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                          February 12, 2012

                     Bullitt East High School

          Excellence in Academics and Athletics since 1980


Hello Charger Nation,

Homecoming week has come and gone. We have lots of Braggin’
Rights in today’s issue. Please see below. I will spend the majority
of my time observing in classrooms this week. Teachers are
required to meet with me prior to the classroom observation and
then again afterward for feedback. That is done every year for
teachers who have less than 4 years of experience.

Our PLC Team (Professional Learning Community Teams) are
meeting every Tuesday. This past week, the teams met to decide
areas of focus. Each team will focus on some aspect of our school.
For example:

The Classroom – Rigor, literacy, and struggling learners

College and Career Readiness

KYCID – Safe School Efforts

School-wide Academic Performance – PLAN, ACT, On-Demand
Writing and Program Reviews
      Yearbooks              for 2012-2013 are on sale now at

       Online is the only way to order your yearbook!

Class of 2013…we have an ACT to ACE!
                                     March 6

      Juniors Wear your NCLB 20 T-shirts every

News to make the week go more
 Continue to leave home in time to arrive before 7:00
  AM. Your efforts have made a difference these past
  two weeks. Thanks.
 Valentine’s Day is Tuesday. Please be aware that we
  do not accept deliveries for students. With nearly
  1400 students in our school and 58% of them
  female…we’d spend our day trying to keep the flowers
 SO, please give your Valentine surprises before or
  after school hours!

              Senior Parents (Please read)
   Seniors who have NOT yet ordered their cap/gown . . . a $ 25.00 LATE fee applies. Orders
    MUST be mailed in now. Orders cannot be accepted at school now – must be sent to Balfour
Parents – there is a FREE online ACT prep program on our webpage! Using this site was explained
to all juniors present today.


What a great turn we had out last week for our
Freshman Parent meeting. Mr. Dave Marshall
presented the new Board of Education graduation
requirements and answered questions for freshman

                  BCPS College Readiness goals…
 For state accountability purposes and for the Class of 2015 the College
                      Readiness requirements are:

                         English 18 – Math 19 – Reading 20

  Class of 2015 …You MUST attain College or Career Readiness status in
                         order to graduate!

       This was explained again to all freshmen present again today!

 You should be considering your career path NOW. See your counselor if
   you have any questions about College and Career Ready Standards.

  PARENTS: Here are the links to some good resources for college

     Student College Success Overview
     Skinny-On: College Success
     Connections: Insiders Guide to College Success
                             PTSO NEWS
The weather caused us some trouble this past week so the new marquee did not
 make its appearance. So far, the weather reports for this coming week are no
  better. We may have to wait a few weeks to see the “new sign” of spring!

                    Please check out our PTSO website at:

         Also, the PTSO has an online order form for Charger Apparel.

                 Scholarship Opportunities
  (Stop by the college room for up-to-date scholarship information –
there are too many scholarships for me to even type – they are rolling
                          in every week now!)

                  From our School Safety Experts

        The links below are excellent resources for parents.



                          Braggin' Rights
     There are so many this week; I’m not sure where to start!

   Congratulations to our Charger Cheer Teams on their amazing
 performances at Nationals. Congratulations to our Charger BLACK
  team for their 2nd place finish nationally! Way to go, Chargers!
  Congratulations to our Charger RED team for their 4th place finish
                  nationally. Way to go, Chargers.

Congratulations to all three of BE's competitors for their performance at the
Louisville Regional (on Saturday) All have advanced to the Kentucky High
School Speech League State Championships in their respective speech

    Cassidy Grom earned 3rd place overall in Impromptu Speech and
     advanced to State.
    Leah Byars advanced to State in both Storytelling and Humorous
    Savannah Hale advanced to State in Humorous Interpretation.
    Grom and Hale teamed to advance in Duo Improvisation.

       Way to go, Charger Speech Team and Coaches Dan Barrett and
       Brian Brashear. Looks like dancing isn’t Mr. Brashear’s only
       talent! 

 Congratulations to the 2012 Basketball Homecoming King
                        and Queen.

                        King: Dillon Campbell

                      Queen: Rachel Broughton

   Congratulations to our RED ZONE ROWDIES! There was a huge
turnout on Friday night. It sure was great to see the RED ZONE filled
 with all the red, gold and black and a little shout out to the “step to
 the plate” cheerleaders. Thanks for filling in while our cheer teams
               were bringing home the prizes in Florida.

 Congratulations to Lt. Justin Owens and his color guard for their
presentation on Friday night. Way to go, Junior Guard Color Guard.
 Our Junior Guard has been a productive and awesome addition to
                        our Charger Nation!
   Also on Friday night, I did not see one student move as our band
  played the National Anthem. Thank you for being so respectful to
  the symbol of those who have given their lives for your freedoms.
                          Way to go, Chargers!

 WOW…please read this message from Ms. Amy Harrod. Way to go
         guys…you make the Charger Nation Proud!

On Saturday night, I attended the American Red Cross of Bullitt/Spencer County's
Annual Valentine Gala with 11 of our NHS students. After having attended this
event with students for the past several years, I must say that this was the best-
behaved, respectful, and delightful group I have had the privilege of chaperoning to
date. They not only showed up well before the time asked of them, but they stayed
beyond what was required just so the fun could continue.

