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NCRD's 33rd Annual National Conference


									                    Council for Resource Development 41st Annual Conference
                                       October 31 – November 3, 2007
                                      Hyatt Regency – Washington, DC
Share your EXPERIENCE and BEST IDEAS with your colleagues. Plan NOW to be a presenter at the 2007 CRD
Annual National Conference. Please consider addressing some of the topics listed below.

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Complete the Call for Presentation below. Submit a 50-word description of session, note what your audience can
expect to gain, and list any special handouts they may receive.

   Submissions must be received no later than March 23, 2007. All submitted presentations will be reviewed by the
    2007 Annual Conference Committee.
   You may submit multiple presentations for consideration.
   Each applicant will be notified by a member of the CRD Conference Committee by May 15, 2007.
   If your presentation is selected, please plan to register for the Annual Conference. Registration will be available
    online at
   Please be sure to include your correct email address, as communication regarding the date/time of your
    presentation and other logistics will be confirmed via email.

Presentations submitted by consultants cannot be considered unless he/she partners with one or more CRD members
currently employed by a two-year college.

Track:           Public/Grant       Private/Foundation  Integrated
Session level:  Fundamental         Mid-Level               Masters Level       All Levels
Presentation is relevant for:  Concurrent session (60 to 75 minutes)       Pre-Conference Seminar (3 hours)
Working title (required):

50-word descriptor per guidelines (required):

Please insert a brief bio/vita for each presenter
For each presenter include:
City, State, Zip
One paragraph bio/vita:

Audio Visual Options:  Flip chart and markers             Overhead Projector              LCD Projector
                    CRD DOES NOT PROVIDE LAPTOPS: Please feel free to bring your own.
                           AV Requests will be confirmed by CRD staff via email.

                              DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION: March 23, 2007
                                 PLEASE SUBMIT ELECTRONICALLY
                                  in Microsoft Word or PDF format to:
                                 Shelly Conner, Director, Grants and External Funding
                                        State Center Community College District
                                      1525 E. Weldon Avenue, Fresno, CA 93704
                                                 Phone: 559-244-5980
                                            Suggested Session Topics
  PRIVATE/FOUNDATION TRACK                                         PUBLIC/GRANTS TRACK

  Fundamentals (0 – 3 years experience)                            Fundamentals (0 – 3 years)
   The annual campaign                                             Proposal planning, developing, and writing
   Identifying prospects                                           Involving faculty in the grant process
   Developing an effective case statement                          Grants and project management
   Managing volunteers                                             Securing institutional commitment
   Special events                                                  Aligning institutional/funding priorities
   Evaluating your fundraising readiness                           Ethics in grants management
   Principles of fundraising                                       Relationships with funding agencies
   Organizing a fundraising office                                 Working with program officers
   Donor recognition                                               Partnerships and collaborations
   Endowments                                                      Grants submission and technology
   Federal and state compliance                                    Evaluation design
   Alumni development                                              Organizing a grants office
   Stewardship                                                     Budget development
   Ethics                                                          Researching funding opportunities
   Scholarship management                                          Building proposal development teams
   Fundraising and technology                                      Developing an annual agenda

  Mid-Level (4 – 10 years experience)                              Mid-Level (4 – 10 years)
   Investment management                                           Federal grant compliance
   Planned giving: instruments and marketing                       Negotiating indirect cost rates
   Cultivation strategies                                          Preparing for an audit
   Board development                                               Implementing effective evaluations
   Strategic planning and fundraising                              Sustaining a grant-funded project
   Major gifts and/or capital campaigns                            Successful governmental relations
   Feasibility studies                                             Strategic planning and grants
   Budgeting and financial management                              Legislative initiatives
   Involving staff & faculty in fundraising                        Fiscal management
   Internal campaigns                                              Working with consultants
   Counting and reporting campaign gifts                           Federal funding landscape
   Trust management

                                     Masters Level (10+ years experience)

 The Council for Resource Development (CRD) invites members of its community to share their
 research and scholarly perspectives about issues facing development in community colleges.

 Although research in this field remains nascent, CRD believes that practice must increasingly be
 informed by research and data whenever possible, and that much research holds untapped potential for
 assisting practitioners. It is CRD's intent to encourage more research in the field and to showcase
 applicable findings that hold promise for the membership.

    Council for Resource Development, One Dupont Circle, NW, Suite 365, Washington, DC 20036
        Voice 202-822-0750 Fax 202-822-5014 E-mail Website

The Council for Resource Development (CRD) is the only professional organization concerned exclusively with fundraising
  for two-year colleges. Through education, advocacy and mentoring, CRD supports professionals and develops leaders
  engaged in community college resource development. CRD is an affiliate organization of the American Association of
                                                 Community Colleges.

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