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									                                                      NEW YORK REPUBLICAN STATE COMMITTEE

                                   Dear Supporter:
                                   Not much more than a year ago, Democrats held both houses of the legislature and all
                                   but two of New York’s Congressional districts. In 2009 they held a strong presence in
                                   elected offices in many major counties.
        Edward F. Cox              Starting with the 2009 elections and with a state party fully engaged with our county
        State Chairman             and local parties in promoting our candidates, our values and our fiscally responsible
                                   pro-growth principles, we won historic victories and brought an end to a fiscally
       Vincent D. Reda             disastrous and corrupt one-party Democrat rule in Albany:
      First Vice Chairman          We won back a Republican Majority in the State Senate which now has the honor of
        John Riedman               being the only one of the 20 legislative houses in the ten bluest states (and New York is
          Treasurer                one of the bluest) under Republican control. The other 19 are controlled by Democrats.
       Rebecca Marino              In the Assembly, from a low of 39 we increased our Republican members to a super
          Secretary                minority (enough to uphold a Governor’s veto) of 51 among whom are candidates of
      Lawrence Kadish              the future for higher office. One has to go back to 1972 to find an equally successful
    National Committeeman          Republican Assembly election.
     Jennifer Saul Rich            By taking six U.S. House seats, we contributed more than any other state to firing
  National Committeewoman          Nancy Pelosi as speaker. And in 2011 our spectacular special election victory in a
                                   3-1 Democratic Brooklyn/Queens district added a seventh seat and sent political shock
      John Jay Lavalle
  Region 1 Vice Chairman (LI)      waves across the Country.

          Jay Savino               In local offices, we took from the Democrats the County Executive seats in Westchester,
 Region 2 Vice Chairman (NYC)      Nassau and Broome Counties and now hold 13 of 17 County Executive seats, including
                                   most of the largest counties outside New York City; 46 of 57 County Legislatures and
         Doug Colety               Boards of Supervisors; 41 of 62 District Attorneys; 44 of 57 County Sheriffs; and 46 of
    Region 3 Vice Chairman
                                   57 County Clerks.
        (Hudson Valley)
                                   Although outnumbered 2.5 to 1, New York Republicans now control layers of offices in
        Joe Emanuele
                                   large swaths of territory outside of New York City (but including Staten Island) and are
    Region 4 Vice Chairman
       (Capital District)          driving fiscally responsible pro-growth reforms at all levels of government.

           Jim Ellis               These successes were fueled in part by the more than $8 million taken in by the State
    Region 5 Vice Chairman         Party and deployed for the direct benefit of our committees and candidates.
        (North Country)            We will build this financing success into the permanent structure of the State Party by
          Tom Dadey                forming and empowering the State Party’s first Finance Committee in almost two
Region 6 Vice Chairman (Central)   decades. For the same purpose, we are forming other committees designed to organize
                                   and empower within the State Party prominent Republican Party leaders and activists.
         Don Leonard
    Region 7 Vice Chairman         The New York Republican Party is back and making a difference!
        (Southern Tier)
         Jay Dutcher
    Region 8 Vice Chairman
        (Finger Lakes)                                                 Edward F. Cox
         Ed Morgan                                                     New York State Republican Party
    Region 9 Vice Chairman
                                                                                                          CONTROL OF
Coordination with                                                                                       NEW YORK STATE
National Committees                                                                                    COUNTY EXECUTIVES
                                               Situated in the financial
                                               and media center of the
                                               world, a prime fundraising                                  4
                                               location for candidates                REPUBLICAN
                                               from across the nation and             DEMOCRAT
                                               home to many ethnic and
                                               other groups, the New York
                                               GOP has a unique role to
                                               play in national politics.
RNC Chairman Reince Priebus addresses the      We have established strong                              LEGISLATURES/BOS
2011 State Party Dinner.
                                               relationships with the
Republican National Committee, the National Republican Congressional
Committee, the Republican Governors Association and other national and                                     11
state committees and are now in a strong position to act as a vital nexus of
a unified Party from the national committees to the State Party to the                                            46
county parties and down to the local, grassroots level.

