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									By Hannah
Don’t talk to anyone on a social
networking site you don’t know.
When talking to someone it is so
important to not give out important info
like address and your school.
If you do start talking to someone
you don’t know then give them a
nickname and not your real name.
Make sure you don’t use any pictures of you
that your parents or friends wouldn’t want to
Don’t let just anyone view your pictures make
sure it’s just your friends.
Unfortunately people on the web people do try and track
people down and use information you have posted against
you but follow these rules and no one can catch you.

Any pictures of you shouldn’t show your school
uniform as this is an easy way of tracing you.
Never give out your postcode as anyone can look
at your house on Google Earth.
Lastly try to never post your mobile number as
anyone in the world can then contact you.
If you find someone is maybe talking to you and you
don’t know who they are or you’re being made to do
something by someone than all you have to do is
report the person.

              Just press
              this button
              and your
              abuser will
              be caught.
Social Networking sites can be fun and
enjoyable so to keep safe and to stay happy
simply follow this code.

Don’t tell        Stop       Report the
strangers         unwanted   abuse and tell
important info.   info.      someone

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