Effect of Eco-Imbalance

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					                      Effect of Eco-Imbalance

Some important impacts of polluted environment and imbalance eco-system are
described below turn by turn :

   1. Eco-imbalance adversely human health. A wide range of communicable
      diseases can spread through the elements of polluted environment by the
      man . Outbreak of SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome ) in 2003 in
      many clearly proved it .
   2. Eco-imbalance degrade soil productivity . Soil in many parts of country is
      eroded. Acidification and salinization directly reduce soil fertility. They may
      be caused by acid rain and accumulation of water soluble salts in the soil.
      Chemical degradation of soil occur if the nutrients of the soil are leached
      out . Soil is contaminated by harmful chemicals is like DDT and radio-
      activity substances.
   3. Eco-Imbalance causes Desertification :

   Insufficient rain, non-recurring event of annual rainfall and man’s over-
   exploitation of the land cause desertification. Severe recurring droughts and
   man’s over-exploitation of dry lands are equally important factors which
   cause eco-imbalance. Attempts have been made in a number of countries to
   check desertification but always appeared to be in vain because costs exceed

4. Global warming cause eco-imbalance:

Global warming means increase in the temperature of earth . There are broadly
two reasons discovered by environmental scintists. Both the reasons are
connected with carbon dooxide. Carbon dioxide strongly absorbs and reradiates
the heat rays. It is fully transparent to visible light . Carbon dioxide acts like the
glass of a green-house and tends to warm the air in the lower level of
atmosphere. This is called green-house effect.

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