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									                               Gateshead Council
                               Teenagers to Work
                            Examples of Good Practice

              Our vision is “full employment for all care leavers”
The Teenagers to Work Scheme has been running, within Gateshead, since March
2001 and is part of the Council’s Quality Protects Management Action Plan. The
scheme aims to increase the knowledge, confidence and self-esteem of young people
who are looked after by Gateshead Council.

It provides a work experience and employment preparation programme for young
people who are 15 years old and over. It is breaking the cycle of poor educational
achievement, low take up of employment and training and the low expectations of
looked after children. It is improving the overall co-ordination, provision and support
available to young people through work based learning.

Gateshead Council is fully committed to providing and improving the life chances of its
Looked After Children and has a dedicated full time Teenagers To Work Co-ordinator
to facilitate and develop the initiative. The Teenagers to Work initiative is funded
through the Quality Protects programme and line managed through REALAC (Raising
the Educational Achievements of Looked After Children) the Community Based
Services/Learning and Culture joint initiative for Looked After Children.

Teenagers to Work operates two separate schemes which are as follows:

                  T2W                                          T2W+
Looked after children of school age or       Current young people having left
registered in full time education            school, at the end of year 11, and come
(14 - 18 years)                              within the Leaving Care Act 2000 (16-
                                             18 Years)
Work experience placements, out side         As part of a 26 week Life Skills
school of term time, based within            Training Course with NEETA, who are
Gateshead Council                            based in Gateshead
Choice of number of days and length of       Placement is minimum 16 hours and
time(for the summer holidays),               maximum 30 hours per week, usually 3
dependant on placement                       days placement and 2 days training
                                             through NEETA
Co-ordinated by the Teenagers to             Co-ordinated by T2W Co-ordinator and
Work Co-ordinator.                           Case Manager from North East
                                             Employment Training Agency (NEETA)
Financed through the Quality Protects        Finance through training allowance of
Department, Gateshead Council                £40.00 p.w. from Learning Skills
                                             Council (NEETA), topped up with
                                             £25.00 p.w. through Leaving Care

There have been a number of different placements secured throughout a variety of
sectors and services. These placements have been sourced by extensive networking and
negotiation with Managers from within the specific departments of the Council.

The use of previous positive experiences and good news stories has aided the
promotion of both schemes to potential supervisors, coupled with positive feedback
from managers and supervisors who have been involved in the scheme previously.

We have currently secured placements within the following areas:

Administration –
 Housing offices
 Occupational Health
 Personnel
 Leisure Receptionist
 Various Libraries throughout Gateshead
 Local Environmental Services (L.E.S.) - Maintenance Control

Leisure -
 Leisure attendants throughout all
    Gateshead Leisure Centres

Countryside Management -
 Thornley Woodlands Centre
 Countryside Crew

Grounds Maintenance -
 Saltwell, Fernedene and Felling Park
 All cemeteries in Gateshead

Mechanics -
 Local Environmental Services (L.E.S.)– Central Depot

Warehousing -
 Local Environmental Services (L.E.S.)– Various Stores

Child Care -
 Early Excellence – Creches and Schools
 Leisure Centres – Creches

Transport -
 Traffic Management Team
Future Placements

There are other sectors that have been identified for placements that are being
negotiated at present these are within the following areas:

Art – Baltic Centre/ Sage Music Centre
Care for Older People
Young Street Wardens Scheme

Employment Opportunities
(*All names are changed to protect the Young People)

Steven gained full time employment and vocational training with the Council as a result
of his achievements in Teenagers to Work.

Christopher joined Teenagers to Work and after displaying commitment and
responsibility was encouraged to apply for the Uniformed Services course at Gateshead
College, in which he successfully gained a place.

Richard was on placement with our Local Environmental Services (L.E.S.) department
working as part of Ground Maintenance within Saltwell Park. After demonstrating
dedication and a willingness to learn and develop new skills, the L.E.S. offered Craig
temporary full time employment that he successfully completed.

The employment opportunities are ongoing with L.E.S. and we have also managed to
secure employment opportunities within Leisure Services, on completion of the young
persons’ work placement.


Travel –               Due to some young people living out of borough we have, on
                       occasions, had issues regarding how far the Young Person
                       should travel for their placement. This was overcome by either
                       arranging the young person suitable means of transport or
                       arranging a placement that is easier to access by public transport.

Police Checks-         Some areas of work would require the young person, over 16
                       years old, to have a police check. This has been a problem with
                       regards to the time frame for the clearance. We have now
                       decided to complete a police check upon referral to T2W, if the
                       Young Person wishes to work within an environment that
                       requires it.
Supervisors’ Training-        Requests have been made by managers, supervisors etc.
                              for all supervisors of placements to undergo training with
                              regards to the issues that Young People may have and
                              how to appropriately respond to their needs. This is
                              something that we are looking to commence in 2003.

Developments for 2002/2003

T2W+ has now been used as the pathfinder along with Learning Gateway Life Skills,
for a national scheme devised by the Learning Skills Council, which has been named
Entry to Employment (E2E). E2E seeks to maximise the benefits of partnership
between and across Gateshead Council, Newcastle Council, Connexions Service,
Careers Service and training providers for the benefit of the Young Person. E2E does
not sit alone, but should be interwoven with the work of other appropriate agencies
throughout the young person’s stay. The young people who will be involved in E2E will
either be Looked After or a Young Offender and will be referred, on to the scheme, to
separate co-ordinators.

When the Young Person, has been identified as requiring and ready for work
experience, they will be referred to a placement co-ordinator to be matched to a
suitable placement within a working environment of their choice. In th e case of
Gateshead, when a Looked After Young Person is at this stage, they will be referred to
the Teenagers to Work Co-ordinator from Gateshead Council.

The fundamental changes between T2W+ and E2E are as follows:

                 T2W+                                            E2E
A 26 Week Course                              A 35 week course, some of this time
                                              may not involve a work experience
                                              placement, this is dependant on the
                                              individual Young Person’s needs
Placement is minimum 16 hours and             Placement is minimum 16 hours and
maximum 30 hours per week, usually            maximum 30 hours per week. Any
3 days placement and 2 days training          time off placement must be spent in
at NEETA                                      relevant training
Travel expenses are given to the              An all zones pass will be given to
Young Person minus the first £3.00            each Young Person on a weekly basis
All additional training for the Young          Additional training is available from
Person is provided by NEETA.                   75 external agencies and can be
                                               bought in by NEETA, (from a LSC
                                               budget), when relevant to the Young
                                               Person’s needs
No formal certification involved               There is now a budget for
                                               certification of skills, that have
                                               been gained whilst on placement, in
                                               order to increase chances of future
                                               employment. This will be managed by
Finance through training allowance             Finance through training allowance of
of £40.00 p.w. from Learning Skills            £40.00 p.w., when the Young Person
Council (NEETA), topped up with                is on in-house training, and £65.00
£25.00 p.w. through the Leaving                p.w. whilst on placement. This is
Care Team                                      funded by the Learning Skills Council

E2E takes effect on 25th November 2002 and all current T2W+ Young People will be
transferred on to the scheme. There will also be promotion of the course to all Young
People who are looked after in the Borough, in order to meet the maximum number of
people on board, which is 25 at any one time.

T2W Holiday Placements

The T2W scheme will remain the same and is available out of term time to any
Looked After young person who is of school age or is in further education. Suitability
is not subject to educational achievement or attendance.

The Busiest time will be the run up to the summer holidays, when placements are
available for a period of one week up to six. Placements are currently available in all of
the previously mentioned arenas with a view to finding more.

The council will be actively looking at the option of linking T2W in to:

1.     ASDAN Youth Awards – which is being piloted in the borough’s residential
       children’s’ homes at present.
2.     Work Related Learning – which is vocational training for 14-16 year olds that is
       also being piloted in a selection of Gateshead’s schools.

Which will enable young people to benefit from having their experience accredited
within a National Recognised Arena.
The Figures
There were 69 fifteen to eighteen year olds eligible for the Summer 2000 T2W
Placements of which 52% completed their placement. The remainder gave reasons
such as holidays, holiday jobs and sickness for not taking part.

The next big target for T2W will be the Easter holiday in which our aim is to maximise
the number of young people on placement.


Currently there are 18 young people, out of a maximum of 25, who have been
transferred from T2W+ onto E2E . A promotional event is due to take place in which
we aim to meet the full potential of places.

Stephanie Cole
Teenagers to Work Co-ordinator
Dryden PDC
Evistones Road
Low Fell

0191 4338652

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