What we do
Since September 2009, the State GOP has developed a wide range of services to aid our
                                                                                                       DISTRICT ATTORNEYS

candidates, officeholders and local committees. We provide these services in a targeted fashion
across the state where the greatest impact can be realized:
I Direct financial support                    I Legislative support
I Coordination with National and              I Strategic counsel                                                 41
  other State Republican organizations        I Opposition research
I Holding the State Party Convention          I Legal advice
I Setting the method of selecting             I Multi-county coordination
  Delegates to the Republican National
  Convention                                  I Data collection and management

I Campaign and issue mail                     I Phone centers
I Candidate and grassroots training           I State and Nationwide
                                                (and Republicans abroad)
I Earned media outreach                         volunteer mobilization
I Paid media advocacy                         I State and Nationwide coalitions
I Polling                                       and networks
I Ballot access                               I Speakers bureau                                          COUNTY CLERKS
I Ballot security
I Absentee ballot mobilization
                                                                                 *Excluding the             11
                                                                                  five boroughs of
                                                                                  New York City,
                                                                                  except for                      46
                                                                                  District Attorney.
                                          Our Work:
                                          The 2009 Local Assistance Program
                                          and Election Success
                                          The 2009 local elections provided an opportunity for the State Party to institute a
                                          statewide strategy to assist local campaigns. The strategy focused on counties and
                                          candidates that demonstrated potential and need or were situated in areas where
“  With its history as a leader in        Republicans had lost ground over the last several election cycles.
enterprise, our state should be the
most formidable base for Republicans      In the five weeks between the election of the new State Party
in the nation. We have incredible         officers and the November 3rd elections, the State Party
potential--and the way to realize it is   raised more than $400,000 and provided resources
to use our combined resources to          for dozens of candidates in targeted areas
make the New York State Republican        across the state. Our efforts helped
Party the strongest in the nation.”       Republicans hold or capture four
Nan Hayworth, M.D.                        County Executive seats, including
Congresswoman, New York's                 those in Westchester (where             2009 LOCAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAM
  19th Congressional District
                                          Republicans are outnumbered 2 to 1)
                                          and Nassau Counties. Republicans also picked up several key County
                                          Legislature seats throughout the state, capturing control of legislatures in
                                          Dutchess and Nassau Counties. Republicans picked up a super minority in
                                          Erie County, which County Executive Chris Collins used to uphold 154 vetoes
                                          of Democrats’ wasteful spending measures.
                                          Our message was heard: in 2010, even many Democrats throughout the state, including
                                          Andrew Cuomo, campaigned on our winning themes of tax relief and fiscal responsibility.

                                          GOP GAINS ACROSS NYS
                                          Chautauqua        County Executive Re-Elected
“In 2009, when I was running              Erie              Gained 3 seats in County Legislature
against all odds--an entrenched
incumbent with an overwhelming            Monroe            Held Legislature, control of nearly all towns
Democratic enrollment edge and
threatening war chest --state             Onondaga          Gained 1 seat in County Legislature, key town pickups
committee was with me every step of       Oneida            Gained 3 seats in County Legislature
the way to provide resources and
advice. It was never a question of        Ulster            County Legislature flips to Republican
'can they win?' The question was          Orange            Gained 4 seats in County Legislature
always: 'how can we help you win?'
Their assistance has continued to be      Saratoga          Sweep in City of Saratoga; control of 20 towns
invaluable as I work to bring fiscal      Dutchess          Legislature flips to Republican
responsibility and pro-growth policies
to Westchester County. ”                  Rockland          County Executive elected to 5th term
Robert P. Astorino                        Westchester       County Exceutive flipped to Republican
Westchester County Executive              Nassau            County Exec, Controller, Legislature flips to Republican
                                          Suffolk           Gained 1 seat in County Legislature
  Our Work:                                                                                        By the Numbers:
  The 2010 “Take Back New York”                                                                   2010 Campaign
  Program and Election Success                                                                    Support Program
  The State Party played a key role in helping candidates at all levels of government win
  office in the historic 2010 elections. For the first time in years, the State GOP initiated a         3 Million+
  fully-integrated victory program, called “Take Back New York (TBNY).”                           Pieces of Mail Sent from the State
  Our efforts were statewide, with emphasis on areas of overlapping State Senate, Congres-          Party in Support of Candidates
  sional or Assembly races on portions of Long Island, the Hudson
  Valley, Central New York, the North Country and New York                                              1.5 MIllion
  City.                                                                                           Number of Voter ID Calls Made by
                                                                                                          the State GOP
  2010 “Get Out The Vote” Success.
  Thanks in part to our coordinated efforts                                                            1.36 MIllion
  with the county and local Parties, New                                                           GOTV Phone Calls Paid for by the
  York Republicans took back the State                                                                      State GOP
  Senate, achieved a super minority in
  the Assembly, and sent more new
                                           STATE GOP TBNY PROGRAM
                                                       TARGET AREAS
                                                                                                          1 Million
  Republicans to Congress than any                                                                Households Reached by TBNY Paid
  other state.                                         BUS STOPS                                          Media Campaign
                                                         VOIP PHONE CENTERS
       HISTORIC ACHIEVEMENTS                                                                      Pieces of Generic State GOP TBNY
                                                                                                              GOTV Mail
       Regained GOP State Senate Majority
       Acheived GOP Assembly Super-minority with 18 new members                                              9,756
       Gained 6 Congressional seats held by Democrats                                             Miles travelled across New York by
                                                                                                               TBNY Bus
       13 of 17 County Executive Seats
       Control of 46 of 57 counties outside NYC                                                                 40
       Re-energized and productive relationships with National Committees                           Counties visited by TBNY Bus