It was obvious that their presence was enjoyed by all of the guests as the adult
patrons were dancing with our students well after my dancing feet had rested.
Eleven teenagers started congo lines that stretched clear across the room, soul
trains that got people, of all ages, shaking hands, twisting, and strutting, and
welcomed guest after guest into their circle all night long, and everyone's night was
much more enjoyable because they were there. Never before have I seen such a
diverse group reach out to every single person they could with welcoming arms,
hands, and smiles. I was honored to witness them representing our school. This is
what being safe, responsible, and respectful is all about, and without question, they
all did it...the Charger way.

Congratulations go out to these amazing Chargers: Sable Logsdon, Andrew Okruch,
Mikayla Koevoets, Kayla Gabbert, Kirsten Price, Amy Tinnell, Michael Pierce, Steven
Pierce, Elizabeth Bennett, Ashley Moody and Robert Marker.

Congratulations to the following BEHS swim team members who have
qualified to swim in the State Championship on February 24. Mason
Turlington placed 4th in the 50 freestyle and 9th in the 100 backstroke.
He will swim in both of those events in the state meet. Kelli Rae
Alcorn placed 10th in the 100 freestyle and 12th in the 200 freestyle and
will swim the 100 freestyle in the state meet. Way to go…Charger
                   Congratulations to BEHS student

                            Brionna Powell
    for being named Crown Trophy’s BEHS Student of the Month!

                      Way to go, Charger Nation!

            Coaches…keep those Braggin’ Rights coming!

                  Routine Reminders...
School begins at 7:20 AM. Students should be in their first
class of the day when that 7:20 AM bell rings! There are
no traffic problems in front of Bullitt East High School on
days that there is no school. So…we are the traffic
problem. Leave home early enough to arrive at BEHS by
6:50 AM and you won’t be late. After that…you are living
on the edge! 


  PARENTS of soon to be drivers…Please don’t forget that every student
   to take the permit test. Without this “signed and sealed” form (from
BEHS) students will not be able to get a Driver’s Permit. These forms are
available in the office and we do ask for 24 hours to process your request.


   Please be reminded that tardies to school add up to unexcused
 absences and that students with more than 10 unexcused absences
will not be allowed to participate in such events as prom, graduation
 ceremonies, class trips, etc. Poor school attendance is the biggest
  factor in student failure rate. It is tough for students to maintain
success in school when they are truant. For that reason we will hold
  parents and students as accountable as the law will allow on this
     issue. In this present economy give your child this “free”
         advantage…see that he/she is in school every day!

                   Cell Phone Reminder
Cell phones are to be turned off and out of sight from 7:20 AM until
2:05 PM. If you lose your cell phone here is the only way it comes

First Offense - returned to student at the end of the NEXT SCHOOL

Second Offense - returned to parent at the end of the NEXT SCHOOL

Third Offense - Kept until the last day of school year OR until student
meets with principal to arrange a deal to earn an earlier return

                          NO EXCEPTIONS!


February 13-14, 2012 – Zapping the ACT Workshop -2:45 PM until
5:15 PM see counselors to register for this workshop

February 15, 2012 – Deadline for all Band members to turn in forms
and final payment for Disney Trip

February 15, 2012 – Early Release Day – Students dismissed at
12:05 PM

February 17, 2012 – Dress Down Day to benefit Spanish Club

February 18, 2012 – Cheer Team to State Competition @ WKU

February 20, 2012 – NO SCHOOL – President’s Day - Holiday

February 23, 2012 – Guitar Club performing at Kettle Creek 7:00 PM
– 10:00 PM

February 24, 2012 – Dress Down Day to benefit Ambassador Club
February 27, 2012 – 4:30 PM SBDM Council Meeting

February 29, 2012 – Faculty Meeting – 2:15 PM

March 1, 2012 – Dessert Concert – Music Dept. Time TBA

March 2, 2012 – Dress Down Day to benefit Leadership Club

March 3, 2012 – Winter Semi Formal Dance 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM

March 5, 2012 – Athletic Booster Club Meeting – BEHS Media Center

March 6, 2012 – All Juniors take the ACT

March 6, 2012 – Operation Preparation – For all sophomores

March 6, 2012 – All seniors take the ASVAB

March 6, 2012 – Music Booster Meeting – BEHS Bandroom

March 8, 2012 – Dress Down Day to benefit – Marching Band C.G.

March 9, 2012 – NO SCHOOL – Professional Development Day

March 14, 2012 – Faculty Meeting

March 16, 2012 – Dress Down Day to benefit Prom Committee

March 23, 2012 – Dress Down Day to benefit Frisbee Club



Until next week,

Debby Atherton, Principal

   As usual…we welcome your suggestions or concerns. You can always
                           contact me at:


                   and remember our website is
For those who follow our basketball teams here are the brackets for the upcoming
                             District Tournament:

                                       See below…


Seed 1 - Mercy

                               Seed 1 (Home) - Mercy

(BYE) -

                                 Date/Time- 2/21/12

Seed 4 (Home) Jeffersontown                6:30 PM

  Date/Time- 2/20/12 7:00 PM

Seed 5 – Whitefield

                                                         Date/Time- 2/23/12

Seed 2 – Bullitt East                                              7:00 PM    Champion

                               Seed 2 (Home) – Bullitt


                                 Date/Time- 2/21/12

(BYE)                                      8:15 PM

                               Seed 3 – Fern Creek

Seed 3 – Fern Creek

Seed 1 (Home) – Bullitt East

  Date/Time- 2/22/12 6:30 PM

Seed 4 - Whitefield

                                Date/Time- 2/24/12

Seed 2 (Home) - Jeffersontown              7:00 PM   Champion

  Date/Time- 2/22/12 8:15 PM

Seed 3 – Fern Creek

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