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					                                         Ch. 13
                                      Study Guide

Terms I need to know:

   1.  Municipality-a central city and its surrounding suburbs
   2.  Council manager-
   3.  Urban areas-
   4.  District attorney-
   5.  Ordinance-
   6.  Strong mayor-a type of govt. usually in large cities ,under which the mayor strong
       executive powers
   7. Special district-
   8. Metropolitan area-
   9. County-normally a state’s largest territorial and political subdivision
   10. Commission-
   11. Parishes-
   12. Village-the smallest unit of local govt.
   13. City Charter-a document that grants power to a local govt.

Answer the following:

   1. Analyze the political cartoon found on page 389?
         a. What is the purpose of the performers?
         b. Who are the two men in ties?
         c. Describe the yawning man’s attitude about voting?

   2. What kind of local government would you find in New England states? P. 388

   3. In the strong-mayor system, the mayor has the power to? P. 379

   4. Why do many Midwestern townships today, appear perfectly square on a map? P.

   5. What are some of the duties of commissioners on a county board? P. 385

   6. List the duties of the following 5 county officials… P. 386
          a. Assessor,
          b. finance director or treasurer,
          c. auditor,
          d. clerk,
          e. coroner
7. List advantages and disadvantages on becoming a village? P. 390

8. How are local governments created? P. 377

9. County governments typically provide what services? P. 385

10. How has the American population over the past hundred years changed? P. 377

11. In the 19th century the county courthouse served as the center of? P. 384

12. List some of the duties of a district attorney… P. 386

13. Explain how residents of a community seek permission for their community to
    become a municipality? P. 377