The Most Beautiful Roof in the World by w0rVb4L


									   The Most
Beautiful Roof
 in the World

   Open Court: Unit 5_Lesson 2
 Word Knowledge
Line 1: research uncharted notch watches
Line 2: lower higher swallow regurgitate
Line 3: available variable changeable
Line 4: erupt junction lateral descend

S1: The scientist researched the insects from the
    canopy of the rainforest..
S2: When Meg was not working at the top of the
    rainforest, she was at the bottom of the trees
    looking up.
S3: Is the baby-sitter available to work on Saturday?
S4: During my dive, I will descend from the platform
    with a flip and a twist.
canopy: anything that acts or seems to act as
  an overhanging shelter or covering          (pg. 492)

parabolas: motion having the form of an open
  curve.   (pg. 498)

synchronized: to happen at the same time (pg. 499)

foraging: to hunt or search for food or
  supplies.        (pg. 500)

metabolic: relating to the means in which
 food is converted to energy .    (pg. 502)
Spelling: The Most Beautiful Roof in the World.
 1.  amateur             11. grateful
 2. preamble             12. hospitality

 3. animate              13. formality

 4. audition             14. rupture

 5. benefit              15. omission

 6. candidate            16. erupt

 7. capital              17. junction

 8. cease                18. lateral

 9. record               19. descend

 10. incorporate         20. platform

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