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                                 2012 School Fee Structure
1.     A once-off non-refundable Registration Fee of R3 500.00 is payable in full on acceptance of the

2.     School Fees: Grades 8 to 12: R29 040.00 per annum
                11 payments of R2 640.00 per month: 1st payment on 1 February 2012 and last payment
                on 1 December 2012,
       OR       12 payments of R2 420.00 per month: 1st payment on 1 January 2012 and last payment
                on 1 December 2012.
       Please note that if 1st payment is received on 1 February then amount MUST equal R2 640.00.

3.     For 2 or more children there will be a 10% discount per learner: R26 136.00 per annum
                11 payments of R2 376.00 per month (1st payment 1 February 2012)
       OR       12 payments of R2 178.00 per month (1st payment MUST be 1 January 2012)

4.     School fees can be paid in a lump sum before 31 st January 2012: total amount = R26 136.00

5.     There is an annual charge of R40.00 per learner for the SMS Bulk System due with the first

6.     There is an annual charge of R240 per learner for printing costs, due by the end of the 1 st Term.
       This is not meant for the printing of learner’s projects and personal notes.

7.     There is a once-off Matric Examination Fee of R1 000.00 for all Grade 12 learners, due by the
       beginning of the 3rd Term.

8.     Where a learner sits a Saturday/Headmaster’s Detention, their account will be debited by R50.00,
       to cover expenses incurred by the school, such as overtime and travelling costs.

9.     All school fees must be paid up by 1 December 2012.

10.    Parents’ must give a full term’s notice if a learner leaves the school. If not, the parent will be held
       responsible for a term’s school fees.

11.    Payment must be made directly into the school’s bank account. We prefer not to take cash at the
       school due to security reasons.
12.       Banking Details:
                  Account Name: Winelands Academy                      Bank: Nedbank TygerValley
                  Account: Current a/c no 1003 594 700                 Branch Code: 1039 1040
                  Reference: Learner’s surname & initials e.g. Jones,C

13.       Regarding school fees, I understand that:

         Prompt payment of school fees is essential for efficient administration and to keep fees as low as
         School fees are due on the first day of the month. A grace period of five days is arranged for my
         Statements will be sent out every month. The annual charge is spread over eleven or twelve
          months depending on the payment plan that I have chosen. I agree to pay promptly during the
          holiday period as well.
         Accounts not paid within 30 days will result in my learner(s) automatically being placed on
          probationary status at the school. Difficulties that may arise in prompt payment must be discussed
          with the principal.
         Should my school fees be in arrears, that my learner(s) will not be eligible for any leadership
          positions or for any outings or any special functions (such as their Matric Farewell).
         Should my school fees be in arrears, that I will not be eligible to serve on the School Governing
          Body (SGB) and that if I am serving on the SGB that I will be removed from my position
         I will be expected to have made other arrangements for my learner’s education, if the account is
          unpaid after 60 days.
         School fees do not include the cost of books.

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