                                                                                                       TBNY Campaign Events

                                                                                                  Candidates who campaigned with
                                                                                                        or on the TBNY Bus
                              3                                                                                  7
                                                                                   20              Number of Media Markets hit by
                                                           25                                             TBNY Program
                                            29                                                                   7
                                                                                                      State GOP High-tech VOIP
                                   CONGESSIONAL                                                            Phone Centers
                                   DISTRICTS: 2011
                                                                                        3                        1
                                                                              13                  Statewide Ballot Security Hotline
                                                                                                     for Election Day Operations
                                         Our Work:
                                         The 2011 Local Assistance Program
                                         and Election Success
                                         Styled after the success of our 2009 Local Assistance Program, we again implemented
                                         many statewide initiatives to help local committees and candidates in the 2011 special
                                         and general elections. The State Party targeted resources toward County Executive races,
“  As a former State Chairman I can      County Legislative contests and other campaigns across the state. We worked with other
tell you first hand of the incredible    state and national organizations on phone banks, direct mail, voter identification efforts,
amount of work and energy that goes      and volunteer organization and mobilization.
with running a large political
operation. In today’s every changing     Our 2011 election success proves the “Republican Tide Is Still Rising.” Around the state,
climate the party must be fast to        experienced Republican County Executives easily won reelection in Monroe, Onondaga
respond, quick to rise to a challenge    and Oneida counties, won decisive victories in the open seats in Putnam and
and always paying attention to the 3.5   Dutchess counties, and won the Broome County Executive seat for
million party members they represent.
Over the past few years Chairman Cox
                                         the first time since 2004. Republicans also maintained and
and a dedicated and hard working         expanded their control of 46 County Legislatures across the
party staff and committee have risen     State, while strengthening their minority representation on
to the challenge. They have raised       the remaining legislatures, including 2:1 Democrat
money, spent it wisely and positively    Westchester County, where Republicans
impacted many dozens of critical         picked up two seats, giving them a
races – helping to make New York
                                         super minority and breaking the
better for all of us.
                                         Democrats’ ability to override
Bill Powers                              County Executive Rob Astorino’s        2011 LOCAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAM
Former Chairman, New York
  Republican State Committee
                                         veto. In 2:1 Democrat Erie County,
                                         we picked up the County Clerk’s seat, strengthened our super minority
                                         in the legislature, picked up six Town Supervisor offices and won a special
                                         Assembly election. In Suffolk County, Republicans held their ground in
                                         the County Legislature, swept the board and supervisor from the Democrats in the Town
                                         of Islip while holding or winning additional seats in Suffolk's other towns, and in
                                         conjunction with Nassau County, went an extraordinary 10 for 10 in Supreme Court
                                         Justice races.

