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					Hair Extensions in Bangkok Thailand – Hair Salon Thailand
Hair extensions Bangkok packages are what the Zen red salon are famous for in Thailand, that and also a unique hair spa
Bangkok treatment fused with Brazilian keratin treatments and organic color treatments from some of the best brand
names in the World. What’s even better about this salon is that the prices are 70% cheaper than back home. SO a trip to
Zen red Bangkok Salon makes for a good Bargain hunting best of Bangkok shopping expedition.

There are of course countless street stores in Bangkok that will offer cheaper hair extensions but if you are looking for
100% Remy hair and some of the finest hair extensions money can buy then it’s worth spending a few thousand baht
extra and having some quality hair extensions that will last more than 6 weeks. Zen red hair extensions can actually last
6 months or more depending on how your look after them and what technique they use to remove and replace the hair
when the original roots grow.

Bangkok Hair Extensions – Thailand hair Extensions
The best hair extensions in Bangkok Experience should be one where your own hair is safe from damage and you won’t
have to suffer headaches every morning or waking up to a mess of tangled matted hair that you have to cut out. All of
this can be avoided with quality Bangkok hair extensions and a good salon stylist that has the latest techniques and tools
to put them in the hair.

Zen red salon Bangkok also provides the latest bonding techniques for hair extensions, ranging from fusion bonding to a
brand new silicone micro ring which means no damage to your existing hair. You can also take advantage of the special
hair extension aftercare packs that you can take home to ensure your hair extensions stay healthy looking and don’t end
up in the sink or down the plug after a shower.

Thailand is a fantastic country for cheap and cheerful but somewhat more difficult to find high quality items for the
cheapest affordable prices. Zen red salon is a salon with that exact concept where you can find the same brands as back
home, be it Brazilian keratin treatment or the latest hair spa therapy, OPI nail varnish and the best OPI Nail manicure
pedicure experiences. All of which can be found at Zen red salon Bangkok.

The salon is located in monopoly Park mall Bangkok, a small friendly mall which is also home to the famous Hajime
samurai robot restaurant, an actual robot will serve you your meal and if you’re lucky a song and dance too. You can get
to Zen red salon Bangkok by heading first to Sathorn or silom area, then grabbing a taxi to the salon. It’s actually easier
to call the salon from the Cab to have them talk to your driver as it saves a lot of time trying to explain and they may
well take you the wrong way if you aren’t sure.

You can also visit the zenred Bangkok salon website and get full directions, maps and the latest special offers they have
on Bangkok hair extensions, Brazilian keratin Hair Straightening Bangkok promotions and Organic ammonia free Hair
colouring in Bangkok. Just check out:

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