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					                                Association of North East and Cumbria Car Clubs
                                             Autocross Championship

Minutes of Meeting 9th November 2011

Members present. Alex Fawcett. Tom Fawcett. George Harrison. Mardy Fawcett. G raham Hall. John
Wonders. Ben Houston. G Houston. Paul Gee. Glen Guthrie. Richie Guthrie. Dave Elliott. Kim Gooden. Harry
Gooden. John Francis. Alan Davison. Ken Eltis. J McAndrew. Mel Wellden. Dave Wellden. Maurice Mabon.
Margaret Mabon. Colin Salkeld. Jackie Neil. Jim Neil. Ryan Jones. Jim Jones. Graham Smith. Garry Salmon.
John Straughan. Dan Eltis

Apologies for absence Debbie Staley-Bush. Steven Lewis.

Meeting reopened 8.20pm

New committee voted in

Nomination for Chairman. Only Graham Hall nominated. Members accepted him with a majority vote.

Nomination for Treasurer. Graham Hall nominated in once again.

Nomination for Secretary. Kim Gooden willing to stand.

Nomination for Vice Chairman. No nominations

Nominations for Co-ordinator. No nominations three people willing to take on the role.

Colin Salkeld to complete the legal and technical information and complete the registration to the MSA.

Maurice Mabon willing to complete the running totals for the championship and add to the website.

Mardy Fawcett to continue to post out documentation to competitors.

Championship Stewarts. Previous members asked if they would stand again, as no nominations given. John
Straughan, Jim Neil, Dave Elliott, Alan Davison, John Francis and John Mooney.

Eligibility Scrutineer Colin asked by Chairman if he was willing to stand. Colin accepted the role.

Old Committee stood down. (Refreshment break)

Meeting restarted a t 9,20pm.

No proposals had been received by the secretary. Graham asked if there were any proposals from the floor..

Proposal for a press officer. Graham asked if anyone was willing to stand. Alan Davison, Ken Eltis and Paul Gee
willing to share the role.

Discussion of dates for the new season. Colin asked for 2012 dates to be decided a.s.a.p. as he would like to
complete information for MSA this year. He asked clubs to liaise and would appreciate information a.s.a.p.

Colin stated that he would check the dates already used for rallies etc.
Jackie Neil said that The Border Ecosse clubs had some dates they would like to offer for the ANECCC
Championship .

Dates given April 15th , May 20th, June 24th,July 22nd, a joint double header event by both Berwick and Border
Ecosse on August 25th & 26th, and September 30th.

Tynemouth offered provisionally 9 th & 10th June.

Alnwick stated they would have to speak to their Committee.

There was some discussion on the fee for the fields at Causey. A fixed fee was paid to Steven Hogg for the
year for no matter how many events were run. The reduced number of event would have an impact upon the cost
incurred by clubs as there would be an increase in the field rent.

Colin Salkeld asked how many events Cramlington intended to run this year. Dave said that Cramlington had
hoped to run 2-3 events including a double header.

Tynemouth stated that they would run one event.

Alnwick stated that they would run 2 events.

Graham Hall mentioned that Whickham MC possibly would join the championship.

Discussion on the number of rounds and the added cost to competitors. Some competitors would ‘cherry pick’
the events to reduce their costs. A proposal was made that stated that the ANECCC Championship should count
the points from 5 events on the borders and 5 events from the northeast .

Dave Wellden made the proposal that there should be 7 events in the Borders and 7 events in the North East.
10 rounds to count. 5 from the Border and 5 from the North East.

The proposal was voted for unanimously 16 for and 3 against.

There followed a discussion on the points system as being unfair. A proposal was made for the 2012 season to
change the points system to be Class first would get 15 points. Second would get 10 points, third would get 8
point, fourth would get 7 point and this would continue down to the tenth position and competitors after that
would get a single point, providing they completed a practice round. The fastest finals points would be awarded
to the winner 20 points , the second in the group would get 15 point , the third in the group would get 10 points,
the fourth would get 9 points, the fifth would get 8 points and so on till all the competitors were awarded
points. All the remaining competitors would be given a point for competing.

The proposal was passed 14 for and 2 against

Graham Hall proposed that two awards for the fastest could be made 1 for the specials and 4 wheel drive
vehicles and 1 for the cars. After some discussion the proposal was withdrawn.

An open discussion was made about the class 3 and rear wheel drive vehicles,.

Proposal was made to remove class 3 and change it to rear wheel drive vehicles up to 3 ½ litre.

Suggestions made as to the economy class and that it could be put with class 6 alongside the rally car class
which run separately. It would need to stipulate in the regulations that the economy vehicle could not run in the

The motion was passed by a majority of 16 votes.

An idea was suggested to produce a club championship of the year. Members in the clubs would score points
which would count towards the final autocross club of the year. Reasoning behind this was to encourage clubs to
get behind Autocross Championship.

Proposal made by Dave Wellden to give a trophy for the club who gets the most points in the season.
The club members points awarded at each meeting would be counted and the winner would be the ANECCC club
that had the most points for the season.
The points would only be from registered competitors and would only be the point awarded after the member
has registered.
The trophy would be presented yearly.
The motion was passed 8 for and 1 against.

Jim Neil stated that could an addition to the regulation regarding numbers that the buggies in class 7 could run
with a number on the top of the vehicle as well as the ones on the door. He explained that it was often difficult
for the timekeepers to see the number especially on muddy days. There was some discussion as to the size of
the number and how it would be attached and that it would have to comply with the blue book.
It was explained that the eligibility scrutineer would need to agree.
The motion was passed unanimously

John Straughan

Reminded everyone that all entry forms were supposed to be in on the due date. Competitors who did not enter
before the due date would not have any points awarded. This was one of the regulations and should be applied.
The motion was passed 9 for 0 against
Maurice stated that he received the entry list off the secretaries before the event and it would be easy for
the entry secretaries to follow the rule.

John Straughan asked about the possibility of not awarding trophies if it would help a meeting to run. It was
explained that the trophies were already engraved. The discussion that followed showed that many members
feel there is a need to award something more than a certificate and that trophies should continue to be handed
out at each event.

Graham Hall explained that there was a need for a vice Chairperson and asked the members if any of them were
willing to stand. Ryan Jones agreed to be the Vice Chairman for the year.

A proposal was made to reduce the registration fees to £30 and not give out a free dinner dance ticket to
registered competitors. After some discussion it was agreed that the championship registration fee would
remain at £45

John Straughan commentsed on the championship stickers for this year. It was explained that as no sponsor
could be found, no stickers were printed. A question was posed about the regulations containing a comment
about stickers and this would need to be reviewed.

Meeting closed 11.20pm.

Next ANECCC meeting would be on Wednesday January 11 th at Tynemouth Clubhouse starting at 7.45pm