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									                             Chris Wooles
                           62 Horizon Avenue
                          Ashmore, QLD 4214
                            Ph. 07 5564 7912
                           Mob. 0423 037 912
                            Fax. 07 5564 7912

                                   Career Profile
I have 25 years experience in Sales and Marketing, including specific areas of
customer relationship management, customer service and strategic marketing across
service sectors including tertiary education, travel, tourism and the airline industry. I
have proven to have outstanding customer relationship building skills, problem
solving and critical thinking skills, and have always set high standards for myself. I
have been a teacher, mentor and role model for fellow staff members and pride myself
on my ability to work with people from different cultures and backgrounds, and with
people at all levels. I have proven to be astute in my ability to provide analyses,
detailed knowledge through sometimes rigorous research, and applied implementation
of strategy by taking active an part in marketing activities, and providing accurate and
creative solutions to marketing problems. I continue to strive for further knowledge,
responsibility, leadership and general management aspirations, having observed,
participated in and led work teams.

                                   Key Strengths

      Extensive knowledge and experience gained in a variety of roles and
       organizations in higher and vocational education.
      An ability to initiate, build and maintain relationships with a wide variety of
      An ability to identify marketing problems and implement creative solutions
       with strategic intent.
      Developed knowledge of strategic marketing, consumer behaviour, customer
       relationship management and customer service through 25 years of sales and
       marketing experience.
      Deep knowledge of contemporary marketing practice, theory, concepts and
       principles through eight years of involvement as a lecturer and through various
       other roles in a unique tertiary education environment.
      Highly developed communication skills including one-on-one, public speaking
       and presentation skills, and written communication skills, acquired through the
       various roles I have had over 25 years in marketing, lecturing and customer
       relationship and customer service roles.
                      Professional Employment History

Manager, International Projects and Scholarships
Victoria University International
Victoria University
November 2008 – June 2009

This role had responsibility for developing VU’s externally funded scholarship
student program, including both foreign and Australian Government Scholarships. In
a short period of time we achieved outstanding levels of growth in Scholarship
student recruitment, and also made progress towards expansion into new markets and
some groundbreaking ideas for existing markets and existing Scholarship programs.

I also made a contribution to a number of committees and other activities within the
University, and established a reputation for integrity, knowledge and co-operation
across Faculties and other departments within the University. I also represented the
University at a number of external forums and organizations, to further enhance and
develop the reputation of the University.

Contract Projects
May 2008 – November 2008

Sterling College – Brisbane
Assisting with establishing the Brisbane Campus of Sterling College including
identifying course offerings, establishing marketing activities, assisting with course
registration, and hiring of staff.

Indo Australian Education Consultants – Melbourne and Mumbai
Designing and implementing management and quality assurance processes across 12
offices in India, and planning the future strategic direction of the fist and longest
serving education agency in India. I was also contracted to investigate the viability of
establishing a new Training Provider to be owned and run by IEAC, and advised them
not to invest in this but rather to concentrate on their core business.

International Manager/Acting General Manager
Careers Australia International College
November 2007 – May 2008
(Six month contract)

In this six month contract with Careers Australia Group, initially I was responsible for
researching and providing a “work up” on the market for international students for a
company contemplating a strategic move into providing trade training for
international students.

I researched and advised on issues including identifying international source markets,
product offerings, possible partners for transnational delivery, ESOS and the National
Code, and all internal systems and processes. I was also heavily involved in the
successful navigation of two audits for AQTF and NEAS. My overall advice to the
company was used to give them overall strategic direction.
For two months I was Acting General Manager of Careers Australia International
College, whilst a Principal of the College was recruited.

Postgraduate Student Administration Review
School of Tourism and Hospitality
Southern Cross University
May 2007 – November 2007
(Six Month Contract)

In this contract I was asked to research and review the markets for Postgraduate
Programs in the School of Tourism and Hospitality at Southern Cross University. I
was also asked to review and implement the student recruitment and marketing
activities of the School and to implement or improve student recruitment and
administration activities, systems and processes.

