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									The reality of Paid To Click

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                       Paid to Click PTC
• Paid To click or PTC websites are such
  websites who claim to pay people for
  viewing or clicking the ads. Some of these
  websites also provide data to fill forms.
  They pay a very small amount on each
  click. The amount is between 0.001 to 0.1
  dollars per click. Today we will discuss
  completely the PTC (pay to click) business
•   (“Paid to read emails” kind of websites also fall in the same category of PAID TO CLICK websites.)
                  Paid to click
• Paid To Click is an online business model that draws
  online traffic from people aiming to earn money from
  home. Paid-To-Click, or simply PTC websites, act as
  middlemen between advertisers and consumers; the
  advertiser pays for displaying ads on the PTC website,
  and a part of this payment goes to the viewer when he
  views the advertisement.

• In addition, most PTC sites offer a commission to its
  members for signing up new members (similar to many
  affiliate marketing programs online), or they may pay
  members a percentage of the clicks that their referrals
  make as an ongoing commission.
How to Internet Marketing Business
•   Lets see how marketing works on the
    internet. And who are the advertisers ,
    who are the publishers and the middle
               The advertiser
• The advertiser is the person who want to market their
• They pay money for their advertisements so that they
  can be viewed by genuinely interested users.
• They don’t want the user to click on their ads for his
  personal income. But they want their ads to be clicked
  from the people who are interested in their website or
• For example
• Amazon , eBay , real player , and thousands of others
  companies can be advertisers , who pay and place their
  advertisers on other websites.
               The publishers.
• Publishers are the people who place advertisements on
  their websites or blogs and get money from the
• Publishers are not allowed to give any kind of incentive
  to the users to click on the ads.
• Publishers are not allowed to ask the users to click on
  the ads in ANY WAY
• They just place the ads and get paid for the clicks or
  sales being done from the advertisements.
• For example and thousands of more
  websites are publisher websites , who place
  advertisements of other websites.
      The middle Companies
• There are some companies, who connect
  advertisers and publishers with each
• These companies try their best to improve
  businesses of advertisers and publishers
  but still some people try to cheat them
• Adsense , adwords , commision junction ,
  and hundereds of other companies are
  such third parties.
                 Middle Men
              Adsense adwords
              commision junction
               and lots of other

Advertisers                        Publishers
Publishers who use Click Fraud
• As I have mentioned before , that
  advertisers don’t want to waste their
  money on people who are paid to just
  viewing those ads , because such people
  view their ads and take no action. It
  means the advertiser get no REAL
  business from these fake customers they
Publishers who use Click Fraud
• Publishers are not allowed to give
  incentive to their viewers to click on ads.
  But PTC / PAID TO CLICK websites are
  such publishers who get advertisements
  from middle men companies and then
  offer money to the people who click on the
  advertisements. Which is not allowed and
              Click Fraud
• So till now we have seen the business
  pattern of paid to click websites , and we
  have concluded that the business pattern
  is based on fraud.
• Now we will see some other aspects of
  these kind of websites.
     PTC sites Complaints….
• Now we will discuss the complaints related
  to PTC websites.
    1. Paid To Click (PTC) sites
• The biggest complaints from these kind of
  websites are received that they disappear
  after some time.
• Their users who have ‘earned’ some
  money from viewing those ads have no
  where to go for claims.
    2. PTC websites don’t Pay
• There are many complaints that users of PTC
  websites keep making money, but they are not
  made aware that how to receive this money to
  their bank account or they are not PAID simply
  without giving any reason.
• Some users complain that at the time of
  payment , these websites show the clauses from
  Agreement (done during registration) that due to
  the claus number x,y,z we cant pay you the
  amount because we have not earned enough
  this month :p
3. PTC websites payments are very
            very low.
• Just imagine you are paid 0.1 dollar per
  advertisement click.
• You get only 6 ads to be viewed daily
• How much you will earn after a whole
• 0.6 multiplied by 30 = 18 dollar per month
• Good enough for whole month??
• Even check delivery fees are more then
  that. 
PTC websites earning pattern gives
     you NO SKILLS at all
• Keep in mind that in every business you
  learn some skills , and they are useful and
  helpful to make you independent
• But viewing ads don’t make you a skillful
  person. But its actually spoils you
   Paid to Click websites have no
• As we have concluded earlier that these
  websites earning pattern is not correct.
• And they keep running from LAW ,
• So no body know that whats going to
  happen with these kind of websites in near
• So don’t get involved with such a company
  who don’t know about its own future 
    PAID to click websites ask for
• PTC websites ask for money at the time of
• If this registration fee is that much important ,
  they can cut it from your first month’s payment.
• But they take this money at the time of
  registration, and you are going to pay this money
  to a website , which is may be going to be finish
  next month
• Be aware friends 
 Complaints written by PTC users.
• Friends lets see some complaints written
  by PTC website users.
 Complaints written by PTC users.
• Hi, personally have reached the required 20 000 now 5
  times. Not a word from them and they do not answer my
• hallo, everyone there, I also have reached 20, 000$.So
  what happens next-no answer from them.I tried to reach
  some some of the "get paid" list-no answer from them
  too.So can we do enithing to get our money or close this
  Fraud site or not?
• they are all scam. i have been clicking ads for 3 months
  and when i reached the free minimum payout, they wont
  release your money. they will let you pay for the
  membership fee. one friend pay 39$ for the membership
  fee but they never got any payment nor response from
  the site
 Complaints written by PTC users.
• My spouse & i joined a"Paid To Click
  Website"called " reached the
  $20, 000.00 cashout 2-times and he reached it
  1-time.They haven't paid me my $40, 000.00 or
  paid my spouse his $20, 000.00.Exclusive Mails
  owes us a total of $60, 000.00.They will not
  answer my e-mails back or contact me in any
  way.How can we get them to pay us what we
  earned for clicking their ads?Can Complaints
  Board help us get whats owed to us?Thank You!
  Rhonda Jean Schoolcraft
• So I will end this presentation by saying
  these words …..

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