                                         Victory in the 9th Congressional District
                                         On September 13, 2011, despite being out spent by a factor of three, Republican Bob
                                         Turner won a special election in a Queens and Brooklyn congressional district with a
                                                                                           three-to-one Democratic registration
“ Chairman Cox's leadership during
                                                                                           advantage. The district had not
the candidate selection process and
the decisions he made during the                                                           been held by a Republican since
course of the campaign helped assure                                                       1923 and had boasted holders such
my win. The State Party worked with                                                        as Chuck Schumer and Geraldine
national Republicans behind the                                                            Ferraro.
scenes, developed a mail plan, raised
and contributed funds, recruited                                                               The State Committee performed
volunteers from around the northeast,                                                          major roles in a number of critical
and echoed our message at every turn.                                                          areas including candidate and
They were instrumental to my victory.    campaign staff selection, campaign strategy, coordination of efforts with all GOP
Bob Turner                               committees at both senior and staff levels, raising and supplying critical funding, doing
Congressman, New York’s                  mailers, recruiting statewide and national volunteers, media "air cover" and op-ed
  9th Congressional District             support and ballot security.
                                         Financing success
                                         The New York State Party is in its strongest financial position in years due to the
                                         generosity of thousands of donors:
                                         I More than $8 million has been taken in by the State Party
                                           since September 2009
                                         I In 2010, over 120 people donated $5,000 or more –
“Senate Republicans are leading the        more than double the number in 2008
way in reducing the cost of
government, cutting taxes and            I We’ve tripled the number of donors to the State Party
helping the private sector create jobs
                                           since September 2009
and economic opportunity for all. To
continue on this trajectory, it is       I In 2011 we outperformed 2010’s numbers for individual,
imperative we have a strong State          non-event related donations
Party in this crucial election year as
we seek to increase our majority in      I Our 2010 State Dinner was the most successful in years,
the State Senate and elect more            raising $1 million, followed by another successful dinner in 2011.
Republicans to the Assembly. We look
forward to working together with the     We have rebuilt our State Party finance team, have reestablished relationships
State Party and the entire Republican    with major donors and developed a number of new ones. We have implemented
conference to continue to build our      a multi-faceted, grassroots fundraising program by revamping and expanding our
Republican record of accomplishment
                                         direct mail, e-solicitation and telemarketing programs.
and make New York an even better
place to live.
Dean Skelos                              The New State Party Finance Committee
Senate Majority Leader                   In June 2011, the State Party announced the formation of its first formal Finance
                                         Committee in nearly two decades. These major donors, many of whom have
                                         supported the State Party over the last two years, commit to give or raise between
                                         $10,000 and $100,000+ annually. The Committee is chaired by one of our
                                         $100,000 donors, Matthew Mellon. Mr. Mellon was co-developer of the famous
                                         Jimmy Choo shoe and accessories brand, works in the New York financial
                                         community and has deep family roots of Republican donors. He and his network
                                         will help us continue to expand our donor base with major contributors.
                                         Members of the Finance Committee will be involved in developing state and
                                         national party policies as well as sharing information and opinions with state and
                                         local candidates. Because New York is the financial and media center of the United
                                                                                  States, as well as a center for many ethnic
“Having a strong Republican State                                                 groups, Finance Committee members will
Committee is critically important in                                              have opportunities to communicate with
helping Assembly Republicans deliver                                              key political figures from across New York
our proven winning message of lower                                               and the nation.
taxes, a stronger private sector and
more prosperity for all New Yorkers.
Politics is a team sport and ensuring
that Chairman Cox and the New York
Republican State Committee have the      The State Party raised nearly $1million
support and funding necessary to         from its 2010 State Dinner featuring
help elect more Republicans in the       Gov. Jeb Bush. The State Party has also
Assembly is more than an investment      held successful events with Donald
in good government – it’s a smart        Trump, Gov. Haley Barbour, Gov. Mitt
investment in a better, more             Romney and other notable Republicans.
prosperous New York State. ”
Brian Kolb
Assembly Republican Leader
Our Work: 2012 and Beyond:
Maintaining the Momentum
                                                                            Party as a positive and principled force in New York State politics.
                                                                            These are neither current party nor government officeholders; they’re
                                                                            extraordinary individuals who have served in many capacities and are
                                                                            dedicated to rebuilding the Republican Party.
                                                                            Data Management and
                                                                            Micro-Targeting Program
                                                                            The State Party helps provide the latest data to campaigns in the form
                                                                            of voter ID calls or polls. This year, the State Party will augment its
                                                                            capability to develop its own statewide voter database. This database
                                                                            will allow campaigns to better analyze the voting population and
                                                                            target their messages and outreach more effectively.

Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos.                                         New Technology and Outreach Infrastructure
                                                                            In 2010, we set up seven phone centers using the latest technology to
Working with Republicans in the Legislature                                 improve outreach effectiveness. As a result of that success, we will be
Republicans are back in control of the State Senate and in 2010             purchasing Voice Over Internet Protocol phone systems that can be
achieved a super minority in the Assembly. The State Party is working       deployed across the state to help campaigns and local committees with
actively with our legislators to achieve their legislative program and      outreach and “Get Out The Vote” operations.
coordinate our messaging. Our priorities include improving the State’s      Statewide Mobilization Program
fiscal situation, abating our tax burden and pursing a pro-growth           The State Party will build a new program to emphasize Personalized
agenda. One of our primary objectives for 2012 is to strengthen our         Voter Contact, the most effective means of persuasion. Our new data
majority in the Senate and our super minority in the Assembly.              management program will generate better call and walk lists that will
Training Initiative                                                         be made available to local organizations through our enhanced online
The State Party has initiated a statewide training program that             capabilities.
brought some of the best grassroots organizers in the nation to New
York to educate hundreds of candidates, committee members,
campaign managers and activists. In the spring of 2011, for the first
time in nearly a decade, the State Party held a training session specifi-
cally tailored for woman candidates. Initial classes for the surrounding
regions have also been held in Westchester, New York, Suffolk,
Onondaga, Rockland, Tompkins, Erie, Broome, Saratoga and
Ontario Counties.
Issue Advocacy
In cooperation with our elected officials, the State GOP aims to
increase our advocacy activities across the state through a combination
of traditional tactics like direct mail and more modern approaches like
digital media. We are submitting editorial pieces to publications across    Assembly Republican Leader Brian Kolb.
the state, ensuring that our message reaches all corners of New York.
Chairman’s Advisory Council
Over twenty experienced and politically skilled individuals have
agreed to join the council, chaired by our great past State Party
Chairman Bill Powers, which will help build and maintain the State
Building Towards 2012
As the pivotal 2012 campaign season approaches, coordination between the State and National
Campaign Committees is already underway to ensure that our resources are targeted effectively.
Our prime areas of focus will be retaining our majority in the State Senate, strengthening our
presence in the Assembly, defending a major County Executive seat, capturing additional
Congressional seats and winning Kirsten Gillibrand’s US Senate seat. The State Party will also
play a critical role in providing data to candidates for newly drawn legislative districts.
                                                                                                    “  Strong state parties are critical
                                                                                                    to our success in 2012. America
Though a traditionally “Blue” state, New York will have an important role in defeating Barack       desperately needs a new direction,
Obama in 2012. Our status as the financial and media center of the United States and as a           and we can only achieve that with
center for many ethnic groups requires that New York’s Republicans be on the front lines of         Republican victories at all levels of
                                                                                                    government. We need new leadership
the 2012 Presidential Election.                                                                     in Washington, and we need new
                                                                                                    leadership in Albany. And that requires
                                                                                                    a New York Republican Party with the

Our Vision for the Future                                                                           resources to run competitively,
                                                                                                    effectively, and successfully.
                                                                                                    In 2010, New York sent more new
George Washington envisioned New York as the “seat of empire,” which in the Eighteenth              Republican members to Congress than
Century vernacular meant an economic center of vast wealth and resources. In the Nineteenth         any other state and took back control
Century and the first part of the Twentieth Century, New York fulfilled Washington's vision.        of the State Senate. And just last fall,
But now, New York has one of the nation's least friendly business environments, heaviest tax        Bob Turner won a congressional seat
                                                                                                    in the heart of New York City. Together,
burdens, highest energy and insurance costs and a rapidly decaying infrastructure, all of which     the RNC and the state party can
drive away jobs and some of our most productive citizens.                                           build on this momentum to propel the
                                                                                                    GOP to victory in November. I applaud
New York has been, and to a great extent still is, home to the nation's, and indeed the world's,    Chairman Ed Cox and National
                                                                                                    Committee Members Lawrence Kadish
most robust financial center, greatest media center and most prestigious common law courts.
                                                                                                    and Jennifer Saul Rich for their
It has some of the world's greatest centers of learning and greatest philanthropic and cultural     outstanding work and capable
organizations as well as historically innovative and effective infrastructure projects.             leadership and look forward to
                                                                                                    strengthening our partnership. ”
But after nearly sixty years of government overreach marked by its congressional delegation         Reince Priebus, Chairman
declining from 45 seats in 1953 to 27 in 2012, New York needs to get back to a culture of           Republican National Committee
freedom and opportunity with limited and fiscally responsible government. That is New York’s
DNA, and those are the primary principles of New York's Republican Party. Unless New York
quickly gets back to a government based on those core pro-growth principles, it will continue its
relative decline among the states of the country and the nations of the world.

