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           October 29, 2009

                     Background on
             Item Unique Identification (IUID)
• POLICY: Emerging Policy on IUID in the Supply Chain
  (DoD 4140) identifies requirements for intensive
  management by UII for a select subset of IUID items, e.g.,
  classified, sensitive, NWRM (scope of items still being

  Inventory, Issue, Disposal, Directed Returns/Retrograde/
  Materiel Returns Program, and Discrepancy/Deficiency

   • DLMS compliance
   • FLIS identification code will be developed for IUID


• OSD/SCI Logistics IUID Workshops established to identify
  requirements that can be used as the framework for detailed
  business rules to enable use of IUID in logistics transactions/

• IUID Workshop developed requirements/business rules to be
  finalized and socialized via iterative, collaborative DLMS Process
  Review Committee/Proposed DLMS Change (PDC) process

• During first half of CY 09 IUID Workshops with DoD Components
  were held on Receipt & Discrepancy Reporting; Issue; Inventory;
  Potential Levels of Management Intensity

• Final policy and business rules held in abeyance as JLB Task
  Force Validates IUID Implied Value

  IUID Value Proposition
 IUID offers quantifiable efficiency and effectiveness gains compared
  to DoD’s current data capture and tracking
 IUID value can be quantified in key value chains:
       – Positive Inventory Control
       – Property Accountability             End-to-end processes
       – Product Lifecycle Management
 Implementation requirements and costs can be assessed
  by examining IUID-related actions for each value chain
  within and across a set of applicable logistics nodes
       – Suppliers
       – Distribution Centers
       – Base/Forward Supply            Where people and machines interact
       – Depot-level Maintenance        with IUID to achieve success
       – Field-level Maintenance        in defined value chains
       – Field Activities
       – Disposal Activities

  Validated Value Proposition Must Drive Policy & Implementation!            4
             Task Force Products

Validated value proposition for key value chains
 across all applicable logistics nodes
Set of integrated, prioritized, and time-phased
 requirements for IUID marking, tracking, and use
 across the value chains
Recommended policy and guidance adjustments
Action Briefing for JLB


JLB Agreed: Way Ahead

     Actions                                               Complete
 Validate/Mature value propositions/chains considering:        Aug 2009
  - Benefits of using IUID
  - Marking scope/costs
  - Companion AIT/AIS requirements/costs
 Conduct integrated requirements analysis
                                                                Nov 2009
 Determine policy and guidance updates
  consistent with 1 and 2                                       Jan 2010
 Continue to mature service-specific IUID/SIM implementation plans based on:
  - OSD Policy/Guidance
  - Prioritized Requirements                       Execute Via Task Force
                                                   That Leverages Existing
 Budget/Resource
                                                      Work Groups and
 Implement across DoD                                    Progress

A unified view and synchronized actions needed to leverage past
        work and move efficiently and effectively forward                       7
             IUID – Army Considerations
                 (DLMS Perspective)
• Recommend Army planned SALE IUID
  implementation timeline be harmonized with DoD
  logistics IUID requirements development process.

• Recommend Army IUID implementation concerns
  and desired solutions be worked through the DoD
  SCI IUID workgroup.

