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									                                                                           Pet-en-l’air/Robe à la Française
      Robe a l’Anglaise

                 18th Century Gown and Frock Coat Workshop
                                        May 5 – 6, 2007
                                       Owings Mills, MD
                          With Historical 18th Century Pattern Designer
                                            J.P. Ryan
You are cordially invited to attend a two-day intensive clothing workshop with J. P. Ryan, an
internationally recognized designer in the world of 18th century pattern making and clothing construction.
Each participant will work closely with J. P. Ryan, who will personally assess and pin fit their chosen
garment. At the end of the first day, each participant should have their own customized pattern, specific to
their shape and figure.
The second day will be devoted to cutting and construction, with JP providing insights and personalized
direction as needed. Additional fittings may lead to refining each participant’s pattern. Each participant
who arrives with a fitting muslin may very well leave with a garment ready for hand finishing. An
individual’s progress will be limited only by their aptitude and sewing abilities.
Participants in this two-day workshop are welcome to create either a Pet–en-l’air, Robe à la Française,
Robe à ľ Anglaise, or a Gentleman’s Frock Coat. Please visit for additional information
about each design. Participants are limited to these specific J.P. Ryan patterns in available sizes only.
As an added bonus, each participant will receive detailed materials via e-mail prior to the on-site
workshop. These Advices will include fabric suggestions, fabric resources and instructions on pattern
adjustment. In addition, J. P. Ryan will review scanned images of each participant’s selected fabrics. All
participants will be welcome to discuss their workshop needs and plans via e-mail after Advices have
been sent. On-line instruction will begin on April 5th.
Participation in this workshop will be limited to 20. Prior registration is required. Cost of Workshop:
$100.00 for 2-days of expert instruction, personalized fitting and pattern adjustment with J.P. Ryan. No
refunds after pre-workshop materials are sent.
Moderate sewing skills required. If you have successfully sewn clothing for yourself and/or your family,
can follow a commercial pattern, and make minor pattern adjustments to fit yourself and/or others, you
will derive great benefit from attending this workshop. Basic sewing and how to use a sewing machine
will not be taught.
•   For all: J. P. Ryan pattern as listed above, completed fitting muslin for same, fashion fabric, linings
    and interfacing, if required.
•   For Gowns: shift, pair of stays, pocket hoops optional. The gowns are not designed to fit over a
    modern figure. Stays are a must.
•   For Frock Coat: long sleeved shirt, waistcoat, and the gentleman who will wear the coat. Be sure he
    is present during the workshop for fittings.




City:                                         State:          Zip:

Primary Phone:                                           (Home/ Work/ Cell)

Please send completed application along with your check to:
                                    Recollections of J. P. Ryan
                                          P. O. Box 1016
                                     Randallstown, MD 21133
Which pattern are you making? Circle one:
                 Robe à ľ Anglaise          Robe à la Française            Frock Coat
Do you want to purchase your pattern now as you register? ! No               ! Yes,
If yes, select circle the size that you want from the 3 lines below
    Robe à l’Anglaise                (8) (10) (12) (14) (16) (18) (20) (22)                  $18
    Pet-en-l'air/ Robe à la Française (6-8) (10-12) (14-16) (18-20)         (22-24)          $18
    Frock Coat chest                 (40)   (42) (44) (46)        (48)                       $17
    Workshop                                                                               $100
    Total                                                                             $________

Or, you may register on-line via Paypal, listing clothing workshop and selected pattern in the dialog box.
In doubt as to what size pattern to purchase? Send your measurements along with you order and J.P.
Ryan will select the correct size for you.
Owings Mills is a suburb of Baltimore, MD, located off route 795, northwest of the Baltimore beltway.
All participants will be sent directions, names of local accommodations, and a list of what to bring to the
Questions? Please e-mail J.P. Ryan at

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