Home remedy for acne using sandalwood

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					            Home remedy for acne using sandalwood
If you suffer from problems of acne, you must have noticed that acne have an
incorrigible habit of appearing on your face just prior to an important occasion. Very
obviously acne makes you embarrassed of your looks and appearance and makes you
want to stay indoors. Even if you do attend a function or important event, you are on a
constant look out to avoid the camera. Fortunately, you don’t have to run and hide
anymore! The land of spices and mysteries has gifted a guaranteed acne cure;
sandalwood. Sandalwood powder and oil provide an excellent and effective home
remedy for acne for both short term and long term treatment.

Sandalwood crumb and sandalwood capital oil is acclimated all over the apple for
altered purposes, but it finds abundant account in bark affliction and bark affliction
articles due to the array of benign backdrop that it contains Sandalwood adhesive for
abscess scars is accepted to accept formed wonders. The assorted backdrop of
sandalwood accomplish it actual able in blister abatement and for blockage from

Sandalwood powder and oil are derived from sandalwood trees found primarily in India.
The extract however is available almost everywhere now. From ancient days the spice
has been used as a home remedy for acne and many other skin conditions. It works in
three ways:
It cleanses the skin pores of the excessive oils that cause pimples. These pores are the
places where pimples essentially erupt. It kills accumulated germs and bacteria that are
thriving on the skin and cause inflammation leading to acne. It moisturizes the skin so
that it can regain its radiating glow.

Home remedy for acne using sandalwood can be done in various ways. A few methods
in which sandalwood can be used are:

Prepare a mix of 1 tbsp each of sandalwood power, turmeric powder and water. You can
add a little bit of camphor too for cooling effect. Mix well into a thick paste and apply on
the affected areas and leave it on for 20-30 minutes for it to dry. Thereafter wash your
face or remove the paste with wet cotton/sponge.

Make a paste by mixing together 1 tbsp each of sandalwood oil, turmeric powder and
fresh lime juice. Apply it on the skin for 15-20 minutes and rinse off with lukewarm
water. For sensitive skin, this provides a good home remedy for acne.

Prepare a face mask with 2 tbsp sandalwood powder and 1/4th cup rose water. Apply
the mix evenly on the face and neck and leave it till it dries. Rinse off preferably with
lukewarm water. Massage the face and neck with regular massage oil mixed with a few
drops sandalwood oil. This reduces the itchy and scratchy sensation caused by acne and
soothes the skin.
Home remedy of acne using sandalwood has proved to be very efficient in treating
existing acne as well controlling its growth in future. It is safe, natural and free from
side-effects and thus can be used regularly to maintain healthy skin.

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