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									                    8 FIELD WAY • CAMBRI DGE • CB1 8RW

               PHONE 01223 212541 • MOBILE 07989 289256


               ICT management consultant.
               Director of Watershed IT Services Ltd.
               Consultant/associate with 4ps and Socitm.


               Society of IT Management (Socitm).
               British Computer Society.


               2004 – present         Watershed IT Services Ltd
                   Gateway Reviews for 4ps (6 as team member, 3 as team
                    leader), all completed successfully.
                   Assignments for Local Authority clients of Socitm Consulting,
                    as lead consultant. These covered strategy development in ICT
                    services (twice), customer access and a partnership portal.
                    They were all well received.
                   Assignment as technical specialist associate for e2eResearch,
                    developing a technical infrastructure architecture for Local
                    Authorities in Belgium, Germany and the UK.

               2001 - 2004 South Cambridgeshire District Council
               Assistant Finance & Resources Director (ICT)
                I was appointed at a time when the Council realised that it

                 needed to make radical improvements to its ICT (Information
                 and Communications Technology) service. During my 3 years
                 there, the service developed from having being poorly rated in
    a Best Value review in 2000 to being held up as an example of
    the Council’s success in the Comprehensive Performance
    Assessment in 2004.
   My main achievements were:
          PCs on every desk, with access to office systems, internal
          and external email and a new Council-wide intranet;
          the migration from in-house developed systems on
          proprietary platforms to industry-standard applications;
          cross-departmental user groups at all levels, and a high
          level of user satisfaction with the service;
          the introduction of a standard project management
          outsourcing the day-to-day ICT support to a specialist
          obtaining central and regional government funding for
          Electronic Government initiatives and the introduction of
          Broadband across the District;
          establishing one of the first Contact Centres in the UK to
          provide County and District Council services jointly;
          maintaining the support of the elected Councillors in
          funding these developments during a time of financial
          constraint, with a growth in the ICT team from 5 to about
   I retired from this job on my 55th birthday in order to pursue
    wider interests and opportunities.

1993 - 2001 Cambridge City Council
IT Contract Manager
 I was appointed to this role at the time when the Council had

  decided to outsource its IT service provision to a specialist
 My main achievements were similar in many ways the first 5

  points listed above for South Cambridgeshire. The main
  difference was that the whole of the IT service had been
  outsourced, and I operated on my own as the Council’s “expert
  client” in managing the contract. During my 8 years, I finalised
  the initial contract and managed its introduction, negotiated an
  extension, and then managed a comprehensive re-tendering
  exercise which resulted in the transfer of the service to a new
 In addition to the “day job”, I was a member of the Executive

  Committee of the Cambridge Online City initiative from its
  inception in 1995, and acted as Treasurer and line manager to
  its 6 members of staff. The organisation developed to provide a
  wide range of services including about 15 Community Access
  Points (free Internet access and tutorials), a website and a
                    centre for training people with disabilities to use IT.
                   I left to take up the more challenging and senior role at South

                1973 - 1993 IBM United Kingdom Ltd
                Systems Engineer, Systems Engineering Manager, Project
                 For the first 12 years with IBM, I provided pre- and post-sales

                  technical support to a wide range of customers including British
                  Aerospace, Tesco, Willis Faber and Calor. Major projects
                  included the sale and installation of large mainframes and
                  online systems, and the introduction of improved service
                 I then managed teams of up to 12 Systems Engineers and

                  technical specialists supporting customers including Norwich
                  Union and Ford.
                 During my last 2 years, I was a Project Manager with

                  responsibility for a very large project to develop a motor
                  dealership system for use across the whole of Europe, for the
                  Ford Motor Company.
                 I left when offered a voluntary redundancy package, to broaden

                  my experience.

                1971 - 1973 Kent County Council
                School teacher
                 I taught science and RE in a secondary school in Tonbridge.

                 I left to pursue a career in computing.


                1967 - 1970 Cambridge University
                BA Hons 2.1 in Natural Sciences

                1963 - 1967 Cheltenham College
                A and S levels in Physics (A1), Chemistry (A1), Maths and Higher
                Maths (BB)

                Long-distance hill walking.

                Golf and cricket.

                Church activities.
                Trustee of the Romsey Mill (a youth and community charity in

                Churchwarden, St Martin’s Cambridge.

                Mr Greg Harlock (my manager from 2001 to 2004)
                Chief Executive
                South Cambridgeshire District Council
                South Cambridgeshire Hall
                Cambourne Business Park
                CB3 6EA.

                Rev Stephen Leeke (the vicar of my church)
                St Martin’s Church
                Suez Road
                CB1 3QD.

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