TRAINING & TAPING TECHNIQUES
                                             PHYE 221
                                         2 CREDIT HOURS

Semester/Year:           Spring 2009                           Office Number:         106
Instructor:              Richard Bingham                       Office Hours:          Arranged
E-Mail:                              Office Phone:          (208) 732-6481
Class Time:              T/Th 9:30 – 10:50                     Cell Phone:            (208) 308-4027

This class covers the science of sports injury taping. It consists of two hours lecture and two hours of
laboratory each week covering rehabilitation and taping of the foot, ankle, leg, knee, thigh, hip, groin,
pelvic region, shoulder, upper arm, elbow, forearm, wrist, and hand.


Athletic Taping and Bracing; 2nd ed., David H. Perrin published by Human Kinetics.

The objective of this course is to bring you to an awareness of preventive sports injury taping and
management. This course is designed for the physical education professional to demonstrate the taping
skills necessary to coach in K-12.

        1.) Attend classes. (Do NOT bring children).
        2.) browse the text.
        3.) Take all the examinations. Complete make-ups by the next class.
        4.) Complete all taping assignments.
        5.) Complete out of class assignments.
        6.) Come to class dressed in work-out clothing e.g. shorts and t-shirts are best. (Check out
        a locker if needed.)

Total points (Approximate)                    90 - 100% of total points.......... A
a.) Assignments - 100                         80 - 89% of total points……..B
b.) Taping - 200                              70 - 79% of total points.......... C
c.) Tests – 100                               60 - 69% of total points.......... D
                                              59% & under of total points..... F

50% of total points - written exams & assignments
50% of total points – Taping and Modalities

Bonus points available ----- see instructor

Additional Fees are required.
                                            Course Outline
Jan    20      Orientation, introduction, Vocabulary, Nutrition Assignment introduction
       22      Tearing tape; pre-wrapping; duties of the athletic trainer/facilities; Come dressed in long
               shorts for all classes.
       27      Ankle – closed basket weave (standard), TEST pre-wrap and tearing tape;
       29      Ankle – practice – Open basket weave / cloth wraps

Feb    3       TEST Ankle tape (standard) & Ankle cloth wrap, Shin Splint Taping

       5       Elbow tape; Review for Exam #1
       10      TEST 1 - Written in class; (Vocabulary / Misc other information)
       12      The foot - Arch / Toe, TEST – Elbow – Shin Splints
       17      Wrist / Hand, TEST - Foot

       19      TEST – Wrist / Hand, Nutrition lecture, Nutrition assignment Due
       24      Training Room Modalities - Practice taping

       26      The knee

Mar     3      TEST - knee

       5       Practice taping – Catch up

       10      Test 2 - Written (Nutrition / Modalities)
       12      Taping Final

       This class begins Jan 20 and ENDS March 12. The class is held from 9:30 AM to
       10:50 AM. Participants should wear shorts and t-shirts for the duration of class.
       Short sleeves or no sleeves works best while taping the upper body.

Student Learning Outcomes and Assessments:

Learning Outcome 1: Students will demonstrate their skills mastery and knowledge of the athletic Taping.

Activity: Students will complete a physical demonstration of the taping skills on the anatomical limbs and
torso of the body.
Outcome Assessment: The students will demonstrate thru pre/post instructor evaluation, their
beginning and ending physical completion of taping fundamentals and skills.

Learning Outcome 2:           Students will demonstrate appropriate safety practices.

Activity: Students will complete a pre/post safety assessment to measure progression of safety knowledge
of athletic taping.
Outcome Assessment:            Pre/post assessment given by the instructor.

Students who wish may earn bonus points by completing outside work as assigned by the instructor.
Please see your instructor early for bonus assignments in each unit.
Student practice groups are encouraged for help in completing the practice taping procedures. Past
experience shows that students who regularly practice with others experience greater success in this course.

The student handbook outlines the CSI cheating/honesty policy. Cheating in this class will result in the
student receiving a zero. In addition, the student may be asked to drop the class.

To avoid receiving an F when your grade is 59% or below, the student must drop the class by the
appropriate date in the semester (check the catalog).

Attendance is required for successful completion of this course.


       CALL if you are sick or absent; ask a friend to take notes.
       For each in class hour of taping, tape the same at home.
       If you know you will be absent, turn your work in ahead of schedule, tape the next class.
       Bonus points are available, ASK.
       Participate, don't vegetate.
       Don't bring cell phones or electronic devices to class.
       Make-ups are no fun. Be there for the exams & taping assignments.
       Make-ups are given only once, the next day of regularly scheduled class.
       Come properly dressed.

This class begins at 9:30AM. --- Please be there on time.

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 On-line course evaluation statement:
Students are strongly encouraged to complete evaluations at the end of the course. Evaluations are very
important to assist the teaching staff to continually improve the course. Evaluations are available online at: Evaluations open up two weeks prior to the end of the course. The last day to
complete an evaluation is the last day of the course. During the time the evaluations are open, students can
complete the course evaluations at their convenience from any computer with Internet access, including in
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Any student with a documented disability may be eligible for related accommodations. To determine
eligibility and secure services, students should contact the coordinator of Disability Services at their first
opportunity after registration for a class. Student Disability Services is located on the second floor of the
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