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Ch 2 Sec 3


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									                                             Ch 2 Sec 3
1. T: manifest destiny
        a. List the two states most headed for
        b. List the three trails most traveled on to get to these two states
        c. What caused Native Americans to react with hostility to the coming of white settlers? 2
2. T: Battle of San Jacinto 2
3. What campaign promise did James Polk make in the 1844 presidential election?
4. T: Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo 4
        a. What were three causes of the Mexican-American War?
5. T: Wilmot Proviso 3
6. T: popular sovereignty 2
7. T: Free Soil Party 2
8. T: secession
9. Compromise of 1850—Clay’s two proposals
10. Under the Fugitive Slave Law, how was a person determined to be a runaway slave?
        a. What incentive did federal commissioners have to declare those accused of slaves runaways?1
11. T: Underground Railroad 2 Harriet Tubman 2
12. The Kansas-Nebraska Act
        a. What was Douglas’s motivation for proposing the action?
        b. What did Douglas propose to motivate Southerners to support his action?
        c. Why did the resultant ruckus end up with the title “bleeding Kansas?” 3
13. Republican Party
        a. Date of its creation
        b. Who joined it
        c. Motivations of those who formed the party 2
14. Dred Scott v. Sanford
        a. What did Dred Scott argue before the court?
        b. What did Chief Justice Roger Taney rule as unconstitutional?
        c. What did the Democrats and Republicans think of Taney’s decision? 2
        d. T: Lecompton constitution 4
15. T: Harper’s Ferry 3
        a. What did Southerners use Brown’s raid to prove?
16. Tell me the party each of these candidates represented in the 1860 presidential election:
        a. Douglas b. Breckinridge c. Bell d. Lincoln
        b. How was Lincoln able to win the presidency? 2
17. Tell me what took place on these dates: a. 12/20/1860 b. 2/1/1861 c. 2/8/1861
18. Crittenden’s Compromise
        a. What were the four provisions of this action?
19. T: the Confederacy Jefferson Davis
20. What 4 changes did the Confederate Constitution make to the U.S. Constitution?

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