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                         How to Replace a Schlegel Multipoint Lock
                                                Jessica Kinkade

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These instructions pertain specifically to replacing a Schlegel lock with 3-point deadbolt locks. This
multipoint lock has a bottom locking position of 25-5/8" and a top locking position of 25-5/8". The
handle-height can be anywhere from 30-1/2" to 39-1/2" and it fits in doors up to 86" tall.

This is NOT a perfect replacement; modification required. The biggest issue is the difference in face
plate width and handle PZ spacing.

The lock is shown in the picture below. If this is NOT your lock, this article may not help you.

Schlegel no longer manufactures these multipoint locks, but in the event of a break or common wear
and tear, it can be replaced with a HOPPE multipoint lock. We will continue to look for other
replacement options as we find different versions.

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The diagram below shows the original Schlegel lock next to the HOPPE replacement. HOPPE
replacement will be installed so cylinder matches up to original cylinder hole in door. Because of the
different PZ measurements, the handle-hole will need to be re-drilled to accommodate the new lock.

Before you can replace your Schlegel lock, you need to know whether the backset is 45 or 55mm. If
backset is 45, it will be replaced with a HOPPE 45mm backset lock. If the backset of your original
Schlegel lock is 55mm, you need to order a 60mm HOPPE lock to replace it with, and you will need to
widen the cylinder hole by 5mm.

*NOTE: You will not be able to re-use your old handleset due to the change in PZ.

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How to Replace a Schlegel 3-Point Lock

   –     New HOPPE lock (part #4990283)
   –     Hacksaw
   –     Clamp
   –     Tape Measure
   –     Pencil
   –     Screwdriver
   –     Drill

Summary of Steps (Detailed Steps to

   1. Remove handleset/trim.

   2. Remove Schlegel lock from door panel.

   3. Trim HOPPE lock to fit in door panel (with cylinder aligned with original cylinder location).

   4. Modify cylinder hole, if necessary, and handle-hole to fit new lock.

   5. Remove lock and drill new hole for handle at marked spot.

   6. Install HOPPE lock (with top shootbolt attached) and install several screws to hold in place.

   7. With door open, check operation of lock to be sure lock functions properly. Depress
      mishandling device on lock; lift handle to engage the two locking tongues, and push handle
      down to retract.

   8. Apply all additional screws and tighten until snug. Do not over-tighten. Check lock function.

   9. Check fit of strike plates and adjust as necessary.

Detailed Steps:

    1.    Unscrew and remove handleset and trim plates.

    2.    Remove all screws from faceplate of lock; remove Schlegel 3-point lock from door panel.

    3.    Set new HOPPE lock in mortise (with top shootbolt unattached). Secure it with a few screws
          so that the cylinder is at the same height as Schlegel was (lock body should sit at same height

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         as Schlegel).

    4.   Mark handle alignment line on door edge. Measure from handle alignment line to top of door.

    5.   If replacing a 45mm Schlegel lock, follow step 5a; if replacing a 55mm Schlegel lock, follow
         step 5b.

               a) On broad side of door,
                  measure up 3-5/8" (92mm)
                  from the center of the
                  cylinder (which should be
                  visible through cylinder
                  hole in door) and mark spot.
                  New PZ (handle-to-cylinder
                  spacing) of HOPPE lock is
                  3-5/8" (92mm), about
                  15/16" (24mm) longer than
                  PZ of Schlegel.

               b) On side of door, at cylinder
                  hole, measure 5mm away
                  from locking edge of door
                  and mark measurement.
                  This will be location of new
                  cylinder hole. From center
                  of new cylinder hole
                  location, measure up 3-5/8"
                  (92mm) and make a mark.
                  This will be location of new

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    6.   Remove lock from door and lay down on table.

    7.   Sticking handle and spindle into handle-hole, turn lock so that tongue locks and deadbolt are
         engaged. Take new top shootbolt extension and pull on serrated piece until it is flush against
         back plate of extension.

    8.   Lay top shootbolt next to full lock (with attached middle extension) so top of shootbolt (with
         bolt extended) sits where the top of door should be (as determined by the measurement in step
         4). Top shootbolt extension will overlap middle extension. This overlapping part of the top
         shootbolt is what needs to be trimmed.

    9.   Measure and mark twice to ensure that the proper amount of top extension is removed so lock
         will fit in door edge and shootbolt can be properly engaged.

    10. Using a hacksaw, carefully trim through both serrated edge and faceplate of top shootbolt
        extension. **This step requires caution and knowledge of safety procedures. Have
        another person help hold the extension or use a clamp and pliers to hold extension while
        trimming. Extension will be hot during and after cutting.

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    11. Use a file, sandpaper or sander to smooth cut edge of trimmed extension piece.

    12. Before re-installing lock, drill new cylinder hole (if necessary as determined in step 5) and
        handle hole in broad side of door. Drill holes to same size as original cylinder and handle-
        holes respectively.

    13. Affix top shootbolt to HOPPE lock by sliding the toothed edge of the middle extension into
        the receiver of the top shootbolt. Install cover plate to keep middle and top extensions from
        becoming misaligned. **NOTE: Shootbolt extension can be adjusted up or down a little
        bit if not quite flush with top of door—move the teeth of the middle extension up or
        down within the receiver until lock is in proper position.

    14. Place full lock into mortise in door, being careful to align lock with handle-alignment mark.
        Screw loosely in place—install a few screws up and down the length of the lock.

    15. Insert a handle and spindle into lock to check lock operation while door is open. **NOTE:
        new lock has a mishandling device which must be pressed down in order to engage
        locking points.

    16. If door functions properly, unlock lock and install and tighten all screws running up and down
        length of faceplate.

    17. With door closed, gently engage locks. Shootbolt will make a mark in door jamb.

    18. Use a paddle bit to drill a hole in jamb for shootbolt to reach into. Install socket strike or
        shootbolt strike plate.

    19. Check that strike plates match up with lock. Strike plates are all reusable and shouldn't require

    20. In the event that strikes are slightly off, unscrew strike plate, chisel where needed, and move
        strike plate up or down within door frame.

    21. Install new trim and handleset; PZ must be 92mm. If replacing handleset on a new 60mm
        HOPPE lock, make sure new trim is wide enough to cover both new and original cylinder
        holes (new trim should be approximately 2" wide).

**NOTE: Original Schlegel had 1" (25mm) wide faceplate; HOPPE faceplate is 20mm.
Difference is small but may be noticeable in the form of a slight gap on door edge where mortise
is visible.

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