Study Gold Coast
January 2007 – July 2007

During this time I was contracted to undertake several projects for Study Gold Coast
including the development and completion of an education agents Professional Code
Of Conduct, in partnership with Queensland Education and Training International,
development of a number of joint marketing initiatives with the education providers
on the Gold Coast including the running of the annual Gold Coast Careers Expo, a
Latin American Agents familiarisation tour, a school careers counsellors Gold Coast
Experience, and a market workup for Gold Coast Institute of TAFE on the India
education market.

International Sales Manager
Study Group Australia
Aug 2006 – Feb 2007

In August 2007 I joined Study Group Australia at the EmbassyCES/Martin College
Gold Coast Campus.


I was responsible for all sales and marketing activities on the Gold Coast and
surrounding region, to recruit students into both EmbassyCES ELICOS programs and
Martin College Certificate and Diploma programs.

I was also given extra responsibility for developing and maintaining the relationship
between Study Group Australia, through EmbassyCES, Martin College on the Gold
Coast and Charles Sturt University Campus Brisbane, and Arab students, agents and
Government sponsoring bodies from the Gulf Co-operative Countries alliance.


      In all seven months I was with Study Group, Embassy CES and Martin
       College Gold Coast met and exceeded monthly targets.
      Martin College Gold Coast became the single biggest supplier of students to
       Charles Sturt University Brisbane Campus
      Amongst the Sales and Marketing staff of Study Group I was recognised as
       quickly becoming a leader, a senior figure and mentor in the Sales and
       Marketing Department including through staff located in the UK.
      Establishing, developing and maintaining strong relationships with key people,
       organizations and families in the Gulf Countries of the United Arab Emirates,
       Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Oman.
      Being recognised by students and their families as being prepared to assist
       them in any way, in making sure they have chosen the right place and school
       to do their studies, and be successful.

Country Manager (India and Bangladesh, Middle East),
Central Queensland University (Campus Management Services),
Sept. 2003 – July 2006

India was the most productive source market of international students for CQU, and
Bangladesh was the second most productive. CQU is the University of first choice for
more Indian students than any other Australian University.


I was responsible for all planning and implementation of sales and marketing
activities in India and Bangladesh and the Gulf Countries, including strategic
advertising and promotional opportunities and the initiation, building and
management of relationships with partners from these countries, and their
representatives in Australia. I was responsible for identifying and implementing
Public Relations opportunities and for identifying and conducting any other strategic
activities to further promote CQU and Australia as an education destination>


              Over the past three intakes of students, the Indian market has
               exceeded targets by at least 15%, whilst Bangladesh has decreased
               slightly due to the implementation of more rigorous financial checks
               on potential students. Increasing numbers of students from the Arab
              Initiating and implementing an expanded Sales and Marketing
               program that includes an agent in-office interview program with on-
               the-spot application approval in over 70 cities throughout India and
               five countries in the Arabian Gulf
              Planning and implementing a detailed “In-country Pre-Departure
               Program” that will be used as a template for other markets.
              Establishing and maintaining relationships with partners in India and
               the Middle East and in Australia that now see CQU as the first choice
               recommendation for tertiary study abroad.

Principal Sales and Marketing Executive
Central Queensland University (Campus Management Services)
Gold Coast International Campus
Nov. 2003 – Sept. 2005

The Gold Coast International Campus is the newest Campus of Central Queensland
University, with student from 60 countries making up the student population of 500.
CQU also has International Campuses in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, and in


I was responsible for planning and implementing all sales and marketing activities for
the Gold Coast International Campus of Central Queensland University, and for
implementing customer relationship and customer service activities, processes and
systems on campus. I was responsible for a team of between 4 and 8 staff with the
task of promoting the Campus through consumer channels, partner organizations and
representative organizations, sourcing, recruiting and processing of admissions, and
ongoing communications with all stakeholders.
            Four consecutive intakes of 25% or more increase in student numbers,
               an unprecedented level of growth for the Campus.
            Relationships with partners that saw the Gold Coast International
               Campus achieve exclusive arrangements with partners, due to
               unprecedented levels of customer service unable to be matched by
            Implementing and achieving levels of customer service and satisfaction
               that topped the Student Satisfaction Surveys across the eleven
               Campuses of Central Queensland University.

Senior Lecturer,
Central Queensland University (Campus Management Services)
Gold Coast International Campus
June 2001 – Nov 2003


I was responsible for delivery of a range of Marketing and Management courses at the
Gold Coast Campus of Central Queensland University, as well as assisting the
administering of the Faculty of Business and Law, including the enrolment, student
feedback and complaints monitoring process, and any student academic discretions.