As New York Republicans, we believe not only in American exceptionalism but in New York
exceptionalism. The New York Republican Party is, and will grow in strength as, a force for
maintaining and restoring New York's greatness as a fiscally sound, industrious, creative and
prosperous state and as such the brightest light in that "shining city on a hill" -- The United
States of America.

                                                                                                    “ As Monroe County Executive, I am
                                                                                                    proud to stand side by side with a
                                                                                                    strong New York State Republican
                                                                                                    team to fight for lower taxes, less
                                                                                                    spending, and a higher quality of life
                                                                                                    for taxpayers in communities across
                                                                                                    our great State.”
                                                                                                    Maggie Brooks
                                                                                                    Monroe County Executive
                                         Finance Committee Reply Form
                                         K    I will commit to serve as a General Chair (Give or raise $100,000)
                                         K    I will commit to serve as a Co-Chair (Give or raise $50,000)
                                         K    I will commit to serve as a Vice-Chair (Give or raise $25,000)
                                         K    I will commit to serve as a Member (Give or raise $10,000)

                                         Full Name
“A strong State Republican Party is      __________________________________________________________________________________________
important in defending the issues,       Spouse Name
we as Republicans stand for; limited     __________________________________________________________________________________________
government, less spending, lower         Address
taxes, local control, and fiscal         __________________________________________________________________________________________
responsibility. Under Ed Cox’s           City                                         State                      Zip
leadership, the State Party has played   __________________________________________________________________________________________
                                         Home Phone                                   Office Phone
a vital role in shaping the discussion
and helping to get Republicans           __________________________________________________________________________________________
elected all across New York State.”      Fax                                          Email

Rudy Giuliani
Former Mayor of New York City            Federal law requires us to use our best efforts to collect and report the name, mailing address,
                                         occupation and name of employer of individuals whose contributions exceed $200 in a calendar year.

                                         Employer                                     Occupation
                                         Spouse’s Employer (if joint contribution)    Spouse’s Occupation (if joint contribution)

                                         Donation amount $ __________________________
                                         BY CREDIT CARD                                     BY CHECK

                                         K    Visa                                          K     Check
                                         K    Mastercard
                                         K    American Express                              Please make checks payable and sent to:
                                                                                            The New York Republican State Committee
“As a Mayor, Assemblyman, Senator        _________________________________________
                                         Card #                                             122 East 83rd Street
and as Governor I know first-hand the    _________________________________________
                                                                                            2nd Floor
critical role our State Party plays in   Exp. Date                                          New York, NY 10028
supporting candidates and advancing      _________________________________________
our Republican conservative              CVV#
principles. Under the leadership of      _________________________________________
Chairman Ed Cox, the NYGOP has           Name as it appears on the Card
successfully nurtured the next           _________________________________________
generation of Republican leaders         Signature
providing the leadership, resources      All funds solicited in connection with this communication are made soley by the New York Republican
and organization necessary to help       State Committee and not by any Federal Candidate or Federal Office holder.
build our party from the ground up.
If we are going to leverage that         Contributions or gifts to the New York Republican State Committee are not tax deductible. Subject to
success, it’s essential to have a well   the limits and prohibitions of the Federal Election Campaign Act, contributions will be deposited into the
resourced and robust State Party                            Federal Account for use in Federal Elections and other proper expenditures there from.
apparatus. I encourage all those who                             Contributions exceeding Federal limits shall be subject to the limits of New York
share our vision for a better New York                             State Election Law.
to support their efforts.
                                                                   315 State Street, Albany, NY 12210 • 518-462-2601
George E. Pataki
                                                                   122 East 83rd Street, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10028 • 212-517-7884
Former New York State Governor

                                              Paid for by the New York Republican State Committee. Not authorized by any candidate or
                                          candidate’s committee. 315 State Street, Albany, NY 12210 • 518-462-2601 •

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