Classical music and characters by elrozie


									Classical music and characters

Changing times bring new music, when the Baroque human emotion into the music,
then the classical human feelings and attitudes expressed, but always raised the level
of objective, dimbangi in a more holistic view. This is evident for example in Cosifan
Tutte opera written by Mozart.

In the Classical era (1750-1820), developed with many aspects of color harmony or
timbre funds. This time the music is characterized by a flowing continuity, clarity, and
balance. If music is characterized by the dynamics of the time Brok not sound too much
contrast, classical music era, better known as the Classical music is marked by the
accents and the dynamics can change suddenly and surprisingly, so the rhythm is not

Therefore, the classical era music is very effective for stimulating connections in the
brain, triggering memories, and creativity. "Machlis' call Classical music era as" a
regular beauty. " Some figures (composer) is a famous contemporary, Joseph Haydn
(1732-1809), Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791), and Beethoven.

As with the Romantic music era (1820-1900) was marked by individualism and
uniqueness. The music is very emotional individual with strong polarity. This time music
is a reflection of the composer feeling so very effectively to help you express your

While the music Impressionist era (late 19th-century and early 20th century)
circumstances can bring you in dreams, because the movement flowing. Very good
music these days because of the many fantasies to trigger a change in color tone and
shades of feeling very soft.

Classical artists trying mengungkapkankeindahan nature in art work, for example, in
painting, so that a composer trying to imitate the natural sounds are directly or indirectly
by creating a natural music, fair, beautiful as a result of the Creator of the universe.

So in this case the basis of classical music in accordance with Plato's aesthetic theory
which states that:
"Cadence is an order of movement of a melody and harmony or order of the high and
low tones."

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