Courses lectured in were:
Strategic Management                        Marketing
Customer Relationship Management            Promotions Management
International Marketing                     Business Analysis and Communication
Consumer Behaviour                          Interactive and Internet Marketing
Marketing Research                          Service Product Marketing

              I was consistently placed in the highest percentage across all Campuses
               in bi-annual Teaching Satisfaction Survey’s
              Identified and implemented more efficient enrolment process, making
               the on-campus facilitated enrolment process up to 1/3 quicker than
               previous processes.
              Establishing a mentoring program for other (new) lecturing staff to
               assist them in learning the University policies, systems and processes
               and procedures, in greater depth and more quickly.

Student and Client Services Manager
Central Queensland University (Campus Management Services)
Melbourne International Campus
Aug 1998 – June 2001


 I was responsible for the planning and implementation of the range of services to
students at the Melbourne International Campus of Central Queensland University
from Admission and Enrolment through to Graduation and the Alumni Program. I
was also responsible for establishing, building and maintaining relationships outside
of the University Campus for the benefit of the Campus, including other tertiary
institutions, commercial partners and organizations that could provide additional
services to the students.


              Planning and implementing new, more efficient, facilitated enrolment
               process, Graduation process, and student academic performance
               monitoring process and student communications.
              Establishing commercial and non-commercial relationships with a
               broad range of partners, to the benefit of the Campus and it’s students.
              Establishing an employment and Graduate Careers Program for
               International Students, including relationships with the ANZ Bank,
               Spotless Services and a range of international recruitment firms, to
               assist student’s get part-time and Graduate Careers opportunities.

Previous Positions (in summary)

Sessional Lecturer
School of Marketing and Management, Faculty of Business
Deakin University
Geelong, VIC
July 1996 – Nov 1998

Sessional Lecturer
Faculty of Business and Law
Melbourne International Campus
Central Queensland University
Melbourne, VIC
July 1996 – Nov 1998

Sessional Teacher
Department of Marketing and Tourism
Gordon Institute of TAFE
Geelong, VIC
Aug 1996 – July 1998

Sessional Teacher
Department of Tourism and Hospitality
Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE
Preston VIC
Aug 1996 – July 1998

Senior Marketing Executive, Victoria and Tasmania
Northern Territory Tourist Commission
Melbourne, VIC
July 1994 – July 1996

Sales Executive
Australian Airlines
Perth, WA
January 1991 – July 1992

Sales and Marketing Executive
Canadian Airlines International
Calgary, Canada
March 1986 – Oct 1990

International Travel Sales
TAA/Australian Airlines
Alice Springs, NT
June 1982 – Feb 1986

Alice Springs Sports Depot
Alice Springs, NT

Education and Training

Master of Business Administration
Monash University (incomplete)
Bachelor of Business (Marketing/Asian Business)
Edith Cowan University
Perth, WA
Full time 1992 – 1994
Part- time 1994 – 1996

Professional International Education Resources
Education Agent Training Course
Project Management (Introduction), TAFE OpenLearning
Project Management (Advanced), TAFE Open Learning
Management Communications, Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute
of Technology (MIT), Open Courseware
Global Strategy and Organisation, Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts
Institute of Technology (MIT), Open Courseware
Ms Danielle Horvath
Associate Director, Business Development
Victoria University International
Victoria University
City Flinders Campus
Level 3, 301 Flinders Lane
Melbourne VIC 3000
Ph. 03 9919 1435

Ms Bronte Neyland
Associate Director, International Strategy/Marketing/Communications
Victoria University International
Victoria University
City Flinders Campus
Level 3, 301 Flinders Lane
Melbourne VIC 3000
Ph. 0408032265

Mr Fernando Scarmozzino
Associate Deam, International
Faculty of Health, Engineering and Science
Victoria University
St Albans Campus
Ph. 03 9919 2362

Mr Andrew Holloway
Vice President, International
Victoria University International
Victoria University
Level 3, 301 Flinders Lane
Melbourne VIC 3000
(Please contact Chris for contact details)

Andrew Holloway is an ANU alumni.

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