the United States
                                                  not permit the escape of any fragments of          Department of Agriculture.
(3) The cooking process shall be by one (1)       garbage or of liquids and the garbage shall be        (D) Swine which have been fed raw
or more of the following methods: wet steam-      covered in an acceptable and approved man-         garbage or inadequately cooked garbage shall
ing or boiling in open vat, dry steaming or       ner.                                               be quarantined immediately and shall be
boiling in a jacketed kettle, steaming in a                                                          identified promptly and marked permanently
pressure cylinder, steam boilers, or direct       (7) Any authorized representative of the Mis-      under the supervision of a representative of
heating over open fire.                           souri Department of Agriculture or the Unit-       the Missouri Department of Agriculture or
                                                  ed States Department of Agriculture shall          the United States Department of Agriculture
(4) Accurate, approved type recording ther-       have the power to enter, at reasonable times,      by means of an identification eartag approved
mometers shall be used regardless of the          upon any private or public property, regard-       by the department securely placed in the right
manner of cooking.                                less as to whether the owner or feeder is a        ear of each head of swine and by means of
   (A) Daily cooking records are to be kept       holder of a garbage cooking permit as defined      diamond shaped ear punch mark placed in the
for a period of ninety (90) days.                 in this rule or not, where garbage is being fed    left ear of each head of swine so quarantined.

       Rebecca McDowell Cook        (6/30/99)                CODE OF STATE REGULATIONS                                                            3
       Secretary of State
                2 CSR 30-4—AGRICULTURE                                                   Division 30—Animal Health

(9) No raw garbage shall be moved into or
from Missouri except upon special permit
from and under the supervision of the Mis-
souri Department of Agriculture. No person
shall, and the owner or feeder of swine shall
not, permit any raw garbage to be brought
upon the premises where swine are fed or
quartered, unless the raw garbage is from the
household, and the household only, of the
owner or feeder.

(10) No indemnity will be paid for swine
affected with vesicular exanthema that have
been fed garbage in violation of this act or
this regulation. Indemnities will not be paid
for swine affected with vesicular exanthema
unless garbage cooking facilities are equipped
with an approved type recording thermometer
and provided that charts show no evidence of
tampering during the cooking process.

AUTHORITY: section 266.420, RSMo 1994.*
Original rule filed May 28, 1956, effective
June 7, 1956. Amended: Filed Jan. 4, 1999,
effective July 30, 1999.

*Original authority 266.420, RSMo 1953.

Op. Atty. Gen. No. 74, Missouri State Peni-
tentiary, 6-19-53. Missouri State Penitentiary
is not required to cook the garbage fed to
swine owned by the state and fed on the state
penitentiary farms under House Bill No. 60 of
the 67th General Assembly (now covered by 2
CSR 30-4.010).

Op. Atty. Gen. No. 77, Rosner, 8-19-53. 1)
A college which serves food to students in
substantial numbers on a commercial basis,
in dining rooms of the college and feeds the
garbage from such dining rooms and kitchens
to swine, are required to cook the garbage
before feeding. 2) A nursing home, which fur-
nishes to elderly people, invalids and conva-
lescents, living quarters, nursing services and
food on a commercial basis and who feed the
garbage to swine, are required to cook
garbage before feeding.

4                                                 CODE OF STATE REGULATIONS   (6/30/99) Rebecca McDowell Cook
                                                                                               Secretary of State

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