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					                                                                             CIRED Workshop - Lisbon 29-30 May 2012
                                                                                                                 Paper ###-


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These instructions give the author basic guidelines to
                                                               Do not forget to replace the “####” with your paper
prepare the final version of the paper to be included in the
                                                               reference number in the header and footer before pdf
Workshop CD Rom. You are kindly asked to read and
follow them carefully as the reproduction of your paper
will be made directly from the document sent by the

INTRODUCTION                                                   STYLES
These instructions are prepared in the style and format to     For using the appropriate fonts, use the styles that have
be used for your author prepared document. To ensure           been implemented in this template.
conformity and uniformity of appearance it is essential
that these instructions be followed. It is regretted that      If you are not familiar with the use of styles in Word
the papers not prepared in accordance with these               documents, just start replacing the text of this template
guidelines will not be included in the Workhop                 with your own text. When needing a title, copy an existing
proceedings (CD Rom).                                          title, paste it at the appropriate place and modify its text.

GENERAL FORMAT                                                                          T IT L E
Papers are required to be submitted in a 2-column format       Use only for the main title of the paper.
and should not exceed four A4 pages including
illustrations. All the papers must be submitted in English.
PDF conversion
When completed, please compact the document into PDF.          To be used for the first order headings.
Please replace the reference number of your paper in the       Heading2
header and footer, presently figured out by “###” by the
                                                               To be used for the second order headings.
correct reference number.
The PDF converted document file should not exceed 1            Heading3
Mb.                                                            To be used for the third order headings.
Lay-out                                                        “Normal”
The text is disposed in two columns. Please do not change      To be used for the plain text. Bold and underline, or even
the column settings.                                           border options can help for highlighting important
To control the column length and equilibrate both sides,       statements.
you may insert “column breaks” (Toolbar – Insert – Break
– Column break).                                               Footnotes1
You may need to insert a figure that extends over the full
page width; in this case, create an appropriate section        Abstract: the “abstract style is equal to the normal style,
using “Continuous section breaks” before and after the         but in italics. It is meant for the first paragraph with a
figure.                                                        short abstract.

Except the number of your paper you have to enter, header      Indentation of text - Do not indent, the text should
and footer settings should not be modified.                    always start at the left hand margin.

                                                               1 Footnotes are possible but not recommended.

Paper No ###                                                                                                    Page 1 / 2
                                                                               CIRED Workshop - Lisbon 29-30 May 2012
                                                                                                                 Paper ###-

Pages & Margins. This template makes use of legal-size           Page numbers. Do not number the pages. The template
paper A4 (297x210 mm); the top and bottom margin are             will automatically generate the page numbering.
set to 25 mm and left and right margins to 15 mm. The
settings are different for odd and even pages. Please
refrain from changing these settings.                            FURTHER QUESTIONS?

Columns. The column width is 80 mm, the space between            All information is also available on http://www.cired2012-
2 columns being 10 mm. columns and references should    where you can find the instructions for
be left ragged.                                                  posting your paper via the online submission system.

Avoid starting a page with an incomplete line and, on the        If you have any questions about submitting your paper
last page of your paper, adjust the length of the two            please feel free to contact the Organiser :
columns so that they are the same. Therefore, instead of – tel.+ 44 (0) 1438 767 355
playing with blank lines, use “column breaks”.
                                                                 Deadline. Deadline for submission of papers onto the
                                                                 online system is 15 February 2012.
Embedded objects                                                 Papers must be submitted in the form of a PDF
If you insert objects like tables, figures, photographs,
equations, always chose the most appropriate method and
format (for instance “paste special” / “enhanced metafile”,      REFERENCES
“insert from file” instead of “drag and drop”, ..) in order to
limit the size of the final file that is restricted to be less   For a Conference citation:
than 1 Mb.
                                                                 [1] A.B. Author, 2003, "title of paper", Proceedings
Tables. Should be self-contained and numbered                        Power Generation Conference, AIM, vol.1, 210-220
consecutively. It improves the layout if they appear at the
top or bottom of a page.                                         For a book citation:

Figures. Each figure or graph must be accompanied by a           [2] A.B. Author, 2009, Book Title, Publisher, City,
caption.                                                             Country, 122-127.

Image. All images should be included in the body of the          For a paper citation:
document, positioned as close as possible of the text
mentioning them. Images may be one- or two-columns               [3] A.B. Author, 2006, "title of paper", Journal Name
wide.                                                                Abbr. vol. 2, 133-139.

Paper No ###                                                                                                   Page 2 / 2

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