• Recommend Army document any Army logistics IUID
  requirements outside of the DoD requirement scope
  and submit PDCs for vetting.
                       DLMS Transactions with IUID Data
                      140A        Small Arms Reporting
                      180M        Material Returns Reporting
                      511M        Requisition Modification
                      511R        Requisition
                      527D*#      Due-in, Advance Receipt, Due Verification
                      527R*       Receipt, Inquiry, Response & Material Receipt Acknowledgement
                      810L        Logistics Bill
                      842A/W*     Supply Discrepancy Report Submission
                      842S/Q*     Storage Quality Control Report
                      842S/R*     Storage Quality Control Report Reply
                      846A        Asset Reclassification
                      846F        Ammunition Freeze/Unfreeze
                      846I        Asset Status Inquiry/Report
                      846R *      Location Reconciliation Request
                      856*        Advance Ship Notice
                      856R*       Shipment Status Materiel Return
                      856S *      Shipment Status
                      861*        Acceptance Report
                      867I*       Issue
                      870M        Material Returns Supply Status
                      940R        Material Release
                      945A*       Material Release Advice
                      947I*       Inventory Adjustment
* Identifies transactions addressed during IUID Workshops
# DS 527D also contains a UID&RFID indicators to alert the receiving activity that the incoming materiel should have IUID
  and/or passive RFID data IAW the contract.                                                                            9
                Receiving Controlled Items by IUID UII from New Procurement
                   (Distribution Depot) – Additional System Requirements (blue text
                               indicates NEW system/DLMS requirements)
1. Receive updates to collect UII(s) (i.e. 856 and
   PMR (527D) with UII flag (see note 1 below)                            UID
2. If necessary, prompt user to collect UII(s) via AIT                   Registry
                                                                                    Update UID                     ERP
3. If evidence of tampering, prompt user to collect
   UII(s) on the item                                                                Registry
4. Send update to ICP of which UII has been                           WAWF                           Inventory Control Point
   received (ICP keeps track of UIIs by storage                                                                          861
   depot) (i.e. 527R Receipt)                                                                             527D          from
                                                                   856              861      856                               527R
5. Send update to WAWF for acceptance (i.e. 861 to                                                                     WAWF
   WAWF - see 861 rules for inclusion of UIIs (see
   note 2)                                                                 GEX                                    DAAS
6. Store UIIs in warehouse mgt system                                                        861
7. When prompted by receiver, print new packaging                               from DSS to WAWF 527D            856      861
                                                                                 from WAWF to ICP                          to 527R
   label with UII(s) in PDF 417 format                                                                                   WAWF
8. If UII mismatches occur, system will prompt
   discrepancy actions (See Discrepancy Reporting                             856                                  DSS
    Note 1: FLIS IUID designator being considered; may
    obviate need for 527D flag
                                                                                          IUID Material
    Note 2: 861 is sent with UII(s) for any partial quantity
    received and accepted. UII(s) are not sent for total
    quantity accepted or total quantity not accepted. 527R
    includes UII(s) for all items received by supply condition,   Manufacturers/                                  Distribution
    regardless of acceptance.
                                                                    Suppliers                                       Depots
Similar Depot Receipt flows exist for Redistribution Orders
    (RDOs) and Materiel Returns Program (MRP)                                                                                    10
                       Retail Receiving Controlled Items Requisitioned
                Received from Depot Stock – Additional System Requirements

1. Establish due-in based on requisition
   submission.                                                                   ERP
2. Receive updates to collect UII(s)
   based on 856S.                                                      Inventory Control Point
3. If necessary, prompt user to collect                                         945A
   UII(s) via AIT                                                                or      527R
4. If evidence of tampering, prompt user                                        867I
   to collect UII(s) on the item.                                 DAAS
5. Process receipt into retail inventory
                                                                                  856S         527R MRA
   with UIIs and store UIIs in
   warehouse mgt system
                                                 856S                                 DoD
6. Send update to ICP of which UII(s)
                                                 945A or 867I                       Logistics
   has been received (i.e. 527R MRA)
   (See alternative approaches)                                                                  OR
7. When prompted by receiver, print
   new packaging label with UII(s) in                                                  SARSS
   PDF 417 format                                                                             OR
                                                                IUID Material         DoD
8. If UII mismatches occur between
   856S and materiel received, system                                                 AIS
   will execute discrepancy actions
                                           Distribution                            Customer
   (See Discrepancy Reporting Slides)
                  Issuing Controlled IUID Items from Depot Stock Materiel
                                  Release Orders (MROs)
                                      Additional System Requirements
1. ICP continues to send MRO (940R) to
   depot without UII(s)                                                            ERP
2. ICP receives MRC or Issue (945A/867I
   see note below*), with UIIs, in response to
   MRO                                                                   Inventory Control Point
3. ICP decrements balance by UII in                                              945A
   MRC/Issue. Reconciliation process                                    940R
   needed to resolve UII mismatches                                               or      527R MRA
   between 945A/867I and UII on ICP                                              867I
4. ICP maintains visibility of those debited
   UIIs identified in MRC/Issue for
   comparison to customer 527R MRA UIIs                                           856S        527R MRA
5. ICP receives MRA with UII(s) (see                      856S
   alternative approaches)                       940R                                   DoD
                                                          945A or 867I                Logistics
6. ICP must reconcile UII mismatches
   between MRA and ICP issue records                                                    AIS
* Service/Agency transaction usages differ,        DSS                                             OR
   some ICPs use MRC to decrement the
   inventory balance others use the issue                                                SARSS
   transaction. Question: Standardize
   versus use of two different transactions                      IUID Material          DoD     OR
   sent by the depot dependent on the                                                 Logistics
   service/agency recipient.                                                          RSUPPLY
                                                 Distribution                            Customer
Similar Issue flows exist for RDOs and
   Lateral Redistribution Orders (LROs)            Depots
               Physical Inventory Control Program/Physical Inventory for
                             Controlled UII Items (Depot)
                                        Additional System Requirements
1.   Owner/Manager initiates scheduled and special physical inventories using the
     Physical Inventory Request (846P) which is sent to the depot. (The new FLIS
     IUID designator for the NSN serves as the Key to indicate physical inventory by              ERP
     UII required)
2. Depots initiate scheduled, special, and spot physical inventories. (The new FLIS
     IUID designator will indicate to the owner/manager that the inventory will be               Owner/
     conducted by UII.)                                                                          Manager
       –Spot Inventory initiated due to a total or partial denial.
       –Special inventory initiated owner/manager or depot as a result of location
                                                                                          846P             947I
         survey, location reconciliation, unresolved mismatches, etc.
3. Depot must verify, by physical location, all UIIs by condition code against the
     accountable record.                                                                         DAAS
       a. Results of UII differences are reported to the owner/manager via 947I.
         Details for reporting UII differences to the owner/manager must be
         determined (e.g., when only UII has mismatches - no quantity or condition
       b.Mismatches on UII-- Causative research is required on any discrepancies
         found as a result of the inventory.                                                      DSS
4. Owner/Manager must verify reported UII and condition code against their record
       a.Mismatches require new reporting procedures of UIIs and/or condition code
         of items with depot accountable record.
5. Owner/manager requests a transaction history via a 846P and the depot
     responds with the historical balance affecting transactions (527R 867I, 945A,
     and 947I all with the UII included.
       (For inventory purposes, the inventory line item for Controlled UII Item will be          Distribution
         defined as stock number + supply condition code + UII.)                                   Depots
[1] The physical inventory interface transaction between the owner/manager and the

     depot will not be required with the establishment of single shared-asset balance.                            13
                      Scope of IUID Items
                         All Other Consumables Over $5K

                                                               No Tracking
All NSNs over $5K
  351,143 NSNs
~ 842,000 Storage
                             All Other DLRs over $5K          Tracked by MX
 ~ 631M Eaches           Serialized CSI – Not Classified or
                                  Sensitive (NCS)

                                                               Tracked by
  12,000 Storage                                              Supply and
    Locations                                                 Maintenance
    9M Eaches                      CLASSIFIED

       500 NSNs
     ~1,200 Storage
      .9M Eaches

                          All figures are estimates pending OSD validation
                Task Force Logistic Nodes - Definitions
•     Node Definitions:
      a. Acquisition Logistics Planning: Program management processes to define logistics requirements for life
      cycle management of weapon systems and subsystems.
      b. Suppliers: Inventory Control Point functions and manufacturers actions to provide a part to the logistics
      domain, including both organic and commercial activities.
      c. Distribution Centers: Parts and materiel in storage awaiting movement to other nodes of the value chains.
      d. Transportation: Actions required to move parts and materiel between nodes.
      e. Base and Forward Supply: Actions at a local inventory site to provide materiel to customers. This can
      include local supply activities in support of depot activities.
      f. Depot Maintenance: Actions taken to perform higher level maintenance, overhaul, rebuild, and repair
      regardless of location.
      g. Field Level Maintenance: Intermediate and organizational maintenance in support of customer units and
      h. In Service Engineering and Logistics Analysis: Investigation and evaluation of operating systems and
      components to assess need for revised procedures or design.
      i. Field Activities and Operations: Actions taken by units to operate, or prepare to operate, equipment and
      weapon systems.
    15j. Disposal: Actions taken to sell, destroy, demilitarize or otherwise remove military materiel from the inventory.

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