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									Blizzard Entertainment has been a very large force in PC gaming. Creating giants like World of Warcraft,
Starcraft and Diablo 2, it has created a reputation for quality, fun games. Now millions of gamers await the
release of the new Blizzard game, Diablo 3. Set twenty years after the original game, it promises to bring the
same amazing gameplay full of blood, mayhem and destruction. There is however a difference in this game
that makes it stand out from the pack...

The previous version of Diablo 2 was plagued with unauthorized sales of it's good through third-party
websites. Overseas sites would sell in-game currency and items and often would steal the gamer's
information to hack in to their account or, in some cases, even commit credit card fraud.

Gamers were willing to trade their hard-earned money for in-game products, and were forced into shady,
backroom transactions. Blizzard in an effort to put and end to this, as well as perhaps make some money in
the process, created a built-in real money auction house in the game. Players will now be allowed to sell and
buy their in game items for dollars, yen, pounds etc. This will allow a more dynamic in-game economy and
create more motivated players.

With millions of players purchasing the game, and fact that millions of dollars are traded in in-game digital
goods purchases, it's easy to see that there is a way to make money from Diablo 3, question is how?

Diablo 3 will allow you to post 10 items on the real money auction house for a period of 48 hours. Once you
post an item you will have a small time window in which you can cancel your transaction, after which the
items is locked in for 48 hours or until someone purchases it. Blizzard takes a fee for each sold transaction,
currently that number seems to be $1.25, but it's not official until the final release. Commodity good sold in
bulk will likely have a 15% fee, and are sold in stock-market style of buy and sell orders.

An ability to analyze the ebbs and flows of the action house market will likely give a players a distinct
advantage over the majority of other players. Few casual players will concern themselves with the daily
price fluctuations of items and instead just post everything on the auction house as is. Some shrewd
auctioneers could work towards understanding the game mechanics behind the auction house and create an
additional income stream from their, otherwise low-value time, spent playing video games.

Diablo 3 hit the shelves sometime in May 15th 2012. Expect to see game this game break some records and
perhaps set a new trend for the gaming industry.

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