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Fundamentals of Oral Communication - Download as DOC by K4gzqRv


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Fundamentals of Oral Communication (Kreizinger)

Please bring this form, completed, to the library session.
You will turn it in to Dr. Kreizinger.

1. List your group’s specific education-related problem-solving thesis and
   question (the one you received in class). It should consist of (a) exactly one
   complete sentence followed by (b) the question “What can be done to lessen or
   eliminate this problem?”

(Here is an example: Lack of funding for education has become a problem. What
can be done to lessen or eliminate this problem?)

Your problem-solving thesis and question:

                               (Go to page 2.)
2. Make a list of at least three potential ways you could refine and/or limit your
   topic (make it more specific).

(Here is an example using the sample thesis/question above: a. the project could
focus on funding for the arts, b. the project could focus on funding for pre-school
programs, c. the project could focus on funding for private schools, d. etc. Note
that you can also choose to focus on a combination of these potential refinements.)

Your ideas to refine and/or limit (make more specific) your larger:




d. (optional)

3. Using the online concept map creator
   ( or on
   other paper, attach to this worksheet a neat, typed, concept map for your
   speech topic.

4. Using key concepts from your concept map, go to the University library
     “Search for Articles” page
     ( Search an
     appropriate data base (recommended ERIC, Education Full Text, or Education
     Research Complete as a starting point) using key words and/or phrases from
     your concept map. From your search results, print out a list of the names
     and locations of at least 5 relevant articles and (b) print out one actual
     complete article that is relevant to your project topic.

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