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									I've been following Diablo 3 closely for the past few months, still waiting for an actual release date from
Blizzard as I assume most fans are. I have watched the D3 Blizzcon information session as well as the entire
Q&A Segment on YouTube. I have also read posts on various Diablo 3 Fan Sites as well as on the Official
Diablo 3 Forum. Throughout this time I have constantly seen people complaining that the Beta is too easy
and that Diablo 3 won't be difficult enough for "Hardcore Gamers." I don't know if they are trolling or if
they actually believe that the difficulty in Beta will be consistent throughout the entire game of Diablo 3. In
any case, I find it extremely annoying and I will list my reasons why.

Reasons Why The Diablo 3 Beta Is Not The End-All Be-All For Diablo 3:

1. Diablo 3 Beta Is Only Meant For Testing Purposes: Beta Testing allows players to find glitches/problems
with the game so that Blizzard can fix them before the actual game is released. This saves Blizzard a lot of
time and effort, because they outsource the work to players and it becomes a win-win situation. Gamers get
to play the game and get a better understanding of the game, while Blizzard gets valuable feedback they use
to improve upon the game (eg. Balance Issues, Environmental Defects, Glitches). Beta is made for even the
most casual player to make it to the Skeleton King without much of a problem.

2. Diablo 3 Beta Is Only 1/3 Of Act I: As with most games, the further you progress the more difficult the
game becomes. In Diablo 3 there will be 4 Acts and 4 Difficulties (Normal, Nightmare, Hell and Inferno).
Once you beat all 4 Acts in Normal you will then be able to try and beat all 4 Acts again in Nightmare and
then you will repeat the process in Hell and then again in Inferno. There may even be a Secret Level
Unlocked (Much like the Secret Cow Level in Diablo 2) once you beat the game on Inferno (It is rumored
the level will involve unicorns or rainbows, as hinted in Blizzcon). So essentially the Beta is only 1/48th of
the entire game, not to mention the easiest part of the entire game. You can walk by monsters in the Beta
and they barely even try to attack you and when they do actually hit you their attacks barely do any damage.
Once you get to Hell and Inferno, the monsters will aggressively hunt you and do massive amounts of
damage. Poorly equipped characters will stand no chance in these difficulties. The Blizzard Developers said
that you will have to farm Hell Difficulty for powerful items in order to survive in Inferno Difficulty. "Fresh
Characters" will not be able to go straight through the entire game.

3. Diablo 3 Beta Is Not The Final Product: Many people do not realize that just because there is content in
the Beta, it does not necessarily mean that you will see it in the completed game. The Blizzard Developers
have recently said that the Runestone System is not even complete yet. In fact runestones have not even
been introduced in the beta and I don' think they will be available to players until the release. They are still
working on the Unattuned Runestones, in fact they don't even know if the Unattuned Runestones will
included in the final release. There was also talk of the Wizard and Witch Doctor using mana, but this was
changed to spender and generator type skills. If Blizzard feels there are balance issues, or changes they need
to make, they will change whatever they need to until it feels right. As I said before, changes will be made to
the game from now until the game is finally released. Nothing is really set in stone when it comes to
Blizzard games.
So in conclusion, the Diablo 3 Beta is supposed to be easy as it is only 1/3 of the first Act on Normal. Don't
say D3 isn't a challenge until you actually play the game and beat Inferno (If you even make it to Inferno).

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