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 Full Steam Ahead for the Electronic Care Record

                                        Des O’Loan
                                     Project Manager
                                   Friday 16th April 2010
                                    Beeches Management centre

Wherever a patient/client is treated, there is a record of that treatment. There is generally a
paper record kept but very often, there is also an electronic record in systems such as A&E
systems, laboratory systems etc. One of the key themes of the HSC ICT strategy is the
introduction of an Electronic Care Records system operating across the HSC.

It is intended that this system will ultimately bring together significant historic and current
information from each patient/client’s contacts with the various sectors of the HSC – a summary
record of a patient’s health and healthcare records. Information will be colated from a variety
of sources such as GP medical records, consultations in an outpatients clinic or ward, diagnostic
information (x-rays/scans) from pathology and radiology, treatment information from
paramedics/theatres and other specialist areas and treatment records such as drugs/care
plans/operation notes and discharge summaries. In fact, the long term aim is to make as much
relevant patient/client information available to the appropriate health care staff at the correct

The ECR will play a key role in a patient-centred service. It will allow electronic patient records
to be available to other health professionals. These records will be managed within a secure
environment and accessed under a strict “need-to-know” regime that complies with agreed
confidentiality and consent protocols.
      Full Steam Ahead for the Electronic Care Record
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