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									This Dissolve LLC resolution is used by the members of an LLC to end the LLC's
existence. The reasons for dissolution can include sale of all assets, completion of
purpose, or unprofitability. Dissolution disposes of all the LLC debts and assets,
creditors and shareholders are paid, and the LLC is terminated. Certain states may
require the filing of certain documents with regulatory entities, such as the secretary of
state or department of corporations. This document should be used when an LLC is
                                           DISSOLVE LLC

                                     RESOLUTION OF MEMBERS



                                [Instruction: Insert the name of the LLC]

A/AN ____________________ LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY.

The undersigned, being all the members of _______________________ [Instruction: Insert the
name of the LLC], a limited liability company, hereby resolve to dissolve and consent to the
dissolution of the limited liability company.

Dated this ____ [Month] ____ [Date], 20____.


[Instruction: Insert the signature of member#1]


[Instruction: Insert the signature of